By the time the group got there, the police had already cordoned off the area with yellow tape. In fact, the whole street was blocked off. There were about ten black and whites there plus the lead detective. The first officers on the scene, Officers Jason and Park quickly took pictures of the scene and the outside surrounding area. This was done after the two had completed a walk around the area to see if anyone or perhaps the assailant was around.

The ambulance had been called upon the officers finding out Mark was still breathing, although faintly. It had come and gone by the time the group had arrived, to talk with the police.

Upon their arrival, the band learned of Mark being hurt when Officer Peluso came outside of the building and started talking to Louis.

“We found him lying passed out in the studio. He had a pretty nasty wound. Looked like someone sliced him open. Papers were everywhere. After we searched the studio, we noticed the board was playing but no sound was coming out. There was no tape. What was on the tape?

“It was the new single we were working on,” Louis answered.

“Know anyone who would want your new single?” asked the police officer.

The band answered in unison, “No!”

“Are you sure?” asked Peluso again.

“No.” the band again replied but this time in anger.

“Let me ask you a couple of questions and then I will fill you in on what you are seeing here.” Stated Peluso.

Beginning again, he asked, “Who was in the studio with Mark?”

“We had all left. He was alone.” One of the band members answered him, possibly Louis.

“Were the doors opened when you got here?” asked Peluso.

“No, the doors were locked.” Answered the band member.

“You're not suggesting he did this to himself are you?” one of the guys asked. He wasn't sure which one.

“No, we ruled that out. By the area of where the wound is.” Stated another police officer who came to stand within the group while they were being questioned.

“Next question: How many entrances/exits are in this studio?” asked again Peluso.

“Three.” Answered John.

“Any windows that can open to the outside where someone could get in or out? Asked the other officer.

“The windows in the bathroom. There are two dumpsters outside underneath the window.” Stated Marquis.

“Could the windows be opened from the outside?” asked the second officer.

“Not unless the locks were unlatched. Even so, the window opens inwards only.” Answered Louis.

“Is the…”

Darnell impatiently interrupted Officer Peluso. “I don't mean to be rude, Officer, but can you tell us what happened here and to our manager, Mark.”

Officer Peluso, answered, “The security company answered a silent alarm. But when they got here the building was locked uptight. So, they turned off the alarm. One guy walked around to the parking lot and saw Mark's car in the parking lot. Apparently, he recognized the car, and he knew he was inside. Apparently, he doesn't like being by himself here and normally they check in every so often. But this time, he still didn't answer. They took out their master key for the door. I guess they installed it.

“Yes”, was the simple answer from Marcus.

Continuing Peluso said, “Opened the door and saw a light coming from the slightly ajar door. The two slowly crept down the hallway and saw Mark lying in a widening pool of blood. They immediately called the police and the ambulance.”

This time John interrupted. “Do you know anything about who did this?”

“No.” was Peluso's response.

“What about if anything else was taken?” asked Abdul. No one was sure where he had come from as he hadn’t arrived with them. And no one called him.

“We will let you guys go in after we're done which should be in a couple of minutes.” Stated a third officer who had just finished quietly talking with Officer Peluso.  Smiling at them to reassure them as he walked away, he threw over his shoulder, “Which should be in about a half n hour if you are staying.”

Marcus asked, “What happened to Mark?”

“Your friend was taken slashed from shoulder down at an angle across his back, with a very sharp object.”

After the ambulance checked him over the EMTs’ put him in the ambulance and drove away.

“What hospital?” asked all of the members.

“Robert Wood Johnson.” Answered the second officer.  Continuing on he said, “Peluso will still want to talk with you all.:

As the officer talked, he observed Louis, who after the first few questions he answered didn't say one word.

Louis had smooth skin like a black pearl. He was tall, and gangly, like a basketball player. His voice was a deep baritone and smooth like molasses and just as slow. He always appeared to be a million miles away when you looked at him. But when he looked at you, it was like being pierced with the sharp edge of a knife.

Officer Peluso sized him up and decided he should be the one he talked to about obtaining extra help.

In the meantime, he had to catch who was about to die from curiosity.

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