Heavenly Empowerment System

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Heavenly Empowerment System

By: Milly OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Merving Ric was born into a humble background, but he marries the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon who despises him due to his lower social status and consistently creates problems for him. Suddenly, the spirit Qi of heaven and earth returns to Earth, allowing people to cultivate once again. This change brings about a new era in which powerful cultivators emerge, threatening the power of the world government. These cultivators are so strong that even the most advanced weapons are useless against them, causing people to seek other means of survival beyond wealth. The wealthy seek to cultivate or hire strong cultivators to protect them and their riches. Seeing an opportunity to rise in this new era of cultivation, Mervin Ric attempts to cultivate, but he is unable to absorb the spiritual Qi becouse it was discovered that he had no spiritroot. Disappointed, his father-in-law agrees to replace him with somone who is destined to become a powerful cultivator. Mervin Ric tries to fight back, but he was secretly murdered by his love rival. As he was dying, he is saved by the bloodthirsty demon of redemption, one of the two most powerful beings in the cosmos. The demon had previously fought against his nemesis, the avian of light, but lost and had his system's power source, the heart, detached and lost into the void. The demon of redemption chose Mervin Ric as his successorand and gave him the system, which grants him immense power beyond that of the cultivators on Earth. However, he was also given a mission to return to Earth and find the lost heart of the system in order to reach the final cultivation level and defeat the demon's nemesis, The avian of light or he dies

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Chapter1 Disgraceful end
Chapter1: disgraceful endAccording to ancient myths, there is a theory called cultivation, it was said that people of chronological era are able to harness power through absorbing Qi from heaven and earth and improve step by step to ascend to the peak, but does all this fantasy really exist?….. Yes it's true, cultivation does exist, as you hear it was an unbelievable concept until five years ago... During the chronological era, the Qi of heaven and earth enable people of that time to cultivate but for some strange reason, at that time which is the urban time, there was no such Qi of heaven ant earth therefore, there was no such thing as cultivation, but three years ago, when a mysterious purple metior crashed on the moon, the spirit Qi of heaven and earth from the chronological era suddenly appeared once again on earth. The world went through a major umpeveal, several unexplainable events started unfolding, the world order was gradually transforming as strong cultivators are slo
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Chapter2 The collision which engulfed the universe.
Chapter2, the collision which engulfed the universe. Mavin started having second thoughts about his previous actions of talking to the voice because, if I hadn't done that, the voice wouldn't have felt the need to show itself to him. Mavin wanted to beg the voice to stop whatever it was trying to do, but his lips won't even move. Even though his whole body was shaking with fear and his heart was racing with anxiety, he was made to stare at the black smoke cloud that was in front of him for a good while. This is something that Mavin find to be a very insettling experience. to be terrified of something while being unable to escape it in any way. After two minutes of experiencing discomfort and fear, the dense cloud of black smoke abruptly dissipated, and in its place revealed the figure of a tall man. The tall man had shiny black hair, but the thing that caught Mavin's attention the most about him was the fact that he was missing his left eye entirely. A s
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Chapter3 the heavenly empowerment system
Chapter3: the heavenly empowerment system The massive explosion that Mavin was witnessing caused every muscle in his body to quake in terror, and his heart came dangerously close to bursting out of his chest.The collision of the two powerful entities had resulted in the catastrophic explosion that engulfed all of the stars and planets within the universe and reduced them to shattered particles. This explosion was the cause of the end of the universe.Suddenly, all life in the cosmos was extinguished, and the darkness spread throughout the entire place as the light of all the stars in existence began to fade.The only light Mavin could see was the blood red light emanating from the man in the black armor, and the only other light he could see was the holy white light emanating from his opponent.However, these two lights were intertwined with one another, which obscured the two powerful entities and prevented Mavin from seeing what state they were in.As Mavin began to wonder, on
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Chapter4: returning to earth.
Chapter 4: returning to earthright after the system's voice rang in his ears, unrelated knowledge started flooding into his consciousness like a torrent.It was impossible to determine exactly how long it took; it may have been days, weeks, or even months. When the deluge of knowledge was ultimately stopped, it might have been an uncountable number of years until it stopped.When Mavin finally did open his eyes, the man was gone, and Mavin realized that he was no longer in the vast grassland and clear sky.As of now, It seems as though he is floating in deep space, amidst a myriad of stars, comets, and planets. In a way that Mavin simply cannot describe to himself, Mavin have genuinely grasped what has transpired.The man must have ushered him away from the realm of expansive grasslands and beautiful skies as soon as he completed imparting his one hundred thousand years of experience to mavin so that he may continue his journey. As a result of receiving the kowledge, Mavin is n
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Chapter5 Rage
Chapter5: rage. "Tell me, are there any Henry Ric and Suzy Ric in this Ric family you are talking about?" After hearing the words of the city lord, the first thing that he did was bring up the name of his parents in order to determine whether or not he was actually talking about his family. Mavin asked."Henry Ric and Suzy Ric?The city lord gave a sign by shaking his head, indicating that he is not familiar with any of these individuals.Mavin felt an enormous wave of disappointment wash over him when he saw his action; but, he did not quit up and instead asked another inquiry in its place."Who currently holds the position of Head of the Ric Family?""sir Donald Ric is the current holder of the position of head of the family.""Oh" Mavin mumbled. It is a curse that he was aware of who Donald is; he is his cousin and he used to pick on Mavin constantly when he was younger; nevertheless, it is a curse that he is going to receive what is coming to him once mavin return.However
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Chapter6: collecting intrests
The elegant young man trembled in fear as mavin focused his attention on him, but then, all of a sudden, it was as if he recalled something, and his eyes slowly lit up, and the arrogant grin that had been on his face before reappeared. He made a motion toward mavin and demanded once more as though he hadn't heard the prior statement mavin had made. "You had better cease interfering in the business of the Ric family or else you'll surely come to regret what you've done. Is it any secret to you that the Ric family is one of the most powerful families in the blue wave region?" Mavin stopped listening to the elegant young man as he rambled on with his gibberish and instead focused my attention on Dony as he continued to speak. Mavin said to Dony as he tapped his shoulder. "are you ok" The young man gave him a look that suggested he was perplexed as to why he was assisting him before he simply nodded his head in response to mavin's question. It seems as though Dony did not r
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