The Game Of Death

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The Game Of Death

By: Ayukimmy_ OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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The game is a game that begins by calling a number (+1)234 56789. Which players are those who lose their way in life and want money by playing some crazy game of 13 death games. A young man named Ernest follows the game to pay off his father's debts. However, on the way to the final. Something happened to him that made him unable to continue his game. Would he, then, survive if he stopped in the middle of the road? What's make him stop in his last game?

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I Hate My Dad
That day is a day that Ernest can never forget. Ernest still remembers where that day, his mother was sick. However, his father was not at home when he came home from school.He saw his mother who was having trouble carrying her drink which was stored on the nightstand. Breast cancer has been eating away at her for more than 6 months, her mother's body is getting thinner and her face is getting wrinkled. There was not enough money to take the mother to the hospital, only for regular check-ups and to redeem the medicine recommended by the doctor. That would make the disease worse. However, how could he help his mother? He is just a schoolboy trying to help buy his mother's medicine with only the money he earns from selling on the roadside. Even then the result is not much."Mom, mother what want? Where's Dad? Why are you alone? What if something happened to you?" asked Ernest annoyed while helping his mother."I don't know, son. Maybe he's playing gambling. Just look at the sh
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New Problem
Since her mother died, things have changed dramatically. Ernest had to work harder, take care of the house, and obey his father's wishes. Every day Ernest had to be able to contain his emotions in order not to commit an act of evil against his father. He repeatedly felt the pain of being tortured by his father over trivial matters. It's been a week since his mother died. Ernest daydreamed a lot. Thinking about all the future Ernest must be put off to finance his life as well as his father's. Ernest is at work right now. At a company that accepted him working as a staff member even though he was just a high school graduate. Ernest was grateful that the salary could be enough for his daily life and other needs. He also found a good girl at his workplace named Hellen. She's a girl who works in staff accounting. Their first meeting came immediately after they had spoken together. As time passed, Ernest finally worked at the place. Every payday, Ernest would visit his mother's grave
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After Ernest said he was okay. The police officers responded and chose to return to their offices. Meanwhile, Ernest was finally alone there. The wounds were not that bad and the police would have paid for the medical expenses. Ernest chose to rest for a while. That morning, he was supposed to be back at work. However, circumstances are not possible. He was also still half dizzy and conscious. Suddenly, when Ernest was about to rest. There's a ringing sound indicating an incoming call. Ah, he had forgotten that he had a phone that was still well stored in his pants pocket. Ernest immediately picked up the phone call that turned out to be from Hellen. He forgot not to tell Hellen about his condition right now. Maybe Hellen was gonna ask her why he didn't come to work today."Hello?" Ernest lifted her phone."Hello, where are you now? Why you do not go to work? Are you sick?" ask Hellen."Sorry Hellen, I think I'm on leave for today. Yes, I'm sick," Ernest replied."What you pain? Do
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Welcome to Comeback Home
Ernest returned home delivered by Hellen. On his return, Ernest's father was so happy that he even to stretched out his arm to Ernest's body when he had just gotten off the taxi that drive them. "My son! At last, you came home, too, I was worried about you all night," Lewis said trying to pretend to be nice to Ernest in front of Hellen.Ernest immediately dismissed the hand. "Don't pretend to be nice to me, Hellen already knows everything," Ernest said immediately making Lewis change his reaction. Ernest immediately left Lewis to go to his home. He wanted to rest because his head was very sick and dizzy after being exposed to direct sunlight. However, Lewis was not angry at all. He realized it was all his fault. He immediately responded to Hellen's arrival, which was awkward in the circumstances that occurred before him."Oh, Hellen. Would you like to stop by for a while? I've made a lot of food for you guys," he greeted kindly."Oh? Maybe I'll stop by for a while waiting for m
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An Offer
Ernest's back at work. After one week he lingered at home in boredom. Now, he's working again at the cafe with Hellen. Ernest was able to get back to work.The cafe customers are very crowded today. Ernest and Hellen were very busy as many customers arrived. Even so, this is a good provision for Ernest because he will get additional tips from customers he can save. They work till nightfall. Finally, after the cafe closed, they returned home. Ah, yes. Ernest always remembered that his father always loved beef burgers from McDonald's. Maybe he'll stop by later before he gets home."Ah.. we're finally done with work. Let's go home!" Ernest asked excitedly. He's tidying things up and getting ready to close the cafe."Ernest, may I take you home?" Hellen offers instantly."Hm? Why? I'll bring the vehicle, you too. Why take me? Besides, you're a woman. You should be the one who came home early, your driver has already picked you up yet?" Ernest asked confusedly."He's been standing by s
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Working Hard
After a long rest, Ernest was finally able to return to work with Hellen. Today, customers are very deserted. That made Ernest less excited about his work today. Hellen noticed Ernest was less than eager to get close to him."Ernest, what are you thinking? You don't seem very excited today. Is there another problem?" asked Hellen attentively."Hellen, since when have you been here?" asked Ernest after he woke up from his daydream."A while ago, there was another problem with your father. You seem less excited, unlike usual," asked Hellen again." Ah, no. I'm just paying attention to the customers," Ernest replied Ernest."The customer is quite deserted today. Are you thinking about it?" asked Hellen to Ernest."Right, I'm worried if my income can't pay for all the needs of the house and everything. The reason is, you know what my father is like. His words cannot be held," explained Ernest."I might be able to help you pay for some of it, Er. Even if you need it the most," said Hellen
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Wanna Play?
The more days, the more quiet the cafe is. Ernest would love to complain if he really can't go on like this. Even though his salary will be paid as well, he will not get a bonus if the turnover does not increase, the existing one will fall dramatically. Ernest massaged his head hard. What should he do now? Even borrowing money from friends is very detrimental. Besides he'll be hated, he can't pay his loan, either. All right, he owes everywhere. How could he pay? Hellen, who saw Ernest alone, approached him and asked him. He seemed to be under constant stress. Hellen was worried that Ernest was depressed because of his father's misbehavior."Ernest, what are you thinking?" asked Hellen approaching Ernest. "Ah? Nothing, Hellen. I'm just waiting for a customer. It's just that our customers don't drink coffee here. Do we need a new menu to make the cafe crowded again?" Ernest asked his opinion. "It could be, but we need to talk to the manager first. The reason is, we can't just do i
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Feeling Interested
After working hard today even though the customers didn't come too much, as usual, Ernest came home to shed his tired body. Ernest parted ways with Hellen when Hellen had been picked up by his driver and he ended up taking a bus to go to his house. On the way home, the bus was quite quiet because it was probably late. So he got a seat on the bus. While waiting for the bus to reach the stop near his house, he issued the business card that the man gave him. In his mind, he still wondered how he knew everything about his life."Who is he? Is he a friend of my father? Hmm, I have to ask him. How can he know my life so well? I don't even know him," Ernest muttered to himself. While constantly wondering, Ernest recalled how he was so sure of her that the person on the business card could help with his difficulties. Actually, who is he? Ernest couldn't even focus on his work because thinking about it. He really should be home soon. The bus stops right in front of the stop near his house.
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All the way to the cafe where Ernest worked, he kept thinking whether a man named Jeremy would really help him or not. However, he kept in mind the widespread use of such mobile phones. He's worried if he's finally killed or something. Later, who will take care of his father if he dies? His father ate and still needed to be financed by him. Maybe just a few days, his dad doesn't get drunk anymore and actually does what he says. Huft... May his father continue like that! When he arrived at the cafe, Ernest immediately opened the store while preparing to accept customers. Not long after, Hellen came there. They worked hard that day. - The Game Of DeathAt first, they looked fine when they saw the customers coming back and crowded again. However, Ernest's mood changed when he received an anonymous message from someone.From: (+1)23xxxxxxHow? Do you feel it? That customer came because of my help, if you want to join me, I'll make your shop more crowded than this. Ernest read t
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The First Game
Ernest calculated the amount of money someone had given anonymously. The amount is even in line with the offer he made last night. 200,000 dollars. That's not a bit of money! Ernest kept his mouth shut for the money he now holds. He looked around several times around his bed filled with dollars. "My God, this is real! I got it now. What should I do with this money? I even shudder at holding this money. Am I going to be a billionaire now?" Ernest asked himself with a happy-looking face.At that time, he still remembers how he made an offer when he met the strange human who he said was name is Jeremy. He's happy, very happy! Because with this, he would be able to pay rent, open a business, and pay his father's debts. "Is it better for me to quit my job now? I'm already rich. I have a lot of money and I just have to open a business so that the money won't run out," Ernest told himself. He immediately put his money in the safe. He had to keep it well because it is precious to him now
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