Demon - Angel - God

Just right before Dreygo had to jump for an attack, Kragus faced him and said, “Remember, Dreygo. Remember, who you serve and remember the stakes for killing me. I know you have prepared on the knowledge of conjuring the Forbidden spell.” The Hell God smiled. It gave Dreygo a jolt of memory of the powers the coursed through his veins were just borrowed from the Hell God.

Sarakiel sauntered to the dead angel bodies and took one sword lying on the ground. Without hesitation Sarakiel moved almost unnoticed by Dreygo as the former grasped the sword. Sarakiel poured everything on his sword attacks, even shouting at every strike. Dreygo could feel the heavy reverberations of steel hitting against steel in an incredible showcase of skill. It was intense and fast. But Kragus just defended them all with his sword, wide and light, almost effortless and without even delivering a single counter attack himself. As if Kragus was just observing or relaxing as their skirmish lengthened. It was seemin
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