Hina's Son-in-law Turns out to be a Mafia

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Hina's Son-in-law Turns out to be a Mafia

By: Pein CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Martin Luther, a Mafia member in Newland, disappeared without a trace when assassins hunted him. Martin was forced to jump into the river to save himself. However, unlucky Martin hit a rock while jumping into the river and ended up unconscious. When Martin woke up, he didn't remember anything and only remembered his first name. He was forced to marry the grandson of the man who helped him. At first everything was fine, but when the old man who saved him died, Martin's suffering began to be felt. Will Martin remember his past as a big Mafia boss and end his suffering as a useless son-in-law, or will he continue like that.

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  • Pein


    My second book, please support everyone.

    2023-11-29 11:27:05
  • Kiera Bannerman


    no imagination, spelling mistakes and honestly a boring read

    2024-03-02 02:10:57
  • Pein


    Great book

    2023-12-25 07:44:16
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115 chapters
Chapter 1
"Damn, why did this have to happen to me?" grumbled a man who was running fast in the middle of the wilderness.Not far from where the man was running, he heard the sound of footsteps quickly chasing him from behind.The sound of a gunshot was heard, hitting the wood near the man.The figure continued to run, not caring that his feet were bleeding, due to being hit by tree branches or thorny plants in the middle of the forest.The man only stopped when, in front of him there was a ravine and below it a fast flowing river."Damn, damn, damn! Where are the stupid guards!" the man grumbled when in front of him there was only a ravine.The sound of people chasing him was getting closer. The man gritted his teeth, he was forced to jump from the cliff.ByurTwoThe man's head hit a rock, blood immediately flowed, he became unconscious and his body was carried away by the river current.Meanwhile the person who was chasing him reached the cliff of the cliff."Fuck!" exclaimed one of them."N
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Chapter 2
Martin reflexively turned his head towards the sound, the man was clearly confused when an elderly man suddenly reprimanded him, he wiped away the tears that were rolling down his cheeks."Who are you?" Martin asked while looking at the elderly man carefully.The elderly man was surprised when Martin didn't recognize him, so he checked his gaze. However, Martin's face and stature, plus the stitch marks on his neck, made him very sure that this shabby man was his great master."Master, this is Ivan Jenner, your personal assistant," said the elderly man politely."Personal assistant? I don't know you," replied Martin, who immediately left there and intended to leave the elderly man."Sir, wait! I can prove it to you, if I am your assistant!" Ivan rebuked convincingly.Martin stopped in his tracks, he turned to the elderly man, and looked at him carefully.Ivan rushed closer to Martin, he took out a locket containing a photo of Martin and his former girlfriend.The pendant belonged to Ma
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Chapter 3
Sarah was speechless when Ivan slapped her, just looking at Samuel who looked afraid of the old man."M-Mr Jenner, what exactly happened?" Samuel asked to confirm.Plaque!Instead of getting an answer, Ivan slapped Samuel, this time the slap was hard enough, making Samuel stagger and almost fall."How dare you tease the big master's wife!" Ivan took his cell phone, he immediately contacted Martin's other assistant."Lisa, destroy the Linston group! Strip them of all their property if necessary!" Ivan ordered immediately when the call was answered."Wait a minute, you're not usually like this Ivan," said the woman from across the phone."I'll explain to you later, do it now!" he ordered then turned off his cellphone.Samuel was of course shocked, he immediately knelt at Ivan's feet. "Mr Jenner, please don't do this..."Ivan shouted for Martin's subordinates who were Assassins by clapping his hands several times.suddenly several people came in from outside and immediately dragged Samue
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Chapter 4
Martin and Jesica arrived at Mansion Dreams, the two people stared in amazement at the magnificent building in front of them when they got out of the car."Come on sir!" asked Ivan politely.The husband and wife nodded, Jesica subconsciously put her arm around her husband's arm. Of course, this made Martin reflexively turn towards his arm, because this was the first time Jesica had embraced him.The two of them followed Brody who was already walking in front, the servants lined up to greet them. When the husband and wife entered the mansion.Jessica and Martin stared in awe at the building of the house, they were both truly amazed by every decoration and luxurious furniture."Sir, Madam, let me show you around," said Ivan reprimanding the two of them.Martin and Jesica nodded, they were both speechless, because the place was so amazing.Ivan took them around the Mansion, showing the husband and wife in a friendly manner. Even though Ivan actually felt embarrassed, his previous master
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Chapter 5
Jessica was surprised by Martin's sudden treatment, because usually he wasn't like that and didn't dare touch her at all. However, the woman also did not struggle, feeling comfortable in her husband's arms."I have something for you, wait a moment," Martin let go of his arms, he opened the drawer near the bed.Jesica was confused about what Martin meant, but she just kept quiet and looked at what her husband was looking for.After getting what he was looking for, the man approached his wife who was still standing in front of the cupboard."So far I have never given you a wedding ring, I'm sorry I can only give it to you," said Martin, kneeling in front of Jesica while opening the red box containing the diamond ring.Jessica covered her mouth in disbelief, she didn't think that Martin could act sweet like that. Although the woman who had accompanied Martin for two years was confused about why her husband was suddenly able to buy a diamond ring."Martin, is this for me?" Jesica asked wi
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Chapter 6
A convoy of luxury cars tore through the streets of Souland. It seemed that all the cars in front of the convoy preferred to get out of the way. They realize that if they block luxury cars, it could be a long matter.Jesica in the car couldn't speak. she was really nervous, being treated like a queen tonight."Do you like it darling?" Martin asked softly.Jesica nodded softly, the woman did not speak, she still felt guilty about Martin. Because she had the thought of making her husband happy.Martin held his wife's hand and kissed it. "I'm sorry, because I've made you suffer all this time."Jesica looked at her husband who looked different than usual. Tonight he looked very handsome and charismatic, unlike his previous appearance."Martin, can you ask a question?"Martin nodded softly. "Please.""Who are you actually? And why have you suddenly changed drastically like this?"There were so many questions that wanted to come out of the woman's lips. She wanted to know what actually happ
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Chapter 7
Martin knew his wife was starting to feel unwell, the man gently rubbed his wife's arm while smiling faintly.Jesica looked at her helplessly, because the woman couldn't do anything to defend her husband. However, Martin still invited Jessica to go up on stage, regardless of what the people present there said."It's okay, this is normal for me, don't you know that?" Martin whispered softly.Jessica looked at her husband, Martin's confident gaze made the woman a little stunned.During their two years of marriage, this was the first time she saw Martin who looked confident in front of many people.Martin nodded his head inviting Jesica to come up on stage. The woman could only go up to the stage with cynical glances from the young women present, because Martin looked more handsome than usual."Mr. Luther, thank you for coming to this old man's event," said Old Man Vlar enthusiastically.Before Martin answered, suddenly a man his age spoke up. "Mr. Vlar, did you recognize the wrong perso
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Chapter 8
Theodore continued to move closer to Jesica, the man stretched out his hand to grab the woman's chin. However, Martin suddenly grabbed Theodore's hand and twisted the hand that was about to touch his wife.Argh!Theodore screeched in pain as Martin twisted his arm. The man was a little surprised by Jesica's husband's actions."Dare you touch my wife with your dirty hands, I'll make sure you can't use them again!" Martin said coldly."Bastard, you're just trash from the Bloody family, don't act so hard!" roared Theodore angrily, still not wanting to lose.clack!Argh!The sound of Theodore's shoulder blade was heard shifting from its place, making the man roar in pain.Everyone who saw this was very surprised, even old man Vlar who was on stage didn't expect it.Jessica covered her mouth in disbelief, she had just seen her husband's figure which was so very different. The man who had always been bullied had now changed one hundred and eighty degrees in front of her."Guards, what are y
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Chapter 9
Ramsdale Roosevelt was of course shocked when he heard that Ivan Jenner was with the man who claimed to be Mr. Luther. The man rushed to contact Danil Luther, Martin's uncle who now leads the Luther family in Newland.Ramsdale looked nervous when he called Danil, but before that, cold sweat was already pouring down his forehead.However, Danil is a very respected figure, he became the leader of the Luther family Mafia after Martin disappeared two years ago.After a while, Danil answered Ramsdale's call. "What's wrong Ramsdale?" Danil asked directly on the other side of the phone."L-Mr. Luther, I heard that Mr. Jenner humiliated my son at old man Vlar's birthday...""Then what's the problem with meIsn't it natural that your child makes mistakes? Ivan can't embarrass just anyone!" Ramsdale had not finished speaking. Danil interrupted him while scolding him."T-That's not the problem, Mr. Luther, my son said that you have someone claiming to be you," said Ramsdale confidently.Danil fro
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Chapter 10
The people in the car were not surprised at all when Adrian's subordinates approached him, with a lazy face the man got out of the car."What is it?" asked the man as he got out of the car."Still asking what's wrong?!" asked Adrian's subordinate, slightly curt.SwutClapa punch flew towards the man. However, he easily caught the blow.TwoBruakThe man grabbed Adrian's lower hand and hit him by the nape of the neck then hit him against the car, making him fall unconscious instantly.Adrian's other subordinate gritted his teeth when he saw his colleague fall unconscious. He attacked the man without warning.SwutTwoBruakInstead of the scout being hit, Adrian's subordinate was actually hit by the man's kick hard in the stomach, causing him to fall on his knees in front of the scout while holding his stomach."You're so weak..." The man's voice was choked when the muzzle of the gun suddenly pressed against his head."Heeeh, I thought they were just street dogs," he continued, turning
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