"I need to recover that blueprint, Mr. Granger owns it." Henry said to Mr. Thompson as they were eating at the table.

"You should, but it's a dangerous task. Wolf has become ruthless and unpredictable since he stole the blueprint. He will not hesitate to harm anyone who gets in his way." Mr. Thompson said.

"I know, but we can't afford to let him have that power. Time is of the essence." Henry replied.

Mr. Thompson hesitated for a moment before nodding slowly, "I still have some access as an engineer of the Chronos Weavers so I might be able to use my knowledge to gain an advantage over Mr. Wolf." he said.

"But how?" Henry raised an eyebrow.

"Mr. Wolf relies heavily on my inventions. He knows he can't continue his works without my expertise. I believe he will reach out to me eventually." Mr. Thompson replied.

"That's a dangerous gamble, Mr. Wolf shot you in the foot. He's capable of killing a person," Henry warned.

"I know but it's the only way we can get close enough to recover
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