Chapter 27

Cara's [P.O.V]

I watched as Allison used her magic to make the bowl of water nearest to me boil before my very own eyes as my stomach hurt me like it had been stabbed times without numbers.

My child was already coming, werewolves hybrids grow really fast in the stomach I guess.

Although I wonder what hybrid he would be as I and his father are only werewolves.

The pain worsens and he begins to come as he hurts every corner of my waist and for once I thought my Virginia was too tight to bring out what I felt was too big inside of me.

But it couldn't be more painful than his father's dick though.

Allison sits right in front of me like nothing is about to happen and I held her as tears rushed from my eyes like a little child crying for her toy.

"Push!" She screams as I used the last strength in me to push my child out of me with a waist killing pain tormenting

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