Dimensional Access System

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Dimensional Access System

By: Primal Optima OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Jax had always dreamed of being an explorer, uncovering ancient secrets and technologies in the wasteland. But his dreams were shattered when he was captured by a ruthless faction and forced to work for them. With an explosive collar around his neck, he started lose hope of escape or freedom. Until he found something that changed everything. [ Welcome To The Dimensional Access System ] A mysterious system that gave him access to advanced items and rare resources beyond his wildest imagination. But he soon learned that everything was not as simple as it seems. As he used the system to enhance his abilities and survive in the harsh world, he also uncovered secrets and mysteries that shook his understanding of reality. He faced enemies and allies, dangers and opportunities. He had to make decisions that would affect not only his own destiny, but also the fate of countless others. Follow Jax's journey of transformation and evolution in this post-apocalyptic adventure, as he explores unknown lands, fights formidable foes, and forms unlikely bonds. Will he succumb to the temptations of power and ambition, or will he uphold his morals and values? Find out in The Dimensional Access System. Note: The story will start slowly in the first few chapters until Jax gets his system around chapter 4-5. Then it will pick up the pace and become more exciting. This is my first time writing a novel and I'm not a native English speaker. I'm trying to improve my writing skills as I go along, so I appreciate your support and feedback. If you enjoy the story, please share it with others and let me know what you think.

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7 chapters
In a distant era, a cataclysmic event shattered an entire dimension. It spread across other dimensions, setting off a chaotic chain reaction that annihilated countless worlds in its relentless path.Against all odds, our universe emerged from the chaos, a miraculous survivor amid the cosmic wreckage. Nevertheless, the fragments of the broken dimension fused with our cosmos, permanently altering its very fabric.And our Earth was the epicenter of the change.The once familiar continents turned into colossal mega-continents that stretched across the vast expanse. New landmasses erupted into existence, brimming with otherworldly vistas.Extraordinary creatures once unseen and unknowable started emerging. Their existence defies the conventional, their nature a mesmerizing enigma.Alongside these profound shifts came powerful life forms that were able to flee from their doomed homelands.Humanity was not prepared for this upheaval. The once-mighty edifice of modern civilization fell apart
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Chapter 1: Barren Sands and Empty-Hands 1/2
Jax revved his motorbike, feeling the roar of the engine in his chest as he raced across the desolate wasteland.The scorching sun beat down on him mercilessly, making him sweat under his jacket. He had been riding for hours, searching for something to scavenge.He wondered if the stories he had heard were true. Stories of the times before the world turned into a hellhole, when nature was abundant and beautiful, when cities were marvels of technology and culture, and when people lived in peace and prosperity.But those stories seemed like fairy tales to him, relics of a forgotten past. It had been ages, maybe even eons, since the cataclysm or whatever it was that nearly wiped out humanity.Jax couldn't imagine what that time was like, nor did he particularly care much. All he cared about was surviving in the harsh reality of his present. A cruel reality, where he became enslaved by the Hive. This thought alone filled him with a burning rage, yet knew that any actions against his oppr
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Chapter 2: Barren Sands and Empty-Hands 2/2
It was crystal clear to Jax that the Hive had zero intentions of setting him free, no matter how hard he busted his butt for them. The weight of the collar around his neck was a constant reminder of his fragile existence.The constant threat of death hovered over him every moment, like a twisted game of hide-and-seek.The haunting memories of those poor souls who fell victim to the Hive's twisted cruelty.Even the air he breathed felt suffocating, like every inhale was a struggle. It was enough to make you feel like you were drowning in this messed-up reality.Every moment he spent under the Hive's oppressive thumb only fueled his seething hatred for the whole damn organization. Their sick methods and iron grip on his life ignited a burning desire for revenge deep within him.But for now, he had to focus on one thing, survival. Every single day, he clawed, scratched, and fought tooth and nail just to keep breathing. He clings onto life like a dog to a bone, hoping against hope that
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Chapter 3: Shadows of Despair
The next morning, Jax woke up, feeling a mix of restlessness and anger. He grumbled as he reluctantly slurped down his tasteless breakfast.It was a nutrient-packed goo that passed for sustenance in this twisted place. He had to choke it down three times a day, just to keep himself going.With a heavy sigh, Jax prepared himself for another day of struggle and left the outpost. He remembered yesterday's encounter with Fletcher. That lunatic was driving him up the wall. Even after telling him that he kept being assigned to the areas that were already explored, Fletcher didn't listen. It was like he wanted him to fail. Jax couldn't understand what animosity does he have with him."And why did those fuckers get so upset when I asked permission to explore the further lands? Didn't they take captives for that purpose in the first place?" Jax was still confused at their abnormal reactions.The Hive's insatiable appetite for resources and power was infamous across the wasteland. They never c
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Chapter 4: Battle of Doubt and Hope
Jax heard a bell, a clear and loud sound that seemed to come from inside his head. He flinched and quickly stood up, looking around cautiously. The blinding glow emanating from the tattoo had vanished, leaving Jax in a state of astonishment. Contrary to his expectations, there were no explosions, and he appeared to be unharmed, at least for the time being.Before Jax could even process what was going on, a voice echoed inside his head.*Loading!*Startled, Jax spun around, frantically searching for the source of the sound. However, there was nothing to be found except the remnants of the forgotten world.Feeling uneasy about these strange events, he gathered his courage and inquired, "Who are you?" His voice quivered slightly, revealing his inner turmoil, a mixture of fear and curiosity.Suddenly, a transparent screen materialized in front of his eyes, catching him off guard. A wave of dizziness washed over him, causing him to stumble momentarily.Jax's eyes widened as he exclaimed,
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Chapter 5: Unexpected Arrival
The screen flashed, overwhelming Jax with an avalanche of tiny text."What's all this complicated mumbo-jumbo?" Jax groaned in frustration. "Couldn't they make it simpler?"Squinting his eyes, Jax skimmed through the paragraphs like a speed reader on steroids. It felt like deciphering an alien language. He could read it but it was hard to fully grasp.Amidst the whirlwind of words, Jax caught a glimpse of the Interdimensional Trade Commission (ITC), a shady entity calling the shots.The idea of earning rewards got Jax's attention. He could sell his stuff, tackle tasks, and complete quests to earn credits.However, the marketplace came with its fair share of risks, shady items, sketchy users, and the need to build a good reputation.Jax frowned as he read that ITC wouldn't take responsibility for any mishaps—he had to own his choices.The marketplace had no strict regulations. It was a free-for-all, where anything and everything could be bought or sold.However, a rating and review sys
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Chapter 6: A Bloody Fight
As Jax hurtled towards him, a sinister grin stretched across Gerald's face, showcasing a set of rotting teeth. He threw a punch straight for Jax's face, determined to sculpt his features into a grotesque mess.However, Jax had learned his lesson from their previous encounter. Swift as a panther, Jax sidestepped with precision, narrowly evading the incoming blow.The punch cut through the air, making a whistling sound, missing its target by a hair's breadth.Caught off guard by the failed attack, Gerald stumbled forward, his own momentum working against him. He tried to salvage his dignity by spinning around for another swing, but it was too little, too late.Jax seized the moment with a devilish grin, his instincts took over like a savage predator on the hunt. His leg shot forward with explosive force, hitting Gerald square in the ribs with a resounding thud that echoed through the air.Gerald's face contorted in a mix of pain and humiliation, emitting a sound resembling a constipated
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