Strongest Prisoners

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Strongest Prisoners

By: Serrated Blade CompletedSystem

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Spike Bretman, someone who has lost his memory, wakes up with a crippled arm. He fought in an arena with monsters. But apparently in that predicament, there was an artificial iron arm mysteriously attached to his arm there to help defeat all of the monsters. The man wakes up after his battle, and finds out that he is currently in a prison. The owner of the prison held Spike couple hostage so that he would not rebel in that place. Especially. Spike just remembered that his couple was pregnant Spike also learns that he is in a mysterious prison where everyone there has super abilities. An ability that is beyond ordinary human logic. And Spike, only armed with his artificial arms to fight them all. Prisoners will be imprisoned for life, but they have a chance to escape by climbing the scoreboard and being at the top of the prisoner rankings there. The only way to rank up in the prison is to fight against all the prisoners. Spike, he won't die until he sees his soulmate and child who will be born into the world…

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  • Drew Archeron


    mc starts as amnesia brain. so has to get used to new world and new system. should be and interesting plot. 76 chapters so far!

    2023-01-10 10:44:13
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317 chapters
Chapter 1 : Not Available
“Hah. What happened to me?”A man woke up on a hard mattress. The only thing surrounding him was a narrow cell with a dim light.The man was puzzled. He couldn’t remember the last incident that had happened to him to be in this condition. His head hurt so badly when he tried to remember what had happened before.“Hah! Where am I?! What kind of place is this?!” the man shouted frantically.The room was enclosed by a hard wall, and before him was only a gate made of iron with no opening to see the situation outside.He was really confused by his own condition. Then, the man also felt that something was wrong with himself. And it was true, he had lost his arm.He screamed his lungs out, thinking that he could still feel the pain from his missing arm. Then, he realized something. He didn’t feel anything, not even the slightest pain. It was just a numb feeling because of having lost one of his arms.On his right arm, there was a round circle like it was designed to put something in it. The
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Chapter 2 : Enemies Approaching
“The Duel, won by Spike the Iron Fist!” The commentator announced Spike’s victory with great enthusiasm. The spectators who saw it also cheered excitedly, creating chaos in the arena of the battle.Meanwhile, Spike looked down at his new iron arm. He felt a power that was truly extraordinary flooding his body now. The power he had never felt before.What’s this? Is this arm man-made? My strength is truly beyond reason.Spike drew closer to the monster he had just hit. He saw that the body as well as all the areas of the arena around the monster were completely destroyed, as if it had been hit by something very fast and strong.“I have already won this fight. Quickly get me out of here!” Spike started screaming, thinking his task was over. However, he saw that the gate, which was the only way out for him to get out of the arena had not been lifted.“Win? Ahahahahah! Sorry, Spike the Iron Fist, you haven’t won this fight yet. Now, let’s start the next fight!” replied the commentator who
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Chapter 3 : Please Advise
A loud buzzing sound could be heard painfully in his ears. His heart was beating faster and faster after being silent for the entire time. At that moment, Spike’s consciousness began to return. A consciousness he thought he would never get again.Spike woke up in a dark room. He couldn’t move his body at all. There was something holding him so that he couldn’t move freely. When he tried to move his legs, he found that all parts of his body were restrained by chains.Spike remembered the last incident that happened to him. He had successfully fought a horde of monsters, then he was stabbed by something in the back.Spike was supposedly dead by now. However, with what he had experienced previously, he believed that this place was able to do unimaginable things.“You guys over there! Quickly, get me out of here!” Spike shouted loudly, even though he had no idea who was in the room.Although he was tied up, Spike was still able to turn his head. He then realized that his iron right arm wa
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Chapter 4 : Daily Task
A few months earlierWater was flooded in between narrow alleys. The young man in the dragon-patterned suit walks in there smoking cigarettes in his mouth. He was now only accompanied by a quiet and wistful feeling accompanied by the raindrops surrounding him.The black gloves that he wore turned red. He was already uncomfortable wearing dirty gloves because of the blood of those pricks who got in his way."Spike! Don't expect you to pass us just like that!..." Said one of the battered men sprawled on the ground.That guy named Spike didn't look at those men. He just kicked the prick's stomach so hard he couldn't lose consciousness.“Huh…Can't I start my work with a clean sheet without one of my clothes getting dirty?" Spike asked himself.Now he's standing in front of a remote karaoke place between the gangs. In front of him is a big neon sign that writes "first sin"Spike tried to get through one of the glass doors. But before that, he looked back.He saw dozens or even hundreds of
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Chapter 5 : Rebooted
Spike just woke up. There was an impenetrable iron wall Around him again . He looked at his arm again, the iron arm attached again that he had previously used to fight horrible monsters in the arena of death.Slowly, Spike was able to bring back memories of himself. Spike knew that in the past he was a ruthless, heartless gangster who had no mercy on his enemies. Spike feels that his being here is payment for what he did in the past. A KarmaWith the body feeling so weak, Spike tried to run in front of the cell gate he was in, screaming trying to get out of the place."Hey! Whoever's in there! Quickly get me out of this place!"Spike hit the gate with his iron fist, repeatedly with enormous force. It's just the weird thing is his iron arm didn't work the way he did against the gorlocks. The iron hand is so weak and has no power at all."Stupid hand! You can fight those monsters, but you can't break this rust! Hurry up and do your job properly!" Spike yelled loudly at his own arm.No o
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Chapter 6 : Long Enough
In front of Spike, it turned out to be just a narrow, dark passage. There was no guard standing in front or even a CCTV camera to monitor it. Spike's expectations were too high, he thought the prison was too tight. But knowing this, Spike felt like he could slip away easily.To the left of Spike's cell is an empty room. Spike can even open the room easily. And of course, there was no one in the room."Hey… What were you doing in that room?"Spike's in shock, someone caught him breaking into that room. The spikes ran like hell. He feared it was a guards and was caught by him. Spike hasn't even had time to see who's behind him.The passageway it runs turns out to be quite long, with the curve around it more and more. It's as if this passage is just an incredibly large circular route. But then there was an open wall, and the spikes looked down there."Wait. Isn't that where I fought the Gorlocks before?" Spike just realized that this hallway is where the crowd cheered him on as he fough
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Chapter 7 : First, We Feast
"Yes, Hudson, the man with glasses also said that the arena where I had fought before was my execution. And yet I still wondered why I was alive. I've felt a sharp object enter my heart."When Spike tried to explain the matter, the gate in front of them was opened. And there, they're not alone.There's a lot of people in orange jumpsuit that look like they've both been there and they're staring at Spike like crazy. It's as if seeing Spike like a ghost.Spike doesn't know any of them even though he believes they're top-notch criminals. Their diverse body shapes and distances from normal human words have made him more convinced that there is something wrong with this place."Keep on walking, you can't deal with them now…" Whispered silver quietly.They went to a large canteen yard with neatly lined tables and chairs.At each end of the table are numerous guard robots with weapons in their hands. Finally, Spike feels something familiar in this place. This is the same as the typical priso
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Chapter 8 : Black Boss
Silver and spike are in the atrium. That place is a section that looks different from anywhere else in the prison. There are so many ornaments and beautifully crafted things here like a place to relax.They were at the end of the room, a balcony with a boundary of railing and clear glass. They can both see the arena Spike was fighting before from there."What are we doing here? If you think this place is any safer, take a look! There are still many machine-brain guards here!""No, I didn't bring you here because I took you away from the guards, I'm trying to keep the scum and those inmate out of your sight." Point silver at the people in the orange jumpsuits."You may have learned your lesson in the underworld. If you can't trust anyone, maybe even yourself. And that, applies in this place of distinction"Spike muttered, answering Silver. "What did I do wrong? I'm still holding on to it. The scum took my food without permission. And shouldn't I be hitting them?" Silver breathed his b
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Chapter 9 : Ranks, Explained
Silvers felt that Spike would really be lured by Borg's offer, so he rushed over to take the man's hand and asked him out of the place right now. "You shouldn't agree with them, Spike….""Yes… You don't have to accept it. But I need to know how much of a coward you really are."Spike turned around to hold Borg's neck with great threat. Borg followers are certainly on the alert, they don't want to make any noise at all, much less under the guards' surveillance now. No one knows what might happen when Spike gets really mad."Silent… If you're going to say those words again… cowards… Then I'll make your head stick to the ground."Borg didn't feel threatened at all, he smiled in amazement at Spike's reaction to such bravery. He stretches his arms out to get his men to behave themselves right now."Hahahaha… Even when we first met. You’re amused me. Then why don't we start the duel today?""Spike! Stop that! You're still weak!" Silver said, trying to break."I will not stand idly by as my
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Chapter 10 : Duel of The Chief
Silver and spike are rushing to the window to see what's going on right now. two men face each other, about to fight right now. In the meantime, the prisoners also watched in joyful cheering. Spike understands now why they had such a reaction. It was only there in the arena that they had so much fun. Entertainment that doesn't make it has them lose their life. "Silver, do you know them?" "Of course, I knew him. Their battles are already inevitable. They're in the same gang. The Chain. Otto is in 21st place, 32 is named Hunn” "Hey! I look forward to their fight!" Suddenly someone is slipping past Spike right now. like all the others, he was excited about the fight that was going on there. "Whoever wins this fight will make The Chain theirs! The power of a gang that size is sure to be a worthy struggle. Even if I can afford to fight them both and take it!" Said the man again. "Uh, sorry. Who are you? "Spike asked someone who felt that he was talking too much. "Oh yes. I'm Vahn,
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