Dungeon of Zero

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Dungeon of Zero

By: Harusaki CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Inspired by the hero stories. Retto decided to become a knight and someday acquire the title of hero after defeating the demon king. While working hard he fell in love with a cheerful girl named Yunis. Yunis represents every color in Retto's world. The two fell in love with each other. Until the tragedy happened in their mission. Yunis was taken by the demon king Ennel. Retto was killed but mysteriously found himself in a dungeon. A dungeon is unknown to anyone. In a dungeon, only people chosen by the dungeon can enter. Retto's journey of finding a way out in the insane dungeon to save Yunis started.

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  • Zerozero channel


    Interesting. the story is kinda serious unlike many fantasy genre. Retto's confusion and broken ambition was sometime I didnt saw coming. the protagonist is mostly empty, but when he found Falfa he started to have a new light of hope to continue living.

    2023-05-09 01:27:51
  • Light Anime


    your stories are good,but it's kinda of funny how you keep commenting on your work.you remind me of me.

    2022-11-08 20:10:07
  • Harusaki


    This novel is great and has a very unusual plot and elements in fantasy genre.

    2022-03-31 23:42:42
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259 chapters
Chapter 1: A promised place for you and me
White Flowers. Blood tainted flowers. Burning humans. Red lake. Marching giants. Dinosaur stuff toy. Hand drenched with blood. And... Lastly... "See you later, Retto..." The young boy woke up, his eyes widen in shock. He immediately make a deep breath and gets up. He looked around looking confused. "What are you doing Retto? Do you have a bad dream?" "I can't remember." Turning his glance on his hand. Droplets of tears came falling from his eyes. ... A hero with his shining sword defeats the demon king. Saving the people from endless nightmares. Heroes are powerful. With his strength, the world can be changed. So cool! Fascinated while reading a book. I made a big smile. It was already late at night but these wonderful stories keep my eyes awake. The picture on the hero stories always makes my eyes glimmer in excitement. Hero is a title bestowed to the person who saved a kingdom. "Someday with my sword, I will save our country." I was innocent and young when I made
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Chapter 2: Optimistic future
“This is the most important mission the knight of the order will do for many years. After the discovery of the demon king's dungeon. The king already permits us to launch an attack. Many years have passed, we feared the existence of the demon king. People have died. Women and children are no exception to his evil. Now the knights will rise and took the demon king's head. And continue the legacy of the first hero who save the world hundred years ago.”Knights of order grandmaster said in front of hundreds of knights listening to him.Including our squad standing proud.“This is the time to take his head.”Commander Bladedarts muttered in a slightly angered expression. Having the same expression as Commander. Zeff clenches his fist to the point his hands bleed blood.“Heal!”Our healer named Maylene cast a healing spell on Zeff's hands.“Don’t let your anger swallow you. That’s what
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Chapter 3: Falling to Nothingness
Knights of Order with their squads invade the demon king's dungeon. In all possible entrances, the knights entered creating devastating damage to the dungeon. The knight commander of the second squad and the third squad. Used their magic and killed every demon minion guarding the demon king's castle with their might. “Absolute Snow Avalanche!” “Flaming roar!” Chaos and cries were heard from the demons who were directly hit by the magic attack. The sixth squad specialized in attack magic. Started their chant from a decent distance from the dungeon. From the right side of the dungeon. The fire explosion magic resulted in destroying the walls and the demons inside. “That’s dangerous… How about the knights inside the dungeon?” Zeff said to Commander Bladedarts. “It’s fine. The right side was given to the Sixth and seventh squads. Looks like they planned to destroy and annihilated the place first before the seventh squad entered the dungeon.” “That’s a great plan because the demons
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Chapter 4: Making friends
"Just looking at them makes chills run down my spine. It's your first time seeing one so I won't blame you. For now, you should eat and have energy. I have to go..." Glenn said and get bread in his bag. He tosses one toward me and he gets one for himself. He seated on the big rock and started eating. I stared at the bread and sniff it. "There's no poison on it... I won't poison a fellow human." "I'm sorry for my behavior earlier... I was confused. Many terrible things happened today." I apologize with my head lowered to the ground. "It's the same as me... I understand you, the first time I woke up in this dungeon. I was at loss. I don't even know what I'm going to do... Your reaction is just normal..." Glenn looks so calm and ignored my action earlier. He acted cool on it and started chatting with me. "... What's your name?" "My name..." "Introduction... Since we're already talking to each other. Let's call each other by our names. It's easier that way. It is a great way to b
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Chapter 5: Extraterrestrials
"I thought they are harmless! That one is surely trying to kill us." "I'm only referring to the giants. That serpent is another creature. The Splitjaw Serpent is a giant, elongated, legless, carnivorous, scarlet red reptile of the serpent species. It's supposed to live in a higher area. I wonder what's happening?" Glenn explained. I turned my head back and saw the Splitjaw Serpent chasing us. It's open its jaws widely. Light particles were collected on its mouth in form of an orb. Followed by that it throws a laser beam that pierced the surrounding. The rocks were melted into lava in instant. "Such power..." "It's not the time to be impressed... We need to do something." "You're an immortal right? Why you're running like your life was at stake?" "Are you stupid or what?" He answered my question with another question. Glenn then continued while looking his fixed gaze at the serpent.
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Chapter 6: Divine Relic
Incredible... I took that laser beam but I don't feel any pain. This is the power of the divine relic. The tools used by the heroes to take out the demon king. The Spithead serpents around me turned their countless eyes on me. They turned their neck around the surrounding. Seems like they didn't notice that I'm inside the armor. The full-body armor makes me unrecognizable. I turned my glance on my arm. A black steel full body armor. It does resemble anything I wear when I was a knight. This armor looks extremely different and advance. "What are you waiting for Retto? The divine relic already chose you. All you need to do is use the relic's power and destroy those creatures away from us." I got lost in the excitement. But Glenn was right, I have to defeat these monsters in front of me. I kick the ground and charge at full speed. Toward the serpents. My body didn't react the way I wanted. Leading my body to fly at an extreme spee
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Chapter 7: The Witch of the dungeon
Finding the white girl laying in that thick moss. Her expression is someone whose in ecstasy. She is smiling while her eyes closed down and her mouth opened drooling. On her hand was a single mushroom. By appearance, she seems like a girl in her teens. She looks slender and pretty. While she is laying down on the ground. I can’t help to look down at her porcelain flawless legs. I shook my head and look on the other way. This is a sin to Yunis. I already have the girl I love. It's unnecessary to think about erotic stuff to other girls. While we are looking at her. She opened her eyes slowly and saw us looking at her. She immediately snapped out of it and screamed: “Perverts! Perverts! Two-man is planning to rape me!” She screamed and stood up from the ground and made distance away from us. I kinda understand this sequence because There is a time Yunis labeled me the same way. There is a time I accidentally opened the bathroom an
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Chapter 8: Invitation
An unnatural feeling surges through my spine. I have the feeling of continuing will only lead to astray. At the same time, I don’t have any option to chose.Going back and retreating is not something a knight would do. Even heroes won’t do anything like foolishly retreating in front of an evil presence.This Witch leak killing intent already after hearing Glenn being a black mage.The killing intent I sense is off the charts. The bloodlust is more powerful than the demon king.Currently, I’m hesitating to make even a single step from my position. I turned my head on my back. Clenching my fist and gritted my teeth while feeling helpless.The frightening feeling of near-death experience still engraves on my head. The traumatizing experience on the demon king castle and the disastrous power of extraterrestrials. After achieving the power of a divine relic. My survival rate in this dungeon was still slim to zero.“Glenn&h
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Chapter 9: Training
After Elaina joining our team. Elaina decided to bring us to the eighth stratum of the dungeon. The way we took is dangerous because of the darkness and extraterrestrials living in the sixth stratum. (Sixth stratum name: Dark purgatory.)Beside Spithead serpent, we also face Eight legged Mudfish, Twin long Rods, Worm beast,s and more. We avoid extraterrestrials as much as possible, but there were times that we need t fight our survival.Elaina was power up to the team. We manage to defeat Extraterrestrials easily with her on our team.Unlike monsters in the real world. Extraterrestrials don’t have rankings. But there are weak extraterrestrials and also the strong ones like Spit head serpent. It took 168 hours or about a  week in the real world before we reach the cave leading to a lower level.While I’m fighting the extraterrestrials in Sixth with my sword. I realized something I need to do before I’m able to defeat the dem
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Chapter 10: Just like good people, evil people exist
My battle with Extratestrials in the ninth stratum concluded I traveled the route back, tracing distant memories in my head. At long last, the light of the exit came into sight, and I heaved a sigh of relief. Because of the absence of sunlight. My sense of time is ruined. The only thing that kept me on track with time was the watch given by Glenn. Looking at it, it was pointing at exactly 6:00 PM. I’m shocked at how much time has passed and hurried myself going home. I promised Glenn and Elaina to meet with them before 6:00 PM. “I didn’t notice the time at all.” Running rapidly. I suddenly stopped when a group of extraterrestrials appeared in front of me. I stare around and noticed their gleaming aqua-blue eye’s looking at me. Has a humanoid body, four arms close together, and ahead of a fish. Around me, there are about twenty of them in total. Ever since I started my training in this dungeon. This dungeon never failed to shock me with the variety of creatures living in this place
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