Ghost Terror

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Ghost Terror

By: M Nur Fadli OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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There was an accident that made a widow have to lose her life. The widow was named Marni. And after her death, she terrorized her village. At first no one thought that the terror came from Marni. However, an 18-year-old teenager named Thomas makes a conclusion that the terror has something to do with Marni's disappearance. That's why he planned to solve that problem. His struggle to unravel the mystery never ends. Until finally, he got many clues that the ghost was really the incarnation of Marni. But, not long after, sad news had to come to him. Where his father died suddenly. It also made him temporarily stop the mission. A few days later, a corpse was found buried in the ground. From the bracelet she was wearing, it clearly showed that the corpse was Marni. Thomas thought that Marni would no longer haunt his village. But the estimate was wrong. Every night there are still disturbances from the ghost. He did the investigation again. And at the end, he gets a hint from a letter written by his father before he died. That it was his father who had accidentally bumped into Marni and buried her in that place. Because of that he also conveyed an apology from his father to Marni. But somehow, it did not make the terror disappear. A few days later, a villager was found horribly dead. A few days later, another person was also found dead in almost the same condition. It was later discovered that the two people who died horribly were people who had acted pervertedly to Marni. Marni, who finds out that she is pregnant, decides to commit suicide. However, before that happened, she was killed by a car driven by his father Thomas.

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23 chapters
The Beginning
Brakk! A loud sound was heard so echoed along with the sound of the car's engine. There, a human body was bounce a few meters away accompanied by a groan of agonizing pain. A man who was driving the car seemed shocked by what had just happened. His breath sounded erratic. He had bumped into someone who didn't know who it was. As a result, he was very frightened by what happened to that person. With what little courage he had, he forced his feet to step out of the car. He approached a woman who was now lying limp with a voice that was no longer heard. The man's heart was made to beat much faster than usual. Every step is a doubt. His hands trembled as he brushed the hair that covered her face. "M-Marni," he said shakily. He could barely keep himself upright. Apparently it was a woman he recognized. His hands trembled again at he checked the woman's pulse. "Impossible," he said. His face showed that he was very scared. He slowly backed away from there. He couldn't believe that he
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The incident at Mr. Aryo's house
Just focused on his work, the voice reappeared. His heart was beating wildly. He had thought of something bad about the knocker. But his curiosity overcame his fear. In the end he chose to open the door. With very careful steps, he headed straight for it. The first thing he did before opening the door was to look at it from the window. But, it was not helpful enough to see who was now standing at the door. No matter what will happen, Aryo decides to open the door. He slowly pulled the doorknob and finally saw who had come to visit. "Revelation. Who do I think. Why come here at night?" asked Aryo. "Why is Mr. Aryo panicking like that?" asked Wahyu. "No. It's okay," said Aryo. "Hmm. I just want to ask for water, Sir. Hehehe. I'm thirsty around the village," he said. "Oh. I'll take a minute," said Aryo. Confused, that's how Aryo feels right now. A question arose in his heart. Was it Wahyu who knocked on the door earlier? But if it's Wahyu, what's the benefit for him? Aryo threw
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Creepy Woman at Aryo's House
The people were silent. They don't have any reason to substantiate the allegation that Marni is at Aryo's house. The evidence is absolutely clear. When the search was carried out, Marni was not there. One thing finally came to a conclusion. That Wahyu was just mistaken."So don't make accusations! I have a wife who I love very much and have children. It's impossible for me to be attracted to other women. If I was really interested in Marni, I would have always tried to get her. But I'm not the least bit attracted to her. So don't accuse!" said Aryo at length. He was also annoyed by the accusations that people had leveled at him. "Yes, Mr. Aryo. We apologize. Maybe we just saw it wrong," said one of them. "Then we say goodbye first," said another. Aryo tried to smile even though it was difficult. He nodded and let the five men out of the house. It's been a really exciting night for him. Tonight, he was accused of bringing Marni into his house. "Nothing," said Aryo as he closed the
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Thomas and Friends
The ghost disappeared just as his wife woke up and asked about what had happened. Aryo did not immediately answer. He took a deep breath and regained his composure. After he calmed down, then he answered questions from his wife. "It's okay. Just a bad dream," he lied. "Oh. What dream did you have to scream like that?" asked his wife, chuckling. "It's a nightmare anyway. Well, you sleep there. Don't let our child wake up to hear our conversation," said Aryo. The woman nodded in understanding. Tonight Aryo was really scared. He tried to sleep with his face buried in the pillow. His whole body was covered with a blanket. At least in that way, he could calm his fear a little from what had just happened. *** The next day, there was a lot of talk about the appearance of a very scary female ghost. It turned out that it was not only Aryo who saw it, but also almost the entire village. "Last night my husband saw a ghost." "Wait! The ghost is a girl? Wearing a white dress? Long hair? He
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Aunt Intan or who?
"Exactly," said Sandy. "Hahaha ... Just kidding. I asked Mr. Mamat, not stealing," he continued. Everyone could finally breathe a sigh of relief. It was natural for them to be worried. Previously there had been an incident of banana theft in the garden. The thief was someone from another village. Surprisingly, the thief even returned the bananas he had stolen to Mr. Mamat. He said he could not be terrorized by a ghost wrapper. Until now, no one knows whether the ghost figure is indeed Mr. Mamat's pet whom he ordered to guard his garden or just a ghost who happens to inhabit the area. It's a mystery that hasn't been solved yet, but it's not really that important either. "Instead of staying silent, let's talk about something," said Sendy. "What story?" asked Miya. "In accordance with what is viral in this village," said Sendy. "Don't be kidding me. What if I don't dare to go home?" Mia asked. "You can stay here too. Hahaha." "That's fine. As long as you sleep outside," Miya said
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Creepy incident
At that moment, the light suddenly flashed again accompanied by a very annoying laugh. Apparently, the voice came from his friends who deliberately wanted to prank him. "You're bad," said Thomas. The others laughed, while Sendy was seen walking towards everyone. "You think it's funny? What if I suddenly had a heart attack?" said Thomas again. "You will surely die. Just bury it," said Sendy casually. Thomas just snorted. He then sat down with them again. Of course, with a sense of angry that can't go away. What his friends were doing right now was truly unforgivable. The problem was, he had just found out that he was in the same room with a haunting ghost, and what's worse is that his friends made that fear even worse. "Hahaha. You're a cowward," mocked Sendy. "Not afraid. Just surprised," said Thomas. "Oh yes, what is your mother cooking? I called before and there was no response. I asked her and she didn't care," said Thomas again. "My mom?" There was something odd about Sen
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Back to The Scene
"Whoa ... Ghost!" shouted Rio.Without caring about Thomas, he quickly ran from that place. Meanwhile, Thomas was still glued to his spot. His body stiffened as if he was frozen. In front of him, the figure of a woman with a shattered face and covered in blood was perfectly visible.His hand that was still faithfully holding the motorcycle was getting weaker and weaker. His fear grew as the ghostly figure grinned as it slowly approached him. He had no choice but to run. However, his body had given a very vexing refusal."Hihihihi."The laughter sounded terrifying to his ears. He kept trying to move his body. And in the end he did. Not caring about the condition of the motorcycle, he immediately ran away from there.While running, he didn't even dare to look back. Until the time came when he saw someone in front of him. Someone who looks exhausted. He is Rio."Rio," he called from a distance. Rio turned around.Out of breath, Thomas struggled to speak. His face looked very panicked. Li
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Strangeness at Night
while pointing, his left hand seemed to be shaking violently. Rio was also unable to contain his curiosity. He then looked in the direction Thomas was pointing. And how surprised he was when he saw the figure of a woman in a white dress sitting on a motorcycle driven by Thomas's father. "It's like the ghost earlier, Thomas," said Rio scared. "Why did that ghost follow my father?" Thomas asked in a stuttering voice. "How do I know," replied Rio. Thomas was in a confused position. Between being afraid and not wanting to let the ghost harm his father. Now his position is several tens of meters away from his father's motorcycle position. But the fear and horror he could not prevent from happening. "Thomas, that ghost facing this way, Thomas," Rio said while patting Thomas on the shoulder. A shattered and bloody face was presented right in front of Thomas's eyes. His mouth was unable to utter a word. While staying focused on driving, he tried to bring up his courage again. The ghost
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Ghost in Thomas's House
Rio almost screamed in fright. The touch was really felt on his feet. Like hand without flesh or skin, or it can be called just the bones. Coupled with sharp nails that add to the horror. Rio was still silent while trying to shake off his fear. He realized that he was not alone. There was Thomas sleeping beside him. So, there was no reason for him to be afraid. He tried to close his body to Thomas. With his eyes closed, he tried to move his hand to touch Thomas' body. But strangely, Thomas's position seemed not to be lying, but sitting. No, that's not the only oddity. The moment he touched the hand, all he felt was that it was nothing but bones.Don't know where he got the courage from. Suddenly he opened his eyes. Immediately, he saw something very scary in front of him. A woman with a very scary face was sitting beside him grinning at him. Thomas wasn't there either. I don't know where he went. "Ghost!" he screamed. As soon as possible, he jumped and left the room. In front of t
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Rio's story
"What's that?" he asked himself. Afraid? Of course. He remembered his dream last night. The only thing he thought about the sound of the falling object was a ghost. Yes, a very scary female ghost. Her face was crushed and also covered in blood, and her dreadfully long dreadlocks. Honestly, she was really scared. But, it's already morning. It's not as dark as last night. That's why he decided to check it out. He slowly walked towards the source of the sound. Looks like it's from the kitchen. That's what he was thinking right now. With all the courage he had, he continued walking towards the kitchen. He sneaks around like a thief. And does anyone know what he saw in the kitchen? It turned out that what he saw was the figure of a young woman he knew as Thomas's mother. But wait! About last night's dream, didn't the ghost of the woman also disguise herself as Thomas's mother? "Aunty, what was that sound?" he asked. He ventured to ask. Regardless of whether the woman is a ghost or a re
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