Chapter 11
The emergency stairs swayed in the wind, creating an uncomfortable sway, followed by the clatter of the metal frame slamming against the building’s wall. Each beat was punctuated by a squeal from Melissa, who was trembling right in front of me. Helena, beside me, looked at her with disapproval, rolling her eyes and landing them on me, trying to identify my opinion on that. I silently agreed with her, chuckling to try to express my disapproval.

“Melissa, can’t you shut up?” Ana asked, ahead of her, focused on the steps and squeezing hard on the safety rail.

Melissa stay quiet, trying to hold back the next little squeak as the structure we were in shook. As she turned to the next flight of stairs, I could look at her face and saw that two paths of tears stood out on her tanned cheeks. I immediately regretted my mocking laugh, feeling sorry for the terrified girl.

“We’re almost to the ground, Melissa,” said Guilherme, beside Carlos, at the head of the entire group.

The two boys were t

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