Chapter 278

- Calista -

"I don't want money from you Calista you need to understand I can't keep using you and I want us to have this date for a reason" he said.

I went Mute waiting for him to say a clear reason he should be attending a different college with me.

"I want us to break up" the word hit me and I stopped breathing for a secs.

"You must be kiddin'" I laughed it off but he wasn't smiling or laughing.

"Calista is serious , you are above my class and that made me feel a little bit off or out" he explained.

"That doesn't matter—"he interrupted again.

"Calista, this is not a relationship I want with you," he said.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"We can't go out together Every Time because you are either in a shoot and if it is not that you think highly of yourself; I don't want a rich restau

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