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The human essence is unchanged from century to century. They are ready to destroy for the sake of profit what can help, save them from the coming catastrophe - witches. Creel is an ordinary person who fell victim to human deceit, his death was cruel and terrible. He hoped for eternal sleep, beautiful oblivion, but what did he get? He is the only one whose life is so closely intertwined with the witches, he was called to another world against his will, they placed hopes on him, endowed him with strength, gave him new opportunities and forced him to become the Shield of the Witches.

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Sharp claws dig into the hand, tear the skin, turn the muscles that were once inflated by long workouts into a kind of rag with holes in the floor. Burning pain slowly spreads through the nerves reaching the brain. Curved fangs, yellowish from plaque, bite into the thigh, bite through the skin. Strong jaws close on the artery and tear it off along with a piece of muscle. I can't help it anymore, I scream in pain. My brain is in a panic frenzy trying to force my body to fight, to fight on for its own life.The fingers so desperately clinging to the rocky floor clench into a fist that flies towards the goblin's head. There is a crunch, the phalanges of the fingers crumbled from a strong and desperate blow on a hard skull. The monster, as if not sensing my desperate efforts, clutched my hand harder. I screamed again, and then I saw with horror how a bared mouth, spotted with small teeth, rushed into my throat ...Screaming in fear, I opened my eyes abruptly assuming a sitting position. T
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- Farce? I ... - the girl fell silent without saying, and then sighing tiredly, she said, - You can not believe me. You can imagine whatever you want. But I need your help, Cyril.The fact that she called me by my first name didn't really surprise me. It's not strange that those who hold you hostage know everything about you. I would laugh if they didn't even know my name. That would be laughter.But they just mock me, just like this girl. They keep me in a trap, mock me. They are asked to play along with this crazy scenario. This is starting to get annoying!- Fuck you all! - I shouted from the bottom of my heart to the entire ruined street and turned away from the girl.Having released all my anger in this single impulse, I abruptly became indifferent. She can hit me in the back, I won’t even turn around, everything is already so tired. I quickly went wherever my eyes looked, past the bloody and torn bodies, past the destroyed walls of buildings and collapsed skyscrapers. I just kep
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My "resurrection" or transmigration into a new body was not accompanied by any visual effects or auditory hallucinations. There were also no visions of the past, the future. There really was nothing at all. I just appeared in a new body and didn't even really feel it. It felt like it was my own. It just hurt wildly.In fact, as soon as I came to my senses, I felt a wild pain all over my body. She was familiar to me. I remember her. And how to forget her? Such pain settles in the subcortex when you wallow beaten behind garages trying to get cigarettes out of your pocket with shaking hands. It drives in with every blow, methodically, monotonously and aggressively. This is not a fight with punks for the attention of some beautiful girl and not a showdown of who called whom an idiot behind their backs, no. This is a methodical beating, so that a person understands something, remembers it. Only inveterate maniacs and schemers beat like this, it is important for them to teach a lesson so th
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Raising my hand higher, I ran through my combed back hair. Shaved temples with some tattoos. As if the guy was really turned on Scandinavian mythology and tried in every possible way to imitate the Vikings from my planet. I just forgot that these guys were famous not only for their appearance, but for their strength and stamina.I would never change my appearance to suit some tastes, but I must admit that I like it. It remains only to put the body in order: pump up, increase endurance, remember old tricks and find a sword. Oh, that's the only weapon I'll need in this damn world, well, a pistol or a blaster. I hope they have blasters here?I also noticed in the reflection how a silver pendant with an AI core was hanging around my neck. Atria waits in the wings to become my partner and adviser. This is good. Her knowledge will help you navigate this world. To start, I need..."Finally awake, idiot!" - there was a ringing voice behind me.Squinting to the side and taking half a step in t
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She paints the picture very skillfully, but as soon as I give up the slack and let her go, she immediately attacks me. Perhaps even the same collar will be on me. The weakness of a man is in his desires, and women take advantage of this. As soon as we are seduced and made to get turned on, we stop thinking sensibly anymore. But if you keep your cool...- Truth! Furriods are very hot inside, I will warm you at night! - she licked my cheek with a rough tongue, from which goosebumps ran through my body.Getting aroused from this is not difficult, but keeping yourself in control is even more difficult. Especially in such a young body with surging hormones.- Let you go?- Yes, let go, but first kiss me ...I kissed her. How to say, this is quite a new experience for me. Kissing a humanoid cat… Her soft fur pleasantly tickled the skin around her lips, her whiskers constantly crawled over her cheeks, and her rough tongue with sharp teeth scratched on the surface of mine, but it was pleasant
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“I have reasons for doing this,” I said distantly, not wanting to go into details and open up to the girl.Namely, although she is my slave concubine, she can still think about how to take revenge on me. Talking about my brother is akin to the fact that I personally give her a knife and turn my back with my eyes closed. Go wherever you want...After warming up and stretching my muscles with a light exercise, I started with push-ups. Then comes the press, squats. There was no treadmill on the ship, not even a couple of dumbbells. I had to run around the room, making circles around the table for food and the displeased Terra, who, in her catlike habits, liked to follow every moving object, and then lay on the floor trying to cope with dizziness and nausea. Silly cat.- Atria, how much time has passed since my death? What year is it now? - puffing I asked a question.You need to receive information in order to at least be able to navigate in the new world. By the way, I didn't worry abou
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y evening, I was standing at the medical block holding a still warm plastic sword in my hands. Straight blade, handle with a small guard. This is just a mock-up, but it was made so well that it felt almost exactly the same in my hand as my old sword, which was left in a past life. He's probably still in the portal, and some rookie will find him. Own it or sell it. Hell, his sellers will cheat as soon as they analyze it. The blade was made of an expensive alloy ... Already tears well up.Creel, can you help? Terra asked as she set the overturned dining table back where it was immediately magnetized to the floor.Looking around at the mess that we had created in a fit of passion, I involuntarily smirked with pride. The dishes were scattered on the floor, the table was overturned, one bench was lying completely broken at the doors of the airlock, furrows from the claws of Terra were visible on some walls, the same were on the wooden floor. We had a lot of fun. What else is a guy and a gi
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A system notification flickered in front of me, displaying bold purple letters. The blade on my neck gently tapped against my skin, as if telling me to obey her and not resist.I slowly raised my hands and stood up from my chair, turning to face the first witch I met. It's amazing how it happened, as soon as I randomly chose a point in space, the first target of my mission was found and right now holds the edge of a short blade at my neck. I'm starting to believe in these tales of fate and an easy search.Purple hair growing on one side, and the right one shaved into a short crew cut next to a silver implant attached to the temple. A slender figure, a little above average height, but she is far from me, you can say by the estimate one meter sixty-eight or all one hundred and seventy. A slender girl in some kind of overalls, the top of which was unbuttoned and dangled from her waist, and she herself stood in a white T-shirt. Not an ounce of muscle on her body. The arms are thin, the th
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The heroes shout something encouraging, asking to remember the best moments experienced with them in life. After that, the person whose mind has been captured begins to resist and suffer from pain, he fights and eventually regains his sanity.- Assumption: if the control over your slave was not sleeping at the same moment that the witch lost consciousness, then words to return it will not do any good. You will only waste oxygen on the ship, and I will continue to be silent ... As you ordered me, - Atria's voice was heard from the ceiling with a slight reproach and resentment.Although she tried to make him more unemotional, it didn't work.Is she mad at me? Seriously? Don't tell me that this fucking AI that was supposed to help me is getting more and more emotional...I got into a defensive stance, the only thing I had to do was catch Terra in the attack and disable her. Strangle, stun, hit so hard that she lost consciousness - it doesn't matter, the main thing is to knock her out bef
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The clap of the hand echoed around the room, but the girl did not wake up. I had to hit again, and only after that she groaned in pain, and her closed eyelids trembled.- Wh-what? Where I am? - Overcoming the excruciating pain in her head she asked.- Everything is there, everything is with me, - I answered, taking a chair and turning it back to her and sitting down on it, throwing my leg, - Come on, talk.- What to say? - she asked with incomprehension, trying to examine me and the room around.To be sure, she moved her arms and legs trying to free herself, but realizing that she was tightly bound, she looked at me with surprise in her purple eyes.- Who is she? Where did you come from? Who sent? - when asking questions, I raised the finger of my clenched right palm, - Three questions with easy answers ... Atria!- Yes, Creel?Warn me if she's lying...Instead of answering, I heard the whirring of the small wheels of the robot, which rode up to me and extended another slave collar wi
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