Whyte Empires

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Whyte Empires

By: Riaac OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Ashton Whyte - a notorious bad boy. Playboy socialite by day, Ruthless gang leader by night. Payton Rivers- A typical girl.. or is she? Payton has a secret.. or two, secrets that are well kept until Ashton crosses her path. Between sorting through murders, scandals and a mystery or two, will these two lovebirds ever get a break?

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  • Riaac


    5/5 well written, suspenseful with the right amount of spice!

    2022-12-08 09:17:25
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Chapter 1
Ashtons POV "Bye Ashley" i smirked, slamming the mahogany front door shut before the tiny blonde could turn around to protest. I didn't give a shit about her, fuck I didn't even know if her name was Ashley if i was being honest. She was just another nightly hook up in my long list of contacts to put it nicely .... then again remorse and guilt didn't affect me like it would other people. I used people and things to my advantage and when i was done with it, i dropped it faster then you could say hot, to me Ashley was just another girl, just another conquest. I chuckled slightly turning back at the sight of my bedroom all torn up, flashbacks of the previous night foggy in my head. I must of drank too much again Shrugging carelessly, I rummaged through some drawers before getting dressed in black ripped jeans and and a grey pull over hoodie. My head was pounding with a dull pain as i idlily shoved my head through the sweater. why did i even bother getting up? Groaning and gr
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Chapter 2
Ashton POVLater that night I stepped down the stained concrete stairs to an illegal underground ring, winking as a brassy blonde ring girl checked me out shamelessly in passing."Women were too easy."Plastering on a dispassionate mask I walked further into the dark and dingy fighting arena, scanning the room for undercover police and informants or anyone who may recognize me.I had to keep a low profile, if the club owners found out their enemy was within their walls ...I'd be dead in moments and it wouldn't matter who else they took out along side me."My fathers words rung in my ears from this mornings emergency meeting. The Russian gang HD6 were stealing our turf and setting up an underground fight club operation right by one of our biggest weapons warehouses. Infiltrating our clientele."Yet again another headache my father left me to deal with."I'm gonna need to consider disposing of him soon, his antics were getting old and he was becoming sloppy with his work".Eyeing the
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Chapter 3
Matthew Black's POV:Heading away from the brunette beauty i flicked open my phone."Yo Ashton, we might have a situation. Its about the Rivers deal, meet me out back.""Fuck sakes" a deep voice hissed on the other side before disconnecting his line.Marching towards the tree line i pulled out a smoke and lit it "Rivers huh?...this could end up bad... or it could be a strange coincidence"Snorting i shook that thought from my head knowing damn well there was no such thing as a coincidence only well planned manipulations or down right bad luck.My mind kept going back to the little brunette with blazing blue eyes and plump lips. What kind of trouble would she stir up being here? Is she possibly related to James?"What the fuck is it dude?" Ashtons shouts out as he storms towards me meeting under the mix of pine trees. "Jeez who pissed in your fruit loops this morning" i asked raising an eye brow at his shitty mood."Some bitch mouthed me off in the hallway this morning, making me look
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Chapter 4
Paytons POVWho ever came up with my schedule was going to hell... who schedules someone kick boxing first thing in the morning? and a Co-ed Kick boxing training class at that!I wasn't scared of sweating in front of some guys, hell i'd dare them to say something to me especially before I've had a coffee. I hated mornings and i knew after my run in earlier this morning with that asshole, i was gonna be the new topic on campus.So much for laying lowPushing open the door to the girls locker room, a clusters of girls giggled and gossiped about anything and everything, evening mentioning me once or twice under their breath before my glare shut them up. Rolling my eyes i moved to the back of the room, flinging my duffle bag onto a bench and quickly stripping out of my clothes. "If there was anything i hated more than being the new kid it was a bunch of gossiping barbies.""Hey your the new girl who stood up to Ashton Whyte right?" A curious voice questioned behind me.Rolling my eyes
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Chapter 5
Paytons POVi didn't even bother changing out of my gym clothes, I grabbed my duffle bag from the locker room and high tailed it out of there. I could care less if i got in trouble for skipping the rest of my classes, i lived on my own anyways, nobody would even notice.As i wandered down the hall to the parking lot. I was scared of the look Ashton gave me, the intense suspicion in his brown eyes. He was observant and calculating, He knew something was up and he would be relentless until he figured it out. I couldn't let anyone figure out my secret. I almost let out a breath of relief once i stepped outside into the sunlight until i seen Ashtons Broad form inspecting my bike.God he was sexy as hell.I walked up to him, my heart rate rising realizing that i had left the gym before him. How did he make it outside before me?"This is a Nice bike, although i doubt its yours, there is no way you can ride this thing" he commented his back still to me as i neared. I froze unsure of what
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Chapter 6
Ashtons POVA smug grin creeped across my face as i raced down the freeway, Payton close behind me. The blaring music drowning out the sound of passing traffic. I merged lanes between cars recklessly trying to keep ahead of the black bike and its attractive rider. Eventually i was forced to slow down, reaching the end of my stunt driving rope, two cab drivers going the same speed in both lanes were currently refraining me from staying ahead of my little game. Looking out my rear view mirror, my smirk dropped into astonishment at what i was seeing. Payton lifted her bike up onto a wheelie, down the freeway, giving me the finger before zooming between the two cabs down the dotted yellow line and pulling out ahead of me... my triumphant grin was wiped right off my face leaving me dumbfounded. This girl didn't cease to amaze me.Finally the yellow cab in front of me pulled away. Taking my chance i slammed my car into second gear gaining ground on Payton. I was enthralled with the way
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Chapter 7
Ashtons POVPayton flung herself at me in anger, the need to hit something.. or someone had clearly been building up all morning. I knew the exact feeling hence why i opened the gym while my father had gone ghost. Payton and i rollicked back and forth, kicking, punching and dodging. we danced a vicious cycle, aiming to hit every inch of unprotected skin she could get at while i stayed in the defense. Panting in exhaustion, I reached out to tap her open jaw side earning me a swift kick the the ribs. Doubling over in exasperation i reached out catching her small fists and pulled towards me firmly. A shiver of anticipation rolled down my spine in pleasure, her tiny frame fitting perfectly against my body, our heavy breathing ringing through the silent room. The mood shifting from frustration to something remotely sexual. What was this girl doing to me?"See princess i knew you were a fighter" i whispered teasingly in my ear. Feeling her shiver against me. Shaking off the thick sensual
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Chapter 8
Payton POVTo say i was upset wasn't exactly the right choice of words.. i was sick of Ashton acting all high and mighty. Someone had to knock him off his high horse.And it was going to be me. I was currently back at the underground, getting into the ring for my next fight. After i left the gym angrily, my underground scheduler called up asking if i wanted to make some extra cash tonight. Still feeling itchy with the need to draw blood i quickly agreed.What is wrong with me. I shook my head in disgust i was becoming no better then an addict when it came to fighting.I turned my attention back to my opponent who was new to this ring, so lets give him a warm welcoming and see how well he handles getting his ass handed to him tonight.I put in my coloured contracts and threw my straightened hair into tight braids. I wasn't stupid, i knew how dangerous fighting in an illegal ring could be, but this was the only way i could make quick easy money.. without selling drugs or my body at l
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Chapter 9
Ashtons POVAfter Payton stormed out i headed back out to the public arena."Hey Ashy" a small voice screeched.Cringing i turned to face the small blonde from this morning."Ashley" i nodded"Oh um my names actually.." she went to explain but honestly i didn't care, this chick was annoying me and the only girl infiltrating my mind was Payton.Why did i even care?"Look I honestly don't care what your name is" I interrupted her before turning away and heading into my office. I didn't make it a habit to sleep with the same girl twice. I was a rich and dangerous man, I couldn't allow someone to be a target because of me again.I picked up my phone and dialled Matthew.The phone rang twice before Matthew picked it up "Hey i need you to find out what time the fights are at the underground tonight." "Okay sounds good boss, did you find out anything on Rivers?" He asked."Yea shes a fighter at the underground, which means if there's a fight tonight she will most likely be there" i explai
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Chapter 10
Paytons POV I felt weighed down, like my body was made of of lead, but why was this damn light shining so brightly in my eyes? Groaning with exhaustion, i just laid there conscious with my eyes closed listening to the sounds around me. Besides the occasional beeping of a heart monitor, Soft murmurs came from across the room. The frantic muttering sounded worrisome only aiding to my never ending curiosity.Prying my burning eyes open I blinked the eye sand away and slowly regained focus as the bright sun continued to skew my vision. Once i could see clearly i slowly shifted my stiff body to sit up right against the pillows, inhaling as a sharp pain shot up from my waist. Oh Right i got stabbed. I recalled the vivid memory right up to the moment i blacked out from the blood loss; everything after that was lost to me. Lifting the cozy black duvet up i sighed in relief. i was still wearing my black sports bra but a pair of baggy grey sweatpants now replaced the leggings i was w
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