Divine Sword Art System

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Divine Sword Art System

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[System activated] [Host has been identified] [Welcome to Equestria] Taichi Hayashi was the best swordsman in Japan. He died after failing to protect the lives of the noble princess and the person he loved, Akihiko Yamaguchi. Not long after, both of them transmigrated to a world full of magic and swords. Taichi transmigrated into the body of a young nobleman named Tobias Archibald. He had promised to protect Akihiko no matter where they went. Taichi assumed that Akihiko had transmigrated to the same world as him. Tobias began training his sword skills until he managed to obtain the greatest power system that could defeat any type of sword art or magic skill. [Congratulations] [The divine sword art has been obtained] [Divine sword strength activated] With his sword art, Tobias planned to go on a journey searching for Akihiko. During his journey, he discovered many things he never expected. He also met Akihiko in a different condition. Now, Tobias faces a dilemma between keeping his promise or his life. Will Tobias be able to do his job well?

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  • Jacob Bradfield


    good intro

    2023-11-16 05:40:08
  • Thorno Aquintano


    written well, nice story

    2023-06-15 22:19:09
  • Isiah Kirkpatrick


    great book I love it

    2023-06-13 14:13:11
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256 chapters
Chapter 1. Knight's Promise
The year 1322 Taichi Hayashi, a 24-year-old young man with 186cm height, black hair, fair skin, hazel eyes and a well-built posture, stood on the front terrace of the noble house where he served. Yamaguchi was the name of the noble clan that Taichi served. The Yamaguchi clan was one of the most powerful clans in northern Japan during the reign of the Kamakura Shogunate. They controlled trade, regulations, and society in the region. The Hayashi clan became one of the three guardian clans of Yamaguchi. They had sworn to submit and obey the orders of the Yamaguchi clan, the Hayashi, who belonged to the warrior clan, could not dispute the oath. "Lord Hayashi," said a servant, calling out to Taichi, who was none other than the leader of the warriors in the Yamaguchi residence. The young man dressed in ash-black hakama turned his head slowly with his hand behind his back. He looked at the servant who was standing with his head bowed. "What's wrong?" asked Taichi, cold and indifferent.
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Chapter 2. Rise of The Lord
"Tobias Archibald?" asked Taichi, who was now called Tobias.He looked at his palms carefully. He was already totally different from Taichi. Now, he had to live a new life, not as Taichi but as Tobias.Occasionally Tobias glanced at the large mirror as tall as an adult. From the mirror, the young man could see his reflection clearly. The only thing he didn't like about Tobias' body was how thin and muscle-less he was.Suddenly the maidservant started running out of Tobias' bedroom. She walked quickly in order to tell the rest of the Archibald family about Tobias' recovery.Tobias got up from the bed and walked towards the window. Both of his hands opened the window's curtains and saw an expanse of green areas in front of the Archibald residence, ranging from gardens, parks, and the agricultural regions, to forests."What kind of world have I come to?" asked Tobias.One by one, the Archibald family members arrived. The first to arrive was a 23-year-old adult woman. She had long hair, f
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Chapter 3. Divine System
***The next day.Tobias was able to walk well after resting all day long yesterday. Tobias took this opportunity to go to the city center of Stratham. He went accompanied by a maid who he assigned to take him to a place.Not a library or a restaurant, but a blacksmith shop. The maid was initially confused, considering Tobias was not good at using physical weapons. However, she carried out the order without denying it.There was only one blacksmith still operating in the whole of Stratham City. He was the supplier of high-quality swords for the soldiers in the region of Atrea -the region that Archibald ruled.The name of the blacksmith shop was Jason Stone, named after the shop owner. Tobias looked at the signboard with the name of the blacksmith shop outside Stratham's business center."Is this the shop?" asked Tobias, raising his head."Yes. This shop supplies high-quality swords to Archibald's noble warriors," said the maid, stopping in her tracks and standing beside Tobias.Tobias
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Chapter 4. Magic Neutralization
Tobias eventually took the other man's katana sword, but he still asked Jason to make him another sword with the best materials he could use. Tobias made it clear that he wanted Jason to put his best strength and skill into making the best katana in the world."Your wish will be carried out well, sir," Jason said, accepting three gold coins in return for his work."I don't know your name yet, am I allowed to know it?" asked Jason.He was behind on such important matters; knowing the name between the seller and the customer was important enough to maintain a good relationship. Tobias smiled as his left hand seemed to be gripping the sword tightly."My name is Tobias, Tobias Archibald," Tobias replied."Archibald? You're from a noble family?" asked Jason, surprised to hear Tobias' last name.It was an honour for him to make a special sword for the Archibald noble family. So that his reputation as a sword maker would not be bad among the nobles, he was determined to make the sword Tobias
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Chapter 5. Proof Of Capability
[Sacred Sword Skill: 24-Rib Piercing]Tobias pointed the tip of his sword blade forward, similar to a fencing technique, in contrast to Giselle, who was already doing her best to withstand Tobias' sword attack.The young man stabbed into Giselle's defensive wall, the first stab was at a slow speed, but it increased until the 24th stab. Tobias' fast hand movements overwhelmed Giselle to the point that she created more than two defence magic to stop Tobias' attacks."What the hell is this power you have, Tobias?" asked Giselle. She, who had been trained in magic, could be pushed into a corner like this just because of Tobias' sword skills.Tobias smiled. The two had practised several times, and Tobias had won almost all of them. It came to the last thrust of his Sacred Sword Skills, the 24th piercing.He drew his sword again and took a short stance. The blade tip was pointed forward, with Tobias' eyes squinting strongly. Giselle, behind her defensive magic wall, saw a white dragon figur
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Chapter 6. Bang In Atrea's Sky
The fight was over. Tobias re-sheathed his sword as he reached out his right hand toward his father, Thompson. Tobias' sword skills were different from the usual sword techniques; one of the powers Tobias possessed was the ability to neutralize any kind of magic.Giselle, Thompson's second child, did not feel sad to see her father lose but was happy as she walked closer to Tobias. She congratulated the young man while praising his sword skills."If you can beat Father, then I'm sure you can beat every magic user in this world," Giselle explained, hugging Tobias' body tightly."What was that?" asked Darwin as he stepped closer to Tobias."It sounds crazy, but the power of Tobias' sword can neutralize any kind of magic," Giselle replied.Hearing this made Darwin and the rest of the Archibald family gasp in shock. There was no record of a swordsman having the power to purify people's magic. The Atrea Border Guard Commander stepped closer to Tobias, he initially doubted the young man's sw
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Chapter 7. Rational Battle
Giselle was the one who led Tobias to the frontier north of Atrea, where the black smoke continued to rise. The two rode on their own mounts through the country dirt roads to reach the location; Tobias hoped the smoke was not caused by the Valcke forces' attack."What are the chances of Valcke's forces attacking Atrea?" asked Tobias, speaking to Giselle."There's a chance they might attack, considering Equestria doesn't have a treaty of truce with them," Giselle replied.Hearing Giselle's explanation made Tobias sceptical. He was already grateful that the smoke was caused by the fire, but even so, Tobias was prepared for the worst.From a distance, Giselle had clearly seen the border between Equestria and Valcke. What she suspected was true, chaos was occurring on the northern border. Dozens of houses were burned down by fire magic attacks from Valcke territory, and not a few villagers were injured by the attacks.Tobias was shocked while still riding his horse. His right hand spontan
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Chapter 8. Ceasefire Agreement
Tobias stopped his mount when he realised something was happening to him. He stopped at a house quite a distance from the two villages attacked by Valcke's troops as border troops passed by with a note for Tobias to be careful."Amu? Who Amu?" the young man asked, confused.[I'm your system. You can ask me anything]The panel continued to appear in front of Tobias, the same shape as the information panel that told him about the Divine System. The similarity made Tobias convinced Amu was part of the divine system."What is Cultivation?" asked Tobias; such terms were completely unknown to Tobias.[Cultivation is a method to extend one's life to the limit of immortality by learning specific techniques]"Techniques? Are Myurajin Moon sword techniques included?" asked Tobias.[Yes. Your Myurajin Mountain Moon sword skill includes techniques to activate basic physical techniques. There are two different paths to gaining immortality; the Basic Physical Technique path or the Basic Qi Gatherin
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Chapter 9. Flame At Night
***The tiredness Tobias felt made him sleep so deeply that he didn't realise it was already eight o'clock at night. He opened his eyes and saw it was already dark outside the window. The room lights had already been turned on by the maid who entered Tobias' room.Sleeping for six hours made the young man's head feel so heavy; his body was even quite sweaty due to the room temperature. His eyes shifted to the wooden table with plates, bowls, glasses, and a kettle.Everything seemed to be neatly enclosed using a flat tool made of glass, except the kettle, which already had its own lid. Tobias sat on the edge of the bed with his right hand, trying to open each dish."They must have served it while I was asleep," Tobias said, seeing that his food and soup were already cold.Tobias tried to taste his food. It was good and savoury, but it only lacked a cold taste on his tongue. While enjoying his meal, Tobias' attention was distracted when he heard the sound of an explosion from outside Ar
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Chapter 10. Battle of Stratham Bridge
As they got closer to the burning area, they heard explosions and cries of pain from the soldiers. It made both of them continue to pace their horses to reach the battle area quickly. "TAKE BACK THAT BRIDGE!" shouted Ronald. He ordered his remaining troops to do their best to retake Stratham Bridge. Ronald did it for a reason: to prevent Valcke's troops from crossing it. Tobias and Giselle finally arrived at the battleground. They saw many border guard troops injured, not minor injuries, more like serious injuries. Tobias pulled out his sword and dismounted, as did Giselle, who attacked with magic power while still sitting on her horse. [Magic Skills: Rain of Fire Spears] Right after casting the magic spell, a red coloured magic circle appeared above the sky where the battle took place. The circle's size was huge, covering all of them. Surprisingly, hundreds of fire spears shot out from the magic circle, striking anyone underneath. Darwin, who fought near Thompson, realised the o
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