Three Kings
Palipines, Eastern Tropic Continents, Earth


“I can’t accept that, my Lord Nebirus!” Viriel stepped in. He bowed alongside Nethaniel. “I cannot fathom the thought of seeing more lives and souls killed by his selfishness.”

“You are my instrument, Viriel. A vessel for my power. This gift I bestowed so dearly rare, use it against him. We cannot risk exposing my location, Viriel.”

“Yes, my Lord. But I feel so inadequate to fight him.” Viriel's faintly said.

“Maybe or maybe not. I have not measured Kragus' powers if it surpasses mine or not. He is my younger brother but throughout the test of time, his powers might have grown."

“Then, what shall we do, my Lord?”

“We can do nothing! I said. Even with the total extinction of humans on this planet, I could create a new race from the start. Maybe it's for the best as I see these realms are on the brink of destruction. And the reason for that is the beings we designed. Kragus only expedited the deathly fate of the three realms. Maybe A
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