Equipped: Armory of Legends

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Equipped: Armory of Legends

By: IPNH OngoingSystem

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Park Jae Sung a prodigy of effort and care for the people he loved the most. But, he still lost everything. After 10 years of hard work, he manage to rise up from he ashes. With his self created companion by his side anything can be accomplished. Still, fate is not always as it seems. "Huh? A gift? Armory of Legends?" [Yes. Master will be able to summon legendary weapons from earth to Etterra, enhance by the world energy.] [Excalibur, Ruyi Jingu Bang, Mjolnir, Poseidon's trident and many more. Master can equip them.] Join in the journey through the world of Etterra and see what happens when a prodigy and his companion crushes through it all.

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65 chapters
Levels: Star Stage 1 Star = 100 mana 2 Star = 200 mana 3 Star = 300 mana ….. 10 Star = 1000 mana (MAX) (bottleneck) Moon Stage New Moon = 1001 - 1999 mana Crescent Moon = 2000 – 2999 mana Half Moon = 3000 – 3999 mana Convex Moon = 4000 – 4999 mana Full Moon = 5000 – 10000 (MAX) (bottleneck) Sun Stage 1 Sun Power = 10001 – 19999 mana 2 Sun Power = 20000 – 29999 mana 3 Sun power = 30000 – 39999 mana 4 Sun Power = 40000 – 49999 mana 5 Sun Power = >50000 mana *Sun Stage is not complete; Meaning there will be more added if needs be. *Too mages, amount of mana is everything. It allows them to cast weak or powerful spell depend on their mana they put into the spell. The more mana the more powerful the spell is. *As one increases their mana, they can also increase their physical capabilities by a moderate margin. *Feature ‘Reality into Numbers’ precisely judge a target current stat. If a New Moon stage had stronger stats than a Convex Moon stage is because of the differe
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Chapter 1: Prologue to Etterra
Year 2085, 2 more weeks until the New Years. Families are preparing for Christmas including the people of South Korea are peacefully and happily enjoying their daily lives. Suddenly, a missile flew across the skies of Seoul. A huge explosion can be seen from kilometres away occur in Incheon. This marks a tragic beginning to South Korea’s new year. The South Korean government give the report to the media that North Korean dictator Kim Jung Ho, is ‘testing’ their new psionic missile is the cause of the Incheon tragedy to the press. Psionic energy is created in 2062 by a mysterious scientist, called himself Eden. He persuaded people to stop using perishable resources as fuel as there are not many left on Earth. He started a company around the world to supply psionic energy to the people for cheap. He said in an interview that psionic energy uses left over potential energy of sound that reflected out of special material to create electrical energy. It does not release any chemicals b
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Chapter 2: Moving On, It’s a New Life
In another world called Etterra, in the middle of summer, somewhere in a kingdom called Twilight Kingdom, a mansion designed in medieval era owned by Count Cross was busy preparing, as the missus was going into labour expecting their first born child. A moment later, a cry of a baby is to be heard in the halls of the mansion. “Congratulations count and countess, it’s a healthy baby boy.” said old maid servant of the house assisting in delivering the baby. The mother and father of the baby let a sigh of relief hearing the baby delivery is successful without any complications. The woman is very happy at the moment although she is very tired. “Thank you, Amanda for giving birth to our first child” said the man with short auburn hair in who is in his late 20s. The woman named Amanda nodded with a sweet smile while tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. Amanda asks the maid servant to hold her baby, calming him down and put him to sleep. “We need a good name for our first son, Ma
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Chapter 3: Collecting Information as a Baby
Almost one year after Park Jae Sung reincarnation as Adrian, he had work hard to get information about his new life. He now knows he is the first born of Malcom and Amanda of the Cross Family. He estimated that he is in a western medieval era. In the records of his past life, he knows medieval eras stinks. Literally. Hygiene in the medieval era is not developed but he could not be more wrong. In this world, humans can utilize mana to manifest magic. He saw his father’s trusted butler, Ralph uses wind magic to blow the leaves away during autumn and fire magic to light up the fire place during winter. His mother also uses water magic to bathe him. Seeing magic, open up many possibilities for Adrian in the future. He could not wait to learn magic. Speaking of winter, I heard from father the Queen gave birth to twins as the first royal heir. One is a boy the other is a girl. More information came from the gossiping maids, tells him the king had only ascend the throne and marry the qu
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Chapter 4: Compiling the Basics
That night after dinner, in the lounge room, the maid that was accompanying Adrian during the day is reporting the news about the young master deeds during the day. Ralph is busy tucking Adrian to bed and telling bed time stories. It’s the 16th story since the afternoon. “As expected of my baby boy to be so smart. He said his first word when his not even a year old” Amanda said with assurance. “Of course, he is our son he should be at least do that much” Malcom added a comment. The maid let out a sigh toward her master’s comments. She understands that it is their first born. Naturally they would dote on him but they did not notice their son abnormality. Normally, children in Twilight Kingdom learn to read and write at 4 years old, nobles and commoners alike. The young master’s growth is very astonishing. Beating them in the race by 2 years difference. Suddenly, there is a polite knock on the door. “Master, it’s Ralph” “Come in” Malcom replied Entering the room, Ralph gave a
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Chapter 5: Marylyn Cross and Oscar Black
Seasons change, the snow melts and flowers bloom, time passed and another year greets the people of Etterra. Early morning in the Cross family county, 4 year old Adrian is running towards his parents room. Knocking on the door politely, “It’s me, the eldest son of the Cross family” “Come in” a sweet voice replied cheerfully Entering the room, Adrian saw a few servants preparing breakfast, his father at the edge of the bed looking anxious while holding the woman’s hand, and the said women, his mother Amanda whose belly is pregnant. Yes, she’s pregnant. Adrian noticed the signs since his parents prepared his own room last year, the free time he got until he rarely met his mother and the obviously expanding belly. Adrian did not care and play dumb like a normal child. He is also very excited to get a little sibling. He always wanted to be a big brother. In his past life, he is a little brother. He hates being the younger one in his past life. His sister is annoying but she was alwa
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Chapter 6: Grandpa, 2nd most powerful in the Twilight Kingdom
Amanda rushed into the freezing room headed straight to her babies. She lifted the crying Marylyn and start comforting her then lifted up Adrian that face planted off the ground. Her magic control is phenomenal, the freeze did not hurt her babies. Adrian is bleeding through the nose and mouth show a face of embarrassment and defeat but he did not cry. “Mom you’re here. That bad guy wanted to take Marylyn away. You take Marylyn and run, I hold him off and try to get dad and Ralph” Adrian said while letting out a little whistle because he lost a front tooth and cut his lip. Seeing her 5 year old son is hurt but still wanted to protect her and his sister while try saving his dad and a servant made her proud but her heart sank rock bottom. A 5 year old can’t use mana against and expert like her dad is suicide but Adrian still wanted to face it head on. She became more worried about the future. Oscar also heard this made him feel bad and leaving a very bad taste in his mouth for a lon
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Chapter 7: Lessons with Grandpa
The following day after breakfast, Adrian is inside the library with his grandpa to start his lessons. Adrian went to his studying table and prepared his quill and lots of parchment to note down the information. “Before we start, let me tell you something. I will only teach you knowledge that only scratch the surface. Take it as hints. I’m not allowed to give any children special treatments but for you, I loosen up the rules a little. Show me see if you are a true genius or not.” Oscar states his stance. “Yes grandpa, but I don’t call myself or accepted anyone calling me a genius. I only doing this so I can protect the one I care about.” Adrian responds. “Humph” Oscar snorted “This kid is different among normal ones in his age. His has a mentality of a grown adult but still too naïve. The kid did not know this world can’t be defy by only guts and words.” Oscar said in his thought, giving an evaluation of Adrian. “Let’s begin, first let’s start with Laws of Magic. As you should kn
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Chapter 8: 5 Years Old
After consolidating the information and knowledge he received from his grandfather, a month had passed in a blink of an eye. There was a beautiful sunset painting the skies with gradient orange to purple. Adrian is in his room getting ready for his birthday party with the help of his mother and a maid. “Oh, my baby boy had grown up so quickly, the little girls at the party will be sending marriage proposals after the party with how dashing you are.” Amanda squealing like a little girl with excitement. Adrian looked into the mirror and had to admit, he does look handsome. He stands at 90cm tall and his face is perfectly portioned but still carries a bit of baby fat makes him look cute complimenting his thick auburn hair. He wears the suit that his mother custom made for him. It is a blue shirt with red tailcoat and red pants perfectly fits his figure. “I… I don’t want to marry anyone that don’t had my attention. I don’t need marriage proposals. I can find the person I love on my o
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Chapter 9: Rebirth of a Dynamic Duo
Adrian woke up before dawn after the party. He rubbed his head trying to ease the pain but found out it was bandaged. “What happened? I was at the gala hall for my birthday party and I was giving a speech than…” Adrian came into a realisation with a shocked expression. “Aria!” [ARIA responding to Master Park Jae Sung] [How can ARIA be of assistance?] “You’re here! So everything happen is not a magic glitch. Also, change the name please I’m Adrian Cross right now.” [Responding. ARIA is truly within Master. Every process is reality.] [Denied. Change is prohibited. ARIA creator is named Park Jae Sung.] “Hahaha… that’s fine I am also Park Jae Sung so it is not a big problem.” Adrian laughs while thinking back of the times when he was Park Jae Sung, creating Aria after buying the codes from the black market. Adrian had lots of questions but he had to get the answers by order. Aria is just 1s and 0s when he created her but now, she is ‘inside’ him. How is that possible? “Aria how
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