Chapter 28

Douglas [P.O.V]

I walked into my packs building seeing my friends who had become alphas standing together with their mates with so much beauty in their behavior towards their mates and that made me think of my own mate.

I wondered how she would look like and what kind of behavior she would portray towards me and her newfound pack.

I turned to see my mum.

Luna was staring at me with a look that I found difficult to understand.

Was it my dressing?

Or was it because of the twelve-packs I had destroyed yesterday?

I walked towards her and she quickly removed her eyes from me as she stared elsewhere with her red curly hair and strands of white glittering off her head.

Even so, her facial beauty remained the same as the only thing that could change was her gray hair.

"Douglas! Today is such a great heart storming day for I and you

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