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When the dragons ruled the world of magic and brave knights, there was a great battle to defeat the demon god, who sought the destruction of the world to make it in his image. The order of dragons, powerful magicians, and brave knights banded together to fight against the demon god. Under the sacrifice of both dragons and humans, the demon god was defeated now a thousand years into the future, and the demon god worshippers were known as 'BLOOD CROW' have returned to revive the demon god. Noticing this, the dragon chose a champion who fought and defeated them but on the verge of victory, the demon god worshippers opened a time portal to when the hero was young. Now it is time for the young hero to fight against the plot of the demon god worshippers with the help of the dragons and his friends. Prologue

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Man, my legs hurt cried Jamie, he has been whining since we went to the forest to get some woods. Knowing how lazy the blonde boy is, I just kept pushing to him continue, promising him a big portion of my birthday cake tomorrow.Jamie has been my friend since childhood and has always been crazy for cakes.” Say Peter it’s your thirteenth birthday tomorrow meaning you will have to go for your awakening, you know all those sparing sections we have, I wish you would be a swordsman because of the stamina you have been gaining all this while”, I looked at him and smiled, “you know Jamie, you can also be a magician and also a swordsman you know”. Jamie was already thirteen last month and when he went for his awakening he turn out to be a knight, a swordsman to be precise.The awakening is a way of waking up the dormant talent or affinity within you based on your body constitution. The awakening is divided into two sections, the first section is the knight section which is divided into three
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My head hurt, “hey get up lazy ass”, I opened to see a tall red-haired man looking down at me with his azure blue eyes. He was wearing blue sleeves, black pants and black boots. “Hey, how do you feel, that was quite a fall you know”, then I remember I fell from a cliff. Looking at my body I don’t feel any pain even after the fall and no sting from that last blast, “don’t worry about that I healed you up well”. He then squatted and looked into my eye, it was like I was looking at a mirror, “you look exactly like me” I told him, “I am you dummy” he patted my head,“But not you right now, but the you that you will become”, “the reason I am here is that I sense that you are in danger, and I guess it was a dark mage that attacked you wearing a black robe with a sign of a crow right?”. He knew the mage,“How do you know him?” I asked,“Because he is the leader of the dark mages ‘BLOOD CROW’”. He told me about the battles he had with the dark mage and I was surprised that I will
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I have been in the palace for two weeks now and I have already been sparring with knights in the castle, except for Sarah taking me for walks around the palace it was quite boring here, today she said she would take me to the training ground to watch her train.“Wow, this place is huge, this is amazing,” I said as I observe the training area.“This is where I would be spending most of my time now, my teacher would be coming in soon, let’s wait for her”. Soon after a woman in her late twenties, enter the training area. Miss Helen, a sixth circle mage with power over wind element is one of jasmine’s elements.“Good morning princess, I see you brought a friend” she looked at me for a while before the hint of surprise appeared in her eyes, she seem to have sensed my mana flow, that was quick.“So have you gone for the selection yet boy” “oh my name is Peter, Peter Grey miss Helen” that was awkward “and I haven’t gone for the selection yet, but I believe my class would be different”. She l
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When we saw the king looking at us, Peter could feel the immeasurable pressure coming from him.‘So this is King Mark, he must be at the peak of martial knight rank’ Peter thought to himself.Looking at the imposing man standing 1.8 meters in height, with brown hair and black eyes that give the feeling of being watched by a higher being.“Your majesty” everybody in the training ground bowed to him as approached us.“You may rise,” he said as he glanced around the crowd before finally resting his eyes on me and David. “You must be Peter right, I was watching your spar, and I must I am impressed at how you fight with a sword despite not yet in the novice rank,” he said with a look of approval, which angered Baron Paul greatly.“Thank you for your words of encouragement your majesty,” I said as I bowed to the king.“Paul your son seems to be improving well, but he still to train more,” he said as he looked at David.“Thank you, my king, I will see that h trains more” he bowed to the kin
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Early the next morning, I was woken by the chirping of birds and the rays of sunlight. When I got off bed, I did my morning routine which involves a bunch of exercises to get my day started. After that, I went to the bathing room to take my bath and clean myself up since I was already sweating. I got out of the bathing and put on the clothes I have already selected to wear today from the previous day. It was a Dark blue tunic long sleeve, black pants and shoes. I looked in the mirror to adjust my clothes and arrange my auburn red hair before heading out. As I walked to the sitting I greeted the maids and servants. It was quite lonely in the corridor since it was early in the morning. When I got there, I saw Sarah and her mother Queen Elizabeth sitting on the couch talking about something. She was wearing a green dress the same as her mother's but hers made her look like a little princess and only got to her knees and she was wearing silver sanders. The queen’s dress was long with
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At the time we arrived at the pavilion used for the awakening of talent. I saw children my age with their parents guiding them into the pavilion and I wished my parents were with me here.The queen noticed my mood and patted my back, “don’t worry, we are here for you and they might get the letter by now and know that you are ok” she said as she gave me an encouraging smile.I smiled at her and gave her a nod and Sarah held my hand leading me inside.When we entered the hall, everybody bowed the moment they saw the queen and she wave at them to stand. The hall was huge and could easily accommodate over a hundred people.I noticed some people wearing cloaks of different colours and turned to Helen. “Who are those people wearing cloaks,” I asked her when pointing at them. “They are mages from the magic tower in charge of the awakening, you see they have different colours right,” she said pointing at a few of them.“The green robes are for beginners, the blue is for the middle or inte
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“I know it sounds farfetched, but your future self would have told you about the power of the dragon that he has that grants him his huge mana pool, that was from me,” Apollo said in a much gentler tone because he noticed how frightened I was. “Kid, you know about the blood crow, you have suffered from them first hand, right”. Voltron said and that was the first time he spoke to me. I nodded as I remembered the near-death experience I had when I escaped the blood mage at the top of the mountain. “if the future you haven’t captured one of the high-ranking members of the blood crow and gotten the information on time, about their plans to send some of their members to come to kill and start their plans to resurrect the demon god. The future would have been destroyed,” he said in a solemn tone. “You were supposed to get only the power of Apollo, but based on what has happened w can sit back anymore, so we have decided to give you ours as well,” Indra said. I was surprised to know tha
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When we got to the palace, Queen Elizabeth led Sarah and me to the king's private study. When we arrived at the door of the study, she knocked twice before we got permission to enter. The study was huge. It had shelves that were as high as fifteen feet, stacked with books of different colours. Some of the books were about magic, which is surprising because the king was a broadsword user. We saw the king sitting behind a desk filled with files and ledgers. Behind him were a blue lion shield and a great sword behind it. Sarah hurried to him and told him what happened at the awakening ceremony, while the queen sat on the couch at the centre of the room and made a cup of tea for herself I could see the surprise and astonishment from the king as he looked at me with a strange glint in his eyes. “Peter my boy, you sure a full of surprises, this old man knew you would be a knight but to imagine that you got magic too, your p
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That night, I decided to take the red dragon pill. When I swallowed the pill, I could feel a fiery sensation coming from my chest as the pill started to dissolve. Then it spread from my chest at its starting point to every part of my body. It was as if my body was set on fire, as I could feel the temperature raising and sweating all over my body. The next moment my joint started snapping, which caused me great pain. I thought I could bear it but the pain increased and my body felt as if it was burning up, to the point I let a scream and pass out on the bed. When I woke the next morning, my bed was damp and dirty. I got up and looked at my body to check if there were any changes due to the pains of my bones snapping and the feeling of my body set on fire. My body looked ok after my observation, just that my sight was a bit hazy. I went to the bathroom to wash off the dirt on my body, after I was through with that, I walked out and passed the front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror in
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After breakfast, Sarah and I took a walk to the back garden of the palace. The back garden was very beautiful, with different types of exotic and nearly extinct plants there. In the garden, you can see different colours and species of birds flying around. This place was a safe haven for these birds because they had been hunted outside of this place. We walked on the marble walkway and by the side of the walkway; you can see heroes, generals and kings as you walk down the pavement. We got to the centre of the garden and there was a statue of the first king of Gales kingdom. The stature was at least 10 meters tall and it was so life like that you could feel pressured just looking at it. On the four corners of the stature, stone slaps with the biography of the king written on them. His name was Vincent Yates, the first divine sword saint of the kingdom. After we passed the stature, we came to a pavilion and sa
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