Chapter 26

Brian's [P.O.V]

If Cave did not come to fight me here then where did he go? I turned rushing back to the pack area thinking of cars with my feet dashing over the floor as fast as I could.

Was all this a distraction so that he could get to my mate and kill her? Or could they be something else he planned doing to me?

I had soon reached seeing most of my rogues slaughtered with their bodies everywhere.

I swallowed my saliva as air almost got trapped in my chest when I saw Cara's clothes out of the window.

I rushed into the building and it was exactly what I was thinking that happened to him.

Her wolf was in her mating period and so he was getting enticed to sleep with her.

She fought him off but could not have any effect as the Cave is now in his god form.

My wolf gets pained at the sight and his anger rushes through me.

I grow

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