Draken World
Draken World
Author: Andrew

In the dead of night, two cloaked men stood in front of the Tundra Prison. One was tall and slender like a branch, and the other, was stocky and wide like tree trunk. A colossal wall of ice that loomed over the clouds, enveloped the horizon, and reflected like a broken mirror. They gazed up at the Tundra Prison, and at the large broken glaciers surrounding them. 

“Did you find anything Encara?” The shorter man asked with deep throaty voice.

Encara pulled his hood back, from his regal and luxurious magenta cloak. His silver hair and eyes shone like the stars, even in the darkness, they juxtaposed with his young dark complexion. 

“Whoever did this is strong, and is also very bad at making traps!” Encara yelled into the dark forest with his juvenile voice.

The pitch black forest rustled with howling winds. A whirling of arcane energy pulsed through the area, and the winds came to a silent halt.

Urkse stood tall as Encara’s pits, he pulled back his velvet black hood. His glossy matte black cloak and long plaited brown beard flapped violently in the winds, as he reached for the leather flask by his side. Urkse readied himself for a battle.

Encara held his hand out with a sinister grin stretching across his face. A wave of dread washed over Urkse, he had seen that look in Encara before. He could sense the bloodlust radiating from him, and knew there was a new nightmare to add to his collection.

Several cloaked figures emerged from the dark forest.

“King of Curses and Blessings, we didn’t think our trap would bring you out.” One of the cloak figures said with his shrill voice. “But this is definitely a blessing in disguise.” He said with a smile peeking out from his hood.

Encara sauntered over to them, a wave of dread suddenly filled their body, drowning them in despair.

The shrill voiced man held his hand out, a grey large magic circle appeared over it, with several overlapping vortexes in between. A tornado shot out from his hand, tearing through the earth, violently cutting through the air, barrelling towards Encara.

He continued to stroll towards them, hands in pockets and wearing a grin from ear to ear. The tornado veered off into the Tundra Prison. They all gazed at the tornado freeze against the Tundra Prison, and be absorbed into the wall of ice.

“Well that means none of you did this. So as a merciful King, tell me who did this, and you’ll die quickly.” Encara declared brimming with confidence.

The cloaked figures looked at Urkse confused, as he pleaded with them to take the offer.

“We refuse.” They said taking fighting stances.

Encara let out an exasperated sigh, rolling his eyes. He snapped his fingers, and a golden cross, with a tinge of turquoise, branded all of them.

They looked around at each other confused, hesitating. “You use Blessing magic on us? You dare mock us even against these odds?” The shrill voice man said irritated.

“You had trouble hitting your magic, I just wanted to help.” Encara said with a smug grin.

One of the cloaked figures took a step back, planting his hand deep into the soil. An emerald magic circle encased the figure, with emerald vines spiralling towards the middle. The soft grassy soil turned to hardened rock, forming the shape of a gigantic serpent, which towered over the mighty forest trees. The rock serpent coiled up and lunged at Encara, suddenly veering back and striking shrill voiced man. His body was instantly crushed into a fine bloody paste, his guts and bones stained the grass.

The cloaked figure took a step back at a loss for words, looking at his hands mortified and shocked. Another cloaked figure held her arm out, drawing a dagger from the tattoo on her skin.

She threw her dagger aiming for Encara’s eyes, only for the dagger to veer off suddenly, and strike her ally in the throat. Encara winced in pain, shuddering and then giggled to himself. The others took a step back, the drowning and crushing feeling of despair, filled their lungs.

“You all seem to have such terrible aim with your magic, even with the blessing of True Strike. You’re all just killing each other.”

Another cloaked figure removed her hood. A crimson magic circle appeared underneath her, numerous fiery lines weaving over each other, engulfed the woman in a shroud of flames. Her aura of flames illuminated the dark night, and Encara held his hands out to warm them. She charged in leaving a trail of fire, with her fist cocked back, ready to avenge her slain allies.

She threw a wild right hook, suddenly coming to a stop, and falling to her knees. She grabbed her right arm, as it slowly started to contort backwards. She screamed out in agony and anguish, as her shoulder ripped out of its socket, and continued to bend backwards.

Urkse winced away, as her screams echoed out, and turned into laboured breathing. Encara knelt beside her, blowing away her fiery aura like a dying candle.

“You’re a pretty little thing, why don’t you tell me who did this?” Encara asked caressing her smooth skin. She scowled at him, hocking a ball of spit at him. Her spit veered off, flying over her shoulder and onto her back.

“Don’t throw another attack, girl.” Urkse whispered to himself, clenching his fists.

She let out a battle cry, and threw a left hook, suddenly stopping before Encara. Her arm frozen in place, she stared at wide-eyed in horror, feeling her arm move backwards again. She writhed and thrashed on the ground, as Encara stepped over her, walking to the others.

They stared on helplessly, hearing her scream once more, as her fist was forced to greet her spine. Each crack of her bones, and the ripping of her muscles made Urkse wince, but he knew the sound of her screams would stay with him.

The others stepped back quickly grouping together, trembling but raising their fists, defiantly.

“Last chance, tell me how you did this, and who is responsible.” Encara ordered, his irresponsible voice now filled with authority and command.

 They were silent and steadfast, Encara begrudgingly nodded, and pursed his lips. He clapped his hands together, as they separated ten amethyst coloured hands reached out, surrounding a turquoise pentagram. It appeared beneath their feet forming a giant ring.

“Decay and Revolt.” Encara said with a deep growl.

The cloaked figures suddenly fell to their knees clutching their guts, and mouth. Foamy blood bubbled out of their mouths and noses. They desperately tried hold their mouths shut, to no avail.

Their bodies bloated and engorged, their skin rotting off their withered muscles, rotten teeth bounced off the soil, and their eyes liquefied. All that remained was a puddle of rotten guts and blood under stained dirty cloaks.

Urkse stood over the wounded woman, barely clinging to life, with bone jutting out from her flesh.

“Tell us who sent you here and I’ll end your suffering.”

“We...are...her...children...We...are...Vasha’s Drakens.” She said weakly.

Encara stood over her. His eyes silver eyes still filled her with despair even on death’s door.

“That wasn’t the question.” He growled.

She began to laugh weakly coughing out blood, and smirked at Encara, blood staining her teeth. “You cannot stop her...King...Vasha will awaken...and...you will all die. No one can quell the storm that is coming.” She declared with conviction.

Encara scoffed shaking his head, and planted his black boot deep into her chest. As she retched from the pain, she threw her head forward, ready to sink her teeth into his leg. She froze shaking her head in terror, feeling her jaw unhinge. She screamed out in terror and anguish, tears flooding her eyes, as her cheeks ripped open, spraying blood. Her head snapped back, touching her spine, and her body fell limp.

Encara shook his head disappointed, as Urkse held his gut, feeling his dinner churning inside. He stood next to Encara, looking away from the massacre.

“Well they weren’t helpful at all.” Encara said, letting out a sigh.

“We will have to keep an eye out for them.” Urkse said concerned.

Encara took a deep breath, and created a magenta magic circle under their feet, in the shape of a six sided lotus. Urkse grabbed Encara’s arm tightly.

“You should save your strength, let me fly us back to the Citadel.” He broke out into a chuckle.

“As much as I relish the idea of riding you, Urkse, I can spare the energy.” They teleported away in a blinding flash of light. A small, hairy, moss green scorpion crawled atop the dead woman’s body.

“The King of Curses and Blessings lives up to his name.” The scorpion said scurrying away.

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