Chapter 63: Arch

After dismissing Ralph, the king looked at Arnold.

“Arnold… swear to me and the gods that this meeting never happen.” Elijah said in a serious tone.

“Hmm? Ah, yes, Your Majesty. I swear by the gods and by your name this meeting never happened. I was never here.” Arnold was confused at first but he does anything as the king ordered him to.

“Good. You can leave now” Elijah nods and dismiss the Royal Knight Commander.

“As you wish Your Majesty.” Arnold kneels in front of the king and queen then leave the throne room.

“That is a very shocking information. Demonic beast from the underworld. Miasma and all. I think I have read about the underworld when I was studying in the Dawn Kingdom.” Charlotte said in a solemn tone.

“I also have encountered some ancient records about this. My father keeps it in the basement of the library where the other ancient records are kept hidden. The question is how does that 10-year-old boy knows? Who is he real

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