Chapter 193: Slime slime slime

Later that night, Falfa and Retto go to the said restaurant. Big surprise, the restaurant is quite fancy for something that could be found in the middle of nowhere. The dining hall was big and had a high ceiling. Several people are eating at the restaurant, which makes Retto and Falfa a bit confused because they think that only a few people live in this town.

Standing at the entrance, Falfa and Retto were petrified. Both of them didn’t know how to approach the other normally. Normally, other people approach them because they have saved someone or done something for others. But this is different. Having a normal conversation and greeting strangers is completely different from what Retto and Falfa know.

The two comics stay still in the front until someone entered the restaurant.

“What are you two doing at the door, keep moving?”

A scary man with a giant scar on his face said and then turned his glance to Falfa. Without hesitation, he put his arms on Falfa’s shoulder and forcefully pulle
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