Chapter 279

"Company" I sigh in frustration as I sit on the couch back.

I finish taking the stew and help Cassie with dishes before heading back to the living room.

I should go take a bath and call Dad. I am fine. He might be worried.

I switch on the television before exiting the place for a wash.

After taking my bathe I settled for

Cassie dresses and lets my hair undry.

I walked into the living room and settled down on the couch before texting Dad.

"I Am at Cassie house. I couldn't make it home last night but I am fine. '' I texted and immediately he replied.

"Are you okay?"Dad is always so overwhelmed about anything that concerns me.

"Yes have a nice day" I text before throwing it on the couch.

"Arrgh" I ran my hand into my wet hair.

I broke into tears again remembering what Happ

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