[ETOEB1//70//] The Vaults of Dunara: A Dead End

Chapter 70

The Vaults of Dunara: A Dead End

Carter's POV:

"Why don't we split up? We can find the secret vault fast if we split together." suggested Lyzzan.

"Wait, W-what? No! We can't. How can we protect each other if we separate !?" I asked out of confusion.

"Well, I think it's a great Idea to split up. I agree with Lyz." Lylan replied.

"Are you kidding me?! We need each other alive. Don't you get what I'm saying?!" I complained.

"Okay, so you, Krystelle and Amarra should go in this path, while Lyzzan and I will take this path. Deal?"  Lylan proposed an Idea.

"What deal?! Are you even guys listening to me?!" My voice went up and because of that the echoes of mine that were bouncing around the room made the ceiling from the cave to shake.

Only a small portion and chunks of ice spikes and calcites to fell down to us so it wouldn't be much enough to hurt us.

And guess what? I finally got their attention out of

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