Chapter 274

[Brian P.O.V Continuation]

"Please Brian." she begs.

"Okay fine but..." I was interrupted by the beeping of my phone.

I checked the caller ID to see it was Cathy.

I sighed and busied the call.

Doesn't she get it that I don't want to have anything to do with her?

She's been calling me so often recently but I don't want to talk to her. Not anymore, not ever!

"Ouch!" I jumped out of my bed sleepily as I heard Ella's voice!

Gosh! I rushed out of my room to hers immediately.

I should have known!

Her addiction again! 

"Drill... Brian me." she cried out in pain holding her stomach while clutching her legs together.

Ocean of tears flooded down her cheeks as she tried to keep her eyes open.


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