Chapter 280 - Completed

"Clara" She giggled and I laughed.

"I am calista" I smiled as I rose back to my feet. The guard seemed to be amazed by the little girl's reaction.

Was I meant to use my name?

"Clara"a young male voice called and I turned to see a Greek god staring directly at me.

He look better in real life than picture; my lips parted as my eye hit his muscular body because he was shirtless.

He look really attractive Tousled brown hair, hazel eye and a jawline that could grate cheese andi n addition to his lips.

"Who is this ugly lady here?" he looked at me with so much disgust.

Me!!! ugly is he fucking kiddin' me?.

"She is here for the Nanny job," the guard explained.

"You should be a college student and the notice says someone who would be available for her" He sat on the chair grabbing the TV remote on the table.


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