The Demon Lord of Wrath
Tsi Luen City, Cheena, Earth


A man, in his early fifties, wearing a gray suit, perched at the edge of a sixty-story building’s roof deck. He enjoyed the strong wind that blew against his body and challenged his balance. The moon was high and bright but the stars were faintly visible caused of the polluted skies.

Towering structures constricted in a populated city and various hues of lights streaked in all directions like it was always Christmas. The man inhaled the air as he had never experienced it before, although it was dusty, it was extremely better than the air in hell - the smell of blood and rotten flesh even in the cold continents.

“What a great city!” The man said to Belrag who stood behind him.

“This city is mine, Zerath!” Belrag replied.

The man opened his palms to the air, placed them outwardly, and once again made deep inhalations and exhalations.

“Such beauty. Hmm,” Zerath chuckled, “Even I have this old human body but I can feel the power coursing through my v
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