Chapter 60: Victims of Miasma

“I’m done changing. Let’s head towards town and see the situation.” Adrian is now wearing a new set of noble clothes.

Ralph picked out a slick black theme set. He did not shy to splurge on the clothes with 2 gold coins.

As Adrian strides into town, the people stare at him with awe and admiration. They did not forget to compliment on the new clothes he wore with a nod. Adrian looks dashing as he always does.

The first place he visits is the town’s hospital. The hospital is just a 1 storey building and it is not too big.

Upon entering the hospital, priest and patients are roaming in the halls going from room to room. The rescuers and the children totalling 23 people involved must on their beds, either sleeping or groaning in pain. Suddenly, a man in priest garbs arrive in front of the two and showing a polite smile.

“Hello young master, I’m Jonah, the local priest. I manage the hospital under the orders of the church. I heard you save the people

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