Chapter 157: Friendship alliance

I tried looking in all streets of the city and still failed to find the where of Falfa. Where did that girl go anyway? Having trouble looking for her I find out that I’m lacking something from her. I didn’t know much about her at all. Knowing her would be a great help in searching.

The clock is about to strike 2-chome.

I decided to go straight to the town hall to attend the meeting. Opening the door of Dia’s office multiple people is already present. People like Velrum, Hikari, Roze, Ruti, and guess that I didn’t know.

The guest wears all green clothing and pointy shoe. He has a very youthful face and a calm demeanor around him. He must be a chill guy.

“She’s not here.”

I said after I wheel my head around.

“You’re already here, Retto. You look exhausted where did you go?”

Asked Dia who walked toward me and offer some orange juice. I take the glass of juice and took a sip and answered.

“I was looking for Falfa… I heard from Ivy that she suppose to be here with us in the meeting.”

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