His Vengeance System: Rise of the Mafia Lord

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His Vengeance System: Rise of the Mafia Lord

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Betrayed by the one person he loves the most and battered to the brink of death– he was left to gasp at the face of death, slowly counting his time till his consciousness faded. In that dreaded moment all that Aiden could think of was getting back at those who put him in this place. His desire for vengeance and power soared through every muscles of his– that desire awakened in him an answer. [Do you want to avenge yourself] [Do you seek to stand on top of the world with fame, riches and glory] [Do you want to make your enemies tremble at the sight of your might] [You have activated The Vengeance System] [Host is 99.99% compatible with 'The Vengeance Systsm'] With a new variable, follow Aiden on his path from rags to riches and his bloody revenge against his foes...

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  • Rare gem writes


    darcel darcel with another banger. I Love this

    2023-07-09 17:04:17
  • Ela B


    Nice story. Hope it won’t reach a thousand chapters…

    2023-06-07 22:15:05
  • Walter


    Is this a harem novel?

    2023-06-04 18:47:10
  • Sivaprakash


    Are there updates

    2023-03-31 02:43:12
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169 chapters
Chapter one
Aiden trudged down the sidewalk with heavy feet and a sour mood. He couldn't shake off the feeling of being trapped inside his office all day, and he longed for fresh air and sunlight.As he walked, Aiden noticed the sounds and sights around him - the honking of cars, the chatter of people, and the neon signs of shops and restaurants. But everything seemed dull and uninteresting to him. He couldn't muster any excitement for the city that he normally loved.Aiden arrived at his girlfriend's house, he met her at the front door discussing with other girls he waved at, and headed inside with a heavy sigh. She excused herself from the midst of her friend and approached Aiden with a warm smile collecting his black office bag, even though Aiden couldn't return the smile, she didn't seem to care– It wasn't like she didn't know what condition he was in but she wasn't the consoling type–"Hey baby, do you mind if I talked to you about something?""Huh?"Amby was a bit puzzled because the tone of
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"What do you mean?" Aiden's voice was choked with desperation. "I had five thousand dollars in there just yesterday night!"The teller gave him a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry sir,"Aiden's eyes widened immediately, he had gone past what the teller was saying but was now trying to reconnect things. The teller couldn't be lying and that money was in his account just yesterday.Aiden's stomach twisted into knots. How could this happen? He had been so careful with his money, only withdrawing what he needed to survive. And so there was no way he would have mistakenly spent it.His mind was swaying towards one possibility but Aiden was trying to avoid coming to that conclusion.But it made no other sense otherwise.He took a deep breath and dialed Amby's number, his heart racing with anxiety and anger as he put the phone to his ear with shaking hands. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes as he waited for a few rings before she finally answered the phone"Hey, Aiden," Amby said, sounding
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The warm summer afternoon that once seemed so pleasant now felt heavy and suffocating. The birds' chirping that usually comforted Aiden now seemed to be mocking him in his misery. Aiden got off the bus and headed to the hospital on foot, not even knowing where to get the money anymore. He didn't know what to do, the only thing he could think of doing was going to the hospital.As he walked, Aiden noticed a group of five people walking towards him. He didn't think much of it and continued on his way, but as they got closer, he could see that they were looking at him menacingly. Before he could react, the group of people rushed towards him, pushing him to the ground. Aiden tried to fight back, but he was too weak and disheartened to put up a strong defense. The attackers saw this as an opportunity and started to hit and kick him mercilessly. Their laughter filled the air as they watched him suffer.Aiden's screams for help rose into the sky, sending away the birds from their nesting tree
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[You have activated 'The Vengeance System'][Host is 99.99% compatible with 'The Vengeance System'][Host is in a dangerous state][Using Emergency mode to restore health points][Restoring Health points...][...][...][Restoration completed][Your Health points have been replenished]Just as the voice said and the words floating in front of him insisted, Aiden felt a surge of vigor course through his body. His bruises, injuries, internal pain. Everything was gone. vrrr vrrr vrrrHis phone vibrated that same moment. "Hello Pa." >>> Your grandmother... your... grandmother. The gentle voice of his grandfather squirmed. He didn't need to hear more fi³lled with energy and vigor not paying any attention to the words afloat before his eyes. He made a run for it, sprinting to the bus stop where he took a bus to the hospital. As he reached the hospital he met his grandfather in the front of her hospital room. "Pa, Pa, what happened..."The man's shoulder shuddered as he rose to hug hi
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[You have gained a new skill 'Weapon Attunition lv.1']> This skill enables you to be able to attune to any weapon within your hands. > You can use this skill once a day. "Wow, I got a skill" At this point Aiden was not even doubtful anymore. His hopes began to rise as he considered that truly he might be able to get money from the system and save his grandmother. "Can you really help me save my grandmother?" Aiden's voice shook with sincerity as he asked the system again. [Certainly]Short and precise but those words gleamed with confidence. "Okay... so let's start" [First Side Quest has been generated]> Save a girl along the alley of the street that leads to your apartment. > Quest reward: +2 blue cards, +2 green card, +1 white cards, +10 stat points.> Quest failure: 4 hours paralysis. "Ah!" Aiden unintendedly shouted as he saw the quest failure. Surely this system does not give room for failure.[This quest has a time limit][Your time is counting][0:02:59:57]Aiden s
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Aiden held money in his hand, it was exactly the same. This wasn't a scam alert, it was true. All he just needed to do going forward was complete quest and he would get money. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand and saw that it was already 8:32PM. He wouldn't be able to payment in the night but he still had to go sto the hospital anyways because that is where his grandfather is. With a brighter expression than before Aiden entered the bathroom, he turned on the shower and waited for the water to reach the perfect temperature. He hummed a melodious song to himself, feeling relaxed and happy as the warm water cascaded down his body. He reached for his shampoo and squeezed a small amount into his palm, then began to lather it into his hair. The scent of the shampoo filled the air, and Aiden closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of the suds massaging his scalp.Next, Aiden reached for his body wash and applied it to his washcloth. He scrubbed his body from head to toe, enjoying
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The following day Aiden went to the cashier's office to pay in cash which a easy peasy process. He paid a total of $7,000 for the past and future bills. So he can fully pour his attention towards sourcing for the surgery money. Which he expects will be possible now that he has the system.'Hey system, can't you give me more quest?'He asked in his mind as he walked casually through the lobby which was filled with patients, nurses and other people. [Quesy generation is only possible once every three days][Except for Emergency Quest generations which is random and according to the situation at the time]Of course, there had to be some sort of restriction to all that Aiden could do with the system, if not he would defy all reasoning and skyrocket his way to being the richest in maybe a week. Even though the system was a genuine and could really make him rich and help him have his vengeance, it was a slow and steady process. A process that first involves shaping Aiden into a man that i
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[You have received the main quest][Main Quest]> Trace the gang that beat you up and avenge yourself. It will be hard but this is the beginning. > Quest reward: +5 blue cards, +2 green cards, +1 White card, +1 red card, +15 stats point. Qyest failure: Injury, Possibly death. [This quest has a time limit of 1 week]"Ha..." Aiden's jaw fell as he looked down at the quest that appeared before him as he thoroughly brushed his teeth. "I'm sorry, death?" The toothpaste foam in his mouth caused his words to come out somewhat scattered. But the system did not respond. Aiden washed his mouth quickly and after taking his bathe put on a casual tracksuit. "Since it is going to be like this, I should try to give it my all, shouldn't I?" Aiden said as he looked at his phone screen to be sure of the time. "11:22AM... I hope it's not late to go to the gym."Certainly, starting a gym routine can be daunting, but with determination and consistency, Aiden could actually achieve his one-minute
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Aiden stared into his phone in the night, it has been two hours since he sent her a 'HI' There has been no response and he was beginning to think–'Perhaps she gave me the contact so she would portray herself as a rude person...I heard girls like her can be very hard to get...And I doubt if she's single because, she's pretty, even prettier than Amby. She probably has a rich guy somewhere taking care of her with no stress. Come on Aiden let's not shoot higher than we can manage. Amby has taught me enough lesson...'Then he looks at the quest failure...'Then again, things have changed. Before, I didn't have the system, but now I have the system. I can do this, I can be a better man.'All these thoughts roamed his head, moving him back and forth till his eyes became dizzy and started to close slowly. buzz buzzThe vibration of the received message prompted his half-asleep eyes to open completely. Aiden sharply brought the screen to his face in anticipation. >> Hello Was what he
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Aiden lived every moment in anticipation of how the evening was going to be. He had never felt like this in his entire life, not even when he was trying to get Amby, that could be considered as a school thing, when he was a school boy but this date was a different level.He was going to meet a voluptuous and beautiful woman– he is going g to have a date with her just a day after meeting her. And compared to other ladies he had ever met this woman would make them into unseen ghost. No one would see them as long as she was around. Aiden didn't need to pick out a clothe, he did had a few hardship choosing in between going for a denim dress or just wearing his new grey suit. After a long time of confusion he decided to stick to his instinct and go for the suit, also he didn't forget to do his hair. He had wanted to do it before but forgot when he went shopping. But he made sure he didn't forget this time around. The sky starts to change colors as the sun began to set transitioning from
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