Power Of The Angel Of Death

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Power Of The Angel Of Death

By: Leto OngoingSystem

Language: English

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A 10th Standard boy, Aldwin Chartered, started to understand the rules of the society from an early age. At first, Aldwin did not understand why he did not have friends of all his peers, but he did not. But as time went on, he found out why he didn't have any friends. Why did everyone avoid Aldwin also his parents considered him as a burden and also beat him? He tried 767 times to commit suicide, but he never had the courage. Then one day he went to commit suicide 768 times and if he wanted to come back from there, he could return. He lost balance in seconds and fell down from the roof. At last, just 1 foot above falling to the ground with great force, he felt that the time of the whole world had stopped. At that time, a system appeared from a white smoke that he couldn't understand. Said Aldwin, " You are chosen by the system. Be happy, Aldwin. Because your wish will be fulfilled. I'll give you a chance to start your life again. But this time you do not have to bear the suffering of this world in this situation. You will get a new body and handsomeness. But that's not now. I give you 24 hours before I send you to another world. By this time tomorrow, you will die and be born into a new body in a new world. You can do whatever you want in these 24 hours. You can take revenge from whom you want to take revenge. After 24 hours of your death, I will come again before you again to the new world. What will Aldwin do? Will he really take revenge in these 24 hours from those for whom his path has become very difficult? What will happen in his new life?

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The Boy
It's already midnight. There is silence all around. Turn off the lights in every house. There is no noise in Dhaka city filled with noise now. Everyone is sleeping in their house. But there is no sleep in one's eyes.A boy is standing on the edge of a six-story building in Dhaka's big buildings. It looks like the boy is 17 years old. The color of his skin is black. The boy is shorter than others of the same age as he is. The height is like 4.4 feet (1.34 m). The boy's height will not increase anymore. Because, according to the doctors, the boy's growth hormone is less than any normal boy, which has stopped him from being tall and fat. The boy has to wear glasses as he sees less in the eyes. The face is filled with various spots. Ugly to look at.This time the boy is in class 10, his name is “Aldwin”. This house belongs to him. Like every night, today too, after everyone has fallen asleep, Aldwin is sitting on the roof and sitting on the edge. Grills are provided for protection at the
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Live for 24 hour
In the end, the time of the whole world stopped when Aldwin was going to fall down and there was a 1-foot difference between the ground and Aldwin with great force. Everything stopped in its own place.Due to lack of glasses, Aldwin cannot see anything, but he feels bitter as he has not yet fallen down. He seems to be stuck floating in the sky. Aldwin can't move his body. All of a sudden, white light and light white mist/smoke-filled Aldwin all around. Aldwin's head and entire body are stuck, floating just a few inches above the ground. Aldwin can't even move his eyes. But he can see it all. And can feel it. Despite seeing the darkness in his eyes, Aldwin can understand that suddenly white light and smoke / fog have been created around him. "What's going on? By now, I was supposed to fall down and die. So, why am I not falling down yet? I can't even feel my body. Where did all this smoke and light come from all of a sudden?", as he thought of these words in his mind, the sound of a y
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Have sweets everyone
Standing under the building and laughing at everything that had been going on for so long, the silence that was all around at the sound of Aldwin's laughter ended. Suddenly, he remembered the time.He couldn't find anyone by looking around. Aldwin is now standing in front of their building. The main entrance to the building is closed through the inside. White doesn't have the key. Aldwin has only the key to the roof."I forgot about it all. I don't have the key to enter the building. So, how do I get into the building now? If you don't see me in your room in the morning and see the roof open, there will be a lot of problems. What am I going to do now?" Aldwin worried as he thought about the words.At that time, Aldwin disappeared in the blink of an eye. After disappearing, Aldwin suddenly noticed that his surroundings had turned around him. Looking closely, Aldwin discovered himself on the roof of their house. But just then Aldwin was standing below. Although worried about all this, a
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What's happening in the class
Keeping the gaslight in the pocket of white pants, he took the bottles of kerosene oil with both hands and started going in front of the classroom door. Everyone in the classroom is in deep sleep. This sleep will not break before 3-4 hours. Aldwin comes in front of the door and locks the door from inside. After doing it on, he left the bottles of kerosene oil by the door and went back to the back bench. Now coming back, Aldwin came in front of Shafiq. He brought one of the 3 handkerchiefs he had,a handkerchief, and a rope.As soon as Aldwin came in front of Shafiq, the impression of joy appeared on Aldwin's face. A lot of torture had to be done by Shafiq to Aldwin. Everyone in this class laughed and joked about Aldwin. But the three of them torched Aldwin the most, Shafiq,Masoon, Ranraz. All three of them were sitting on a bench, but now all three of them are in deep sleep and lying on top of each other."I have time until tonight. I wanted to take revenge on everyone who tortured me
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The brutal murders
I already knew it, the situation would be like this. But I didn't think it would be so soon. In a maximum of 10 minutes, this door will be broken and all the teachers will enter. I'm on the third floor now. The window is iron grilled. So I can't run away from here."After thinking about the words in his mind, Aldwin again kicked Shafiq's penis."Your luck is good. If they would not come, I would have hurt you more. Of course, there's still no problem. Because, hahahaha! I'm going to burn you all now. After saying these words, Aldwin started laughing even louder this time.The sound of his laughter went out. Mr. Kamran and the students, who were standing at a distance from him, were suddenly shocked to hear the sound of laughter from inside the classroom. At that time, all the teachers of the third floor came to Mr. Kamran. As soon as the sound of laughter came to his ears, Mr. Kamran immediately started shouting loudly at the door, "Who is laughing? Answer. Open the door quickly. Wh
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New World, New Life
There's not much time left until midnight. Aldwin is sitting alone on the roof of the building where a 15-storey market is being built in their area. His whole body is filled with the blood of different people. A lot of blood has already dried up. After breaking the door of Aldwin's classroom, it was found that everyone in the classroom was dead. Mr. Hexer was also burned to death in the fire. The entire area is in turmoil all day today. Aldwin visited more than 30 houses in the area today and killed numerous people. The families of all the students in the classroom have been informed that a fire broke out in Aldwin's class and all of them were burnt to death. Aldwin's parents thought that Aldwin was also dead, so they went to school. On the same day, more than 30 houses were murdered, the sound of someone laughing in a classroom of the school, screaming and then the fire. All in all, the policemen and the public of this area are in panic. Journalists of different channels have sho
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Let's know the new world
Aldwin looked at his body. The reason for saying his body is that from now on, this body is Aldwin. And from now he is called Eren.17-year-old Eren is mildly healthy. It's 5.7 inches (14.48 cm) long. The color of the skin is fair. The cutting of the face is beautiful. The big black hair on his head covered both his eyes. "This body is owned by Eren Scientific Power user E + rank Warrior class Esper. His ability is “Muscle enchantment”. This is scientific power because by this ability, Eren can tighten the muscles of his body for a certain period of time several times more than normal. As the density of the muscles increases, Eren will get much less pain than he used to get by a punch. Besides, his physical strength will also increase twice. From the memory of Eren, I can understand that he was not strong, but intelligent enough. The knowledge that Eris acquired, I learned everything I needed to know about this world. For example:1- This planet is numerous times bigger than Earth. H
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Let's start the revenge game
Aldwin is still in Eris’s vision. As the gate was cleared, Eris and his companions were about to leave the gate when one of their group found another new gate inside the gate. If you clear the double gate, you will get extra money. So, some others, including Cherry, want to enter the double gate in greed, but many also oppose it. Eris was also opposed to this decision. Because Eris did not know what the rank of double gate was. Moreover, if you enter the double gate, you cannot get out until you lose all the monsters. So, considering all these aspects, Eris did not want to go to the double gate. But his girlfriend and team leader Lori, who has been in a relationship with Eris for several months, also wants to go to the double gate. Eris never disagrees with Lea’s words, so eventually she herself comes to the double gate. The first gate they entered of the double gate was a stone dungeon. But as soon as they entered the double gate, they came to this jungle-like island. And here they
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Lori, you have to live
Only those who enter know what happens inside the gate. So even if someone gets killed inside the gate, no one outside knows. Because, due to the monster at the gate, anyone can die. Using this rule, many Espers, magicians killed other Espers, magicians in the gate who were their enemy, and went out, said that they had died at the hands of monsters. Most of the time, these things are done to take revenge on the opposite side or to take their items. But now, foremost, I have to be ready. Eris looked back and sighed. I still have a hard time believing where I came from. But now is not the time to think about it. With my muscle enchantment ability, I can’t beat Cherry in a head-on fight. So, I need the item. Items, relics are two things Esper and magicians use more.Using Eris’s memory, I realized that the items were different. There are all kinds of items, from weapons to rings. There are all kinds of healing, attacking, and defensive. Esper and magicians have to use their power to use
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Today is my last day!
Cherry's father is a powerful and wealthy businessman, so all of her items and equipment are expensive and of good quality. Maybe she thought that this gate would be similar to the previous C-rank gate, so she did not bring more valuable items with her. As a result, Cherry is now dead. Cherry and Lori always spoke to Eris with contempt. Eris used to suffer more from Lori's behavior, but he still didn't say anything back because Lori was the leader and could have kicked Eris off the team if she wanted to. If that had happened, Eris would not have been able to support his family.Eris removed the armor he was wearing and took the B-rank body armor and a B-rank helmet from Cherry. He chose this armor because it was of higher quality than any other armor in the cave. The helmet was also good. Eris took Cherry's B-rank sword as well. Finally, he took a C+ rank seal and a C-rank knife from the two other individuals who were with Cherry. Like the dagger, he hid the knife behind him. After ta
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