Seeking Judgment
Unknown location, Mountainous Area of Southern Continents, Earth


Spluttering, Azakiel was adjusting to the new powers he had. His mind was almost conquered by darkness, an indescribable hunger had controlled him to succumb to evil. Every bit of power the Hell god had given him corrupted the purity he once had.

Unfamiliar pain had been invading his body with unanticipated timings. The foreign power confused his thoughts with a lot of questions that he had never considered before. His thought process was now different, violence, anger, hatred, and all the negative emotions somewhat controlled his judgment.

He lingered in the gloomy forest of the southern region of Earth, somewhat tropical. A region that lay between the horizontal territory of the Earth’s equator. He knew he had nowhere to go and he just waited for the first-ranking angel to come forth.

He waited days for their arrival and he knew they were coming to pass judgment on him. Nethaniel had commanded him to return to
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