Layla Randolph

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Layla Randolph

By: O. T. Ayomide. OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Annually, the Randolph family never fails to gather together at the Randolph mansion to celebrate Christmas but this year something feels different. Pa Santos Randolph the third decided to be absent, he says he has some business meeting. Layla dies at the dinner table on Christmas day just before she wanted to share something important. She ate the same food as everyone, she drank the same thing but then she is the only victim. All the remaining thirteen members are suspects but who is the Culprit? Her father wanted her dead, so did the rest of the family, they all had reasons to kill her, they all had grudges too but who killed her? Her elder sister who is jealous of how her sister is loved and cared for? or is it her step mother who Layla had caught cheating? or is it her fiancee who is just a gold digger? It gets heated as she dies on Christmas day, The investigations started and everyone is a key suspect, who killed her? The clues are everywhere. Or was it suicide as she is aware her fiancee is a gold digger? or is she scared that she will get killed with the secret that she knows? Why wasn't her grandfather at the table? Why did her grandfather give her the heirloom and not her elder sister? Why did her step mother cheat? Who else has a grudge on Layla? Was she protecting anyone? So many questions arise and everyone is a suspect, let's find out Who Killed Layla?

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Layla is pregnant?
Chapter 1. Preview"She can't find out about us, she is gullible but you? You are just perfect, why didn't i- meet you before her?" Lucas says in a low tone, he pauses at some point, he is talking to Lisa as he uses his fingers to trace the side of her face, his baritone voice does something to her, his hands moves to her neck as he chokes her, he winks at her. Lisa whose back is against the wall, her eyes fixed on his, gulping hard as she knew what would happen. "At least you met me and trust me we will have the time in the world when she is out of the picture" Lisa says softly as she hugs Lucas while stroking him too, she leans in for a kiss. The kiss noises were very evident and loud. "This" He says, drawing the word as he raises his eyebrows, looking Lisa in the eye. "As I was saying this is the recording that we found, this happened in the hallway close to the wine pantry the last floor, exactly around seven fifteen in the evening, an hour before dinner, we heard La
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The secret?
Chapter 2She closes her diary, and locks in back in its place, she returns back to the bed, Her smile hasn't disappeared yet, she picks up her from the charging port and removes it, in haste she dials up Lucas's number, moving like child and swirling all around, she lands on her bed facing downwards and her legs upwards. “Hello my darling, how are you today?” Layla said excitedly over the phone, turning and sitting at the edge of the bed, swaying them to show her happines. "I’m good, what about you?" She says as she draws each word. "You sound so excited, what’s going on over there?” he asks innocently. “What? can’t I be happy if I’m talking to the love of my life? Or is there now a rule against that?” She questioned him with a grin, her face lit and her sparkling white teeth were dazzling as she couldn’t control her smile. Just when everything was starting to get intense and stressful, she’s finally eased by the simple action of her father accepting Lucas. “There’s no rule again
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Layla is dead
Chapter 3“Layla! Layla!! Layla!” Douglas yelled her name as he shook her lifeless body, he sat with her in the back seat of his brand new Audi A2 2023 model, he calls it his future ride after getting it a few weeks back. Lucas was distracted and couldn’t drive straight. It is Christmas, the major parts of the city are decorated with several lights and giant Christmas trees planted in the road rides, the sight is beautiful as quiet Christmas songs were played in the background of every home. The streets is flooded with various children, adults, even pets playing in the snow and enjoying the Christmas spirit. Fireworks and light shows beautified the skies, the Christmas spirit is high in the city of Houston. While majority of the city are having the time of their lives, Douglas Randolph’s entire dream was lying helplessly in the back of his vehicle and all he could do was scream her name. Clumsy Lucas is overwhelmed with fear and tries so hard to avoid hitting anyone while rushin
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Who did it?
Chapter 4 The next day. Around seven am in the morning, the birds are chirping, the warm aroma of creamy pasta filled with shrimps filled the house, Belle the chef made sure it would make everyone wake up, but then this is Layla's favorite food. Douglas didn't sleep a wink at all, the thought of his daughter couldn't let him. Boxing Day is quite out of the ordinary for the Randolph’s; multiple gift boxes resting on the beautifully decorated Christmas tree standing right beside the massive television set in the large living room. The whole family is sitted in a half circle towards the TV. As if they were all waiting for some good news, they are awaiting Douglas’ presence since he is the most affected by Layla’s death, even though Lisa is also there she knew Layla had always been her father’s little jewel, the apple of his eyes! Footsteps were heard descending the grand staircase, Lisa is the first to look hoping it would be Douglas, the rest of the family quickly looks in the d
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