My World Domination System

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My World Domination System

By: Tony Jericho OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Benjamin Black, living as the pathetic son in law in Black Manor, was greeted with a surprise when his wife withdrew all his life savings to spend on another man! With no way to continue to pay for his sister's medical bills, and being kicked out of the black manor by his mother-in-law, he heard a voice in his head after giving some change to a street beggar. "Congratulations. World Domination System has been initialized." Now Benjamin is given as much money as he needs, with only one condition: He must dominate this world!


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The Pathetic Benjamin Black
“Shhh. Here he comes now.”A Man looking to be about 25 of age enters the drawing room of Black Manor, with a ragged backpack slunk over his shoulders.The maids went mute and began to pretend they were cleaning. They had been discussing the pathetic and destitute nature of this man that had just walked in.“Good Afternoon” he greeted.Of course, they ignored him. The man’s name was Benjamin Black, and although the maids couldn’t gossip about him to his face, that was were his privileges ended. His level was almost like the maids themselves.“Er...Has anyone seen Claire?” He asked politely. Claire was Benjamin’s Wife. He had married her 3 years prior before moving to her maternal household.“What gives you the right to ask where my daughter is?!” His Mother-In-Law had entered the room. A short, fat and heavily made up woman, with a scowl as despicable and detestable as that of a mangy dog’s.“I’m just looking for my wife” the man responded. He had practiced keeping his composure for ov
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System Initialized
“Claire! I’m still waiting for the Whiskey.” the man said.“Coming, Dear!” yelled a woman’s voice back, presumably from the bar behind the living room.God, No! That wasn’t Claire’s voice was it? Was this a dream?Benjamin promptly came back downstairs. As soon as he touched the landing, he felt his phone vibrate.He took it out to see it was a message from his bank.“DEBIT AMT:$20,000 ACC:233**********54 DESC: WITHDRAWAL/ATM DATE:15/06/23”“What?!” he yelled! The man in the ante-room only raised an eyebrow.$20,000. That was his entire life savings! He had started saving religiously since he lost his Mother at 15. After doing odd jobs, here and there, before meeting Claire, his savings were about a measly $900.However, after he married, he created a joint account with Claire, where they each contributed equally, with Benjamin going to the local university and then working in a fast food joint overnight.But what was the meaning of this?Claire came out of the revolving door that led to
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The Visitor
“What the hell?!”Benjamin swung his head around to see who was speaking. After turning around twice, it was obvious that he was alone on the entrance pavement.“Hello?”“System Initializing…” The voice seemed to come from everywhere, and nowhere at once this time.The tone was difficult to describe, but if you had to manage-“Error. Unknown response.” Now it seemed to come from both ears. Benjamin’s knees began to knock. A voice without a body. Had he lost his mind sitting on that pavement? Did his worries really make his mind snap?“Mr Benjamin.” One of the Mansion guards had approached him.“You’re needed inside.”“Ahh. There he is. The man of the hour!” yelled Simon. This was almost too enjoyable. They were inside the Living Room, while Claire was outside cuddling up with Mr Mardo by the pool. Simon and Joanne Black were sitting on the soft vegan-leather sofas facing Benjamin.Joanne was wearing her glasses, scrolling through social media on her phone.“Please-” Simon motioned to an em
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MedHill Hospital
“We will reimburse you $1,000,000 for such a sight! Please accept our apologies!”“What??” echoed Joanne Black and Simon Black. The servants and the maids had gathered around now.Benjamin was still shocked. How was all of this happening? Was any of it actually real? Was someone playing some sick joke?Then he remembered the voice coming from his head. It can’t be, can it?“Master Benjamin, forgive me. Are the clothes not to your satisfaction?” inquired the butler.“Errr…” Benjamin started. If this was reality, he had to accept it. “I don’t need these clothes now. I have more important matters to attend to.” Benjamin stated.“I understand, Sir. I will condemn this clothes and return with other ones more suitable to your taste. Your $1,000,000 will be sent later today” the butler said and took his leave.There was a small moment of silence before Simon Black began laughing.“You crafty rat. You actually paid someone to pretend like they’re from Valentino’s? How pathetic. Did you see how c
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First Transfer
“Deal?”Amber Stone looked from the smallish girl in a coma to the 5 foot 10 male that was standing before her with a poorly faded buzz-cut.His clothes looked like they were freshly roughed and rubbled up from the nearest garbage disposal, and his backpack like it had been through two ravening wolves that loved the taste of cheap leather and sweaty sunbathed fabric.She scoffed at herself, but she could see the point of the nurses and the security, albeit how unprofessional it looked. There was no way in the sands of hell or heaven that this individual was about to produce million dollars to pay for the hospital’s treatment at the bat of an eye, right?“Alright. How much do I owe?” Benjamin responded without skipping a beat. He dropped his bag, and began to scroll through his phone.“I think we need to head down to accounts for that, Mr Wallouby.” said Amber, pointing to exit the room.“I prefer to be called Benjamin, and you have to be crazy if you think I will be leaving my sister a
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The Phone Call
“Task 3: Domination, Begin.”Domination? Task 3? What was that all about?Benjamin’s phone pinged and he took it out to look at the bank alert.“Debit Amt: $4,700,000 Acc:143******23 Desc:Domination Date:04/07/23Balance: $495,300,000”This was really happening.He looked up at the scene before him. The nurses were plugging Ivy back into her respirators and re-inserting her IV drips, albeit hesitantly,as Amber had just told them they would be losing their jobs. Amber supervised them, while Mr Alcatraz still had his head bowing.He had miscalculated. Surely this boy was from a massively wealthy family, even if he didn’t recognize the family name, and only now decided to reveal himself now for some strange reasons.As the CFO to the hospital, he must humble himself, and affiliate himself with this boy and his family, to draw out more money from them….“Once again, a thousand apologies, Mr Wallouby. But might I suggest Ms Claire is moved to a different Ward? I have to say, this room is tight
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It was getting late outside at the hospital parking lot, and Benjamin could not believe his life. From a multi-millionaire, back to a pauper! He had not a single cent on him, and decided to call his wife to see if she would pick him up.He called her three times to get no answer. On the fourth try, the call was denied. He waited a while before trying a fifth time. Maybe he was in a daze from losing, or maybe he was just stupid. He and Claire shared a special connection. Surely something like this won’t be enough to make her disregard him completely.She picked up on the fifth try.“Hello?” she talked as if her mouth was full of something.“Claire, it’s me. Can we talk away from everyone else? I’m at my sister’s hospital.” said Benjamin. Claire was quiet a minute on the line, before she made a gagging noise and brought herself closer to the phone.“Sure. We can talk now.” she said.“Uh- I was thinking in person, Claire. Alone.” he stressed.“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to see me
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Sickness and Cure
Benjamin Black felt like he was riding a jet powered cloud. He had driven a car once at a parking lot with some of his high school buddies. But it was an older model that belonged to a friend’s parent, and you could feel the weight of the steering rack and every gravel and chip and bump on the parking lot.This Mclaren just felt like nothing at all. Meanwhile, Amber was extremely nervous. She had only taught him how to use the paddle shifters on the steering wheel minutes ago, and the Park and Reverse buttons on the gearbox.But this man was driving at 170 miles per hour. Just 30 miles from the top speed in open country road.“Holy Shit!” laughed Benjamin at the top of his lungs. The windows were down and the winds were forming a tiny hurricane in the cabin. The V6 engine was roaring with it. Amber nodded but kept her eyes watchful on the bends that were coming up.This was her dream car but riding in the passenger seat of someone that hadn’t driven a vehicle in the past 5 years was t
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What Are You Doing Here?!
Mr Mardo Wormwood tapped his fingers gently together as he listened to the bank manager. The details of the conversation was about a new acquisition; the buying of the rights to air Super-sports Television on Aircable. This would make Mr Mardo richer beyond imagination.Sports was the one thing Aircable had been lagging behind on all these years because a certain company had monopolized the rights many years ago, but this company was about to the bankrupt soon and they were selling the rights to the highest bidder. In this case, that is Mr Mardo.“How much are we looking at, Mr Mardo?” said the manager.“Just tell me your interest rates above $10 million. If I deem it acceptable, then we can talk.”As the bank manager continued to drone on, Mardo caught the sight of a familiar individual. Or thought he had. Maybe the high interest rates the manager was explaining to him had distracted him.“Hey, Sweetie.” It was Claire Black, surprising him on his day of working. Mardo was pleased to
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And So It Begins
“I repeat. Violent male on the loose.” said the guard into the radio.“I told you not to touch me” Benjamin said. He could feel his body heating up. Was this the effect of using the system?But he soon felt the touch of a cool hand on his shoulders that seemed to dissipate the heat.“Benjamin, enough” said Amber. Pleading with her eyes. Benjamin cooled down, but then turned to Mardo. The Bank manager rushed into the scene.“What on earth is going on here?!” asked Mr David.“It’s this homeless dude. He tried to attack this gentleman here!” said one of the onlookers.Soon the others started joining in.“Yes, see how he dresses and how unkempt he looks.”“Somebody like him should be locked up! What is he doing in a bank?”“He’s a scammer. I saw him telling that woman to send him some money!” They all chorused.“That’s not true!” yelled Amber.“Enough!” said Mr David. He looked at Benjamin, and then looked over to Mr Mardo, who had turned white.“Mr Mardo, did this man try to attack you in this p
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