100 Systems Invasion

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100 Systems Invasion

By: Aliast OngoingSystem

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‘What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?’ Seth Holden was fed up with that question. ‘I’ll die,’ he used to joke. After all, what could a mere broken home, college student with no future like him could do if faced with the apocalypse? It became reality in a matter of hours. After the first wave invasion hit, the world was filled with dead people hungered for the living ones. Seth should be dead, too, if not for . . . Dong! [Congratulations!] [You are among one hundred lucky people to have receive a System!] [Free only for seven days.] Now, Seth was amongst one hundred people who became Systemist in this infected world. He grew stronger and had a higher survival rate. However, to survive meant he would still be alive when the second wave invasion started. He knew nothing about it, except people could crack and spontaneously exploded. Seth was sure he could tackle it when the time came by levelling up. But, raising a six-year-old while running away from blood-thirsty Systemist hunters in this not-pocalypse? Well, Seth was bound to fuck something up badly. Probably himself. Oh shit. What’s the price of the System’s lifetime subscription again?

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1. If the World Ends Tomorrow
“What would you do if the world ends tomorrow?”Seth looked up from his phone and stared at the professor in front of the class. “Die,” he said before going back to his phone.He was just scrolling down the feed. Where was the rolling cat again? He needed it for his mental health.The fact that his professor marched on with heavy steps and curled journals in his fist completely unfazed him. Victor could fuck himself, for all he care. He had no need for a self-development question when he had a bigger priority in mind.That’s the cat he was looking for.“Seth Holden–““Yes, Professor Louise,” he readily cut in, mocking, as he watched a black furball try to catch a butterfly with its little paws. The gasps and muffled chuckles from the rest of the class became a background buzz in his ears.“I ask you again. If your life ends tomorrow, or three days later, or one month later, what on Earth will you do?” Victor repeatedly asked this. “What are you doing now? If it’s so important, you’re
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2. I Will Not Babysit My Little Sister
Seth finally did his laundry. He had watered his neighbour’s plants too.Damn Elba for making him take care of her plants in exchange for one pack of home-brewed tea. Though, he couldn’t deny that tea was delicious as fuck. It could kill his hangover, too, in case someone needed to know. And that was not the only good thing about her. Elba even gave her first homemade salve to help his broken nose.What a God-send.Or maybe she was just using him as a test lab, but who cares. He wouldn’t be sporting the said broken nose tonight. After that, he went to grab a double mac on the way to his mother’s new home. It was only a half an hour walk after a subway ride, but God knows why he hadn’t visited her. It has nothing to do with her new husband and their daughter. Of course.When he arrived at the unfamiliar white door, Seth picked up his phone and glanced at the clock displayed on his screen. Almost six.Suddenly, the door burst open and a pair of little arms circled his waist. “You must
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3. And F-ck the Game
[Warning!][5 hours before the first wave invasion.][Please prepare yourself.]Seth frowned. Invasion. That word again. It didn’t mean anything to him, at least for now.He closed the pop up window, wanting to look around the game. But, another po up window appeared, no less futuristic-looking than the previous one.[Get up to 40% discount on first wave invasion’s mystery survival kits before it begin!]Seth touched the icon, and it displayed the offered items. There were three mystery survival kits with the same cost of 3.000 cells. With the discount in place, it was priced at 1.800 cells.[Break a Damn Leg! Survival Kit][You Got It Bro! Survival Kit][Love is Everyting! Survival Kit]Rising an eyebrow, Seth couldn’t help but being cringe at the names. He chose the most cringey one.[Congratulations!][Love is Everything! Survival Kit package will be sent to your inbox one minute after the first wave invasion begin.]Huh. Figures.This was just a scam afterall. Nothing to be seriou
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4. Undecided!
Police swarmed the place. The café had been declared as a crime scene and Victor Louise was the victim of this groutious murder. It wasn’t his fault. But somehow, they thought otherwise. Seth gritted his teeth, getting away from here was currently on top of his list. Next to look at his phone in search of an answer. The fucking game – not a game – was the only key to stay alive. “Hey!” Fingers snapped in front of his hollowed eyes. “Do you know who the victim is?” Seth nodded, but then shook his head hurriedly. The Victor that he know was still alive. If he brought up his professor’s name, there would be one hell of a problem. Though, with what awaiting them at midnight, he didn’t know why he still care. “Do you know the victim or not?” “No, sir. I just met him a few blocks away from here.” “Then what were you doing with the victim in the first place?” The detective looked at him in distaste. Afterall, he was still reeking of blood as some red refused to be wiped clean with a
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5. Even If I Die
What would you do if the world end tomorrow?That was the question asked repeatedly by his professor, earlier today, at noon. Back then, Seth was obliviously blissful for his lack of knowledge – that the world he knew could end tomorrow.Now, the answer to that question was quite simple.The world could end tomorrow, and he spent the last two hours and with a sandy blonde stranger he met in a home décor store. Her name was Amy Palmer and her current goal in life was to beat her cousin’s ‘Most Strangest Day of My Life’ story.That being said, Seth was riding shotgun while Amy drove her second hand car to the direction of his mother’s house.“So, what do you do for a living?” The sandy blonde asked, completely disregarding the dried blood on Seth’s clothes.“I’m a student.”“Oh. That’s why you looks to be on the young side.”“Do you always help random people out at night for amusement?”Amy shrugged. “My thousand bucks is on the line if I don’t do something crazy by this week.”“Even if
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6. Say, Three! Two! One!
Knock! Knock! Knock! The sound travelled through the night, creating a crescendo in the otherwise peaceful setting. But Seth was anxious. Dong! [Fifteen minutes before the first wave invasion begin.] The System flashed on his screen, illuminating his face in shades of blue. The flickering light above him died after his seventh knock on his mother’s new home. “They are sleeping,” Amy said from where she was leaning against the car’s hood, crossing her arms in displayed impatience. “Or,” a male voice added after the sandy blonde, “Your mom and her new toy are fucking each other senseless.” It was Wade Moore, Amy’s cousin whom she had a bet going on with. For someone who appeared like a thug coming straight out of a bar, he really spoke like one. “Thanks, Wade. I don’t need that particular image in my mind.” “No problem, dude.” The sarcams flew right through his head. Seth turned away from them, and lifted his hand again. But, before he could knock for the eleventh time, the doo
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7. Infectore
Wind breezed past from the half opened window of Amy’s second-hand car. Wade’s smoke dispersed right away, leaving no air pollution in the back seat. Seth’s entire body was rigid with dreaded expectation. [Welcome to the end of the world.] Still appeared on his screen. Typed in simple font with futuristic blue background. The clock ticked, but nothing extraordinary happened. Seth didn’t know how to feel about this. Amy’s anticipation of an epic mad story to tell could be dwindling any second now. However, trepidation soon washed over him as police sirens sounded from the road ahead, casting red and blue lights amongst the bottleneck of cars. Dong! [Failed to send Love is Everything! Survival Kit due to unexpected increase of activity in the System's database.] [The System will try again within 48 hours with a bonus package.] Huffing in displeasure, Seth pocketed his phone again. Wade turned to face him, scrutinising his pale face and bloody clothes. “Dude, you’re the runaway k
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8. Eliminated
In one minute, Seth could make a precise paper crane, or a miniature simple dragon. A good pastime when he skipped class to laze on the school’s rooftop, while having his phone confiscated by his teacher. In one minute, Seth could inhale a bowl of instant noodles. Given he had nothing to eat since morning, and this was the spiceless, discounted cup noodle from the asian store around the block. In one minute, Seth could die if they did nothing but scream around in panic while an honest-to-God zombie tried to break the windshield of the car they were in. A crack and several claw marks soon appeared, leaving the passengers frantically trying to get away from it. An impossible task, in his opinion, considering Amy was too stricken in horror to reverse the car – or just drive really fast forward to throw the zombie off balance. Meanwhile, Wade was no better. He tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. The safety lock was in, getting out of the car was not an option. Unless Amy cou
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9. Some Hero Wanna-be
Inside a speeding second-hand car with a faded blue paint job, there were four – three humans and one infectore-wannabe, to be precise."Fuck!" Wade cursed as he read the words displayed on Seth's phone. "I don't want to be a fucking zombie!"The chain smoker's frustrated scream was mirrored by Marnie's wailing cries. Seth gritted his teeth, knuckles turning white from the too-tight grip on the steering wheel. H dreaded the hardship of staying alive for the next three months with burdens like this."Is there a way to cure him?" Amy asked from the back seat as if his phone was Siri or something. She expected an answer, her knitted brows gave it away. But Seth was pretty sure the System in his phone was as advanced as the Explorer. "Hey, can you make the kid shut up?"Seth sent an irritated look through the rearview mirror. "Do you really have to ask me?""She's your sister.""She's not.""She is–""Just toss her out then."Amy gapped at him. Wade pulled the same expression, and Seth sc
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10. Not A Glory Hole!
Seth almost missed a turn as he stared in surprise at the strange happening near him. “Where did this space vagina come from?!”“Your phone did it,” Amy reeled away from it, clutching it in her knuckle-white hands. “Please tell me there won’t be aliens coming from the other side to lay eggs in me. Oh God, oh God, I’m sorry for reading porn and becoming addicted to strange sexual fanta–”“I really don’t need to hear about that on my last day of breathing.” Wade grumbled, already in the fifth stage of grief, accepting his near demise.But Amy was the most optimistic among them. At least when it concerned Wade. “You’ll live.”That could also be because she had already bought three more hours for her cousin. It completely escaped her mind that she practically cost Seth almost all of his balance. It wasn’t like he’d make a fuss about it.Right?[Please withdraw your 2 bottles of Ethazal Prevection now.][The Goury Hole will disappear at the thirty seconds mark.]Reading that, Amy gingerly
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