Project E

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Project E

By: Cj??? CompletedFantasy

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Project E or in order the project A, B, and, C. These three are the special projects built by an organization back in the early days. Their soldiers called Swordsmens or Swordswomens are deployed in every specific area called Lands, City, and Village. This area has massive walls and massive trees outside of it as they're getting guarded by men with weapons well trained and some are still undiscovered.

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Chapter 1: The First Beginning
"Look at these trees! It's beautiful, isn't it? Except for the trees that you cut last an hour ago and carrying right now! Oh well, I guess we gotta get these cut trees back in the village and... Also City... do you know that there's been a rehabilitation going on in the middle of the city? I can't wait to see it! How about you Himiri Shima and...? Himiri Shima's father isn't it?" An old man said and asked happily and joyfully, holding a support stick in his left hand as he stops and looked behind him to the left of him seeing Himiri Shima and his father with him on the other side carrying logs. "I mean it's the third time that they rehabilitated the middle of that city it hasn't been going well, dad watch out!" Himiri Shima answered as he quickly shouts to his dad to the left of him seeing a tree falling to the left of his father. They're in the middle of the forest. His dad let go of the logs that his carrying on his right top shoulder of him as he was shocked and sat down on the f
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Chapter 2: The Special Swordsmen's
The sun is rising. Himiri Shima is slowly waking up as he stretches his body as he lied down on the bench. The tree is covering the light as Himiri Shima sleep even further.The light goes through the hole in the leaf in the tree and lights up Himiri Shima's face making him fall to the bench. He falls, he quickly comes back up as he kneels first before standing up.He slowly stands and leaned on the bench as he sat down. He sees that children and kids are playing in the park playing tag in the middle of the park. Himiri Shima is on the side of the park. He turns to his right and sees another bench where there's supposed to be his dad sleeping but he's not there.He stands and looks around to his left and right looking for his dad, Uroski Shima. "Father?... Dad?... Where are you, where did you go again, ah! I'm just gonna sleep here, for now, I'm not hungry, I'm just gonna wait for him," Himiri Shima said as he sat on the bench again and check his pocket to see if his money was still t
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Chapter 3: The Betrayal
It's a sunny day in the east. Gurushina Nirikure and his friend are running towards a specific area outside the oak wood village in the east carefully in the forest as they see insight the army of the oak wood village on the left side of them. The forest is dense. "The forest will become denser over time we need to finish the job or else another war might occur, I don't know what the heads are thinking but we have to do it we have to trust them, it's better to trust than regret it later instead of not trusting and regretting it, move!" Gurushina Nirikure said to his other swordsman to his right as he run faster than his current speed."I wonder what's the chief of the oak wood village up to," the unknown swordsman said who is on the side of Gurushina Nirikure as they slowly vanished insight into the distance in the middle of the forest far outside the oak wood village. Gurushina Nirikure suddenly stops as he feels something strange in the air in the distance as the forest got denser
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Chapter 4: The Madness
"What is this madness?!" Gukushi Karoshi said furiously as he look at the swordsman who flew at him. He slowly turned his head to the right seeing Hirohoshi Hakuzo stabbed with a big sword in his chest as blood dripped. He spits out blood as he slowly looked downThe tall man who stabs Hirohoshi Hakuzo in the chest touches its head and smiles at him as the tall man slowly removes his big sword from the chest of Hirohoshi Hakuzo."Brother! BROTHER!!!" Matsuri Hakuzo shouts furiously as he quickly runs toward his brother. He gazes at where his brother is. He's brother slowly falls to the ground dead with a hole in his chest."You filthy traitor! What kind of madness is this?! You betrayed us?!! You will pay! remember that!" Gukushi Karoshi said furiously as he pulled out his sword angrily."Stand on your ground Matsuri!" Gukushi Karoshi said as Matsuri Hakuzo stops and kneels on the ground as he sees his brother in the distance dead."If you three died here, the heads that ordered you t
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Chapter 5: The Thunder Swordsmen
The swordsmen are walking towards the front gate of the west. He looks at the front gate in the far distance and suddenly he stops. He looked up into the sky and sees the thunders up above the clouds. He sees that the village is currently peaceful. He stops for some time and feels around him that something strange is happening. He's a thunderbolt swordsman powerful and rarest of them all. He's wearing a yellow-orange kimono and marked signs in part of his kimono symbolizing thunder and lightning bolt. He also has a nichirin blade on his left side. He's wearing boots along with the long down dress. He slowly turned around and sees the two-story houses blocking the sight of the capital and also because of the darkness. He once again look up and go back to where he was looking at. The front gate. He started walking as he was suddenly on guard as he walk bypass a few people around him."I'm one of the blessed talented Swordsmen, what should I do with this kind of talent, I'm faster tha
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Chapter 6: The Hidden Project E
Kurokushima Makure and Hirokushima Makure are walking inside an unknown forest somewhere in the far south part of the north.Everything around them is full of dense trees and fog around them. Giant leaves around them with big branches above and giant trees around them. The light cannot go in because above them are giant dense leaves and compact branches of the trees.They're walking on a path and they both see in the distance the end of the path. They have their swords on their left. There wearing a different outfits this time. Both of them are wearing a blue-red kimono pattern at the end of their kimonos with a blue light sword on their left."Such an amazing forest, it's been a while since we went one of these," Hirokushima Makure said as he smiles. They continued to walk as he heavily breathes and feels the peace of the forest. "Yeah, even though we're here to adventure and do a mission, we can still enjoy our way..." Kurokushima Makure said as he smiles. He's on the left side of
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Chapter 7: The Travelers
In a forest full of darkness. An ambush has occurred in an unknown part of the world somewhere on the far side of the northeast. Fighting is occurring in the forest, shurikens and kunais are flying side by side and unknown Swordsmens are blowing and dodging in the dark forest. Two-hundred in fifty tall dense big trees in the unknown Dark forest. Swords fighting in the shadows as suddenly a thunder occurred in the clouds making it rains droplets. Five uniformed swordsmens we're dead and can be seen in sight in the distance outside the dense forest towards the unknown far side of the northeast where it's currently unexplored.Three unknown people walk out in the forest and look straight ahead dead five people with the same uniform as them. They're holding their swords on the right side as the wind blows.The three of them are wearing pink and red kimonos. The middle of the three is a chief, long-haired girl and pink hair holding her sword in her right hand as blood is dripping and drop
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Chapter 8: The Mechanical Dolls of the Hidden Project E
It begins raining in the land of the south and north. Kuro and Hiro are on the way toward the hidden project of the east where everything has begun.  The hidden project of the east is the Hidden project E supposed to train different kinds of swordsmens in one place. Making them go at their finest so that they can be useful once the day comes.  The blades of the dolls have different kinds of colors. The special blades that have been forged in the dark days Period. They've been known also hidden in the projects that have been built by the heads.  Swordsmen can also have a different colors of their blades. A blade color symbolizes what kind of swordsmen you are. Except for the dolls who can adopt the power of a swordsman who has this kind of color in their blades.  The swords were forged in the dark period of the world where everything got turned into
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Chapter 9: The Heads of the Every East Gathering
"It's such a nice day! I hope every other head that controls the whole village will be here, I know there's ahead of this village that works in the shadow... I hope he shows, in the last meeting he didn't so I was hoping he will today," she said as she sat down on the chair in front of the round table staring at the three heads of the East.  It's the gathering of every high-ranking member that controls the village out, in, or even in the shadows. It was peaceful on this day. The high-ranking Swordsmen we're guarding every head, outside, at the top of the capital, or even the inside.  The swordsmens and guard swordsmen were on duty and all over the place in the capital. They're all spread out outside the capital on guard.  "The other world must know that they're not the only one, same as other continents in this world, I've heard that-" the other heads said as he got interrupted by a
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Chapter 10: The Death of Hirokushima Makure
It was a rainy day a while ago in the southern part of the north. When the rain stops raining droplets, the sky begins shining brightly up in the sky. It was now a sunny day.Hirokushima Makure and Kurokushima Makure were the southern part of the north. A tragedy occurred, Hirokushima Makure is dead and Kurokushima is heavily wounded.Hirokushima Makure's blade was still glowing in his palm. The dolls were still not moving, but the mechanical doll swordsman that has six arms is trying to move by trying to break it. Kurokushima Makure is still not awake as a footstep is approaching in the distance. After two hours, he started gaining consciousness. He feels the pain as he was asleep. Suddenly two swordsmen were hiding in the distance. He slowly opened his eyes and sees the doll that has six arms in front of him and has its six swords pointed at him. He was shocked and was trying to move. He slowly crawl back as his wound in the chest was bleeding. Can't sees his weapon but he sees a
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