Chapter 29

Clara's [P.O.V]

The cool feeling of the air conditioned chambers triggered my heart in the way of what was about to happen as I walked towards Douglas thinking of the method I used to tell him that all this would happen one day.

Everyone was putting on their white dresses, not a type of dressing everyone would wear to celebrate the coming or reign of a new alpha but the loss of everything as a whole.

Everyone knew what was going to happen today.

I had made it forbidden for anyone to tell him of the curse his ancestors had placed upon him with the punishment being a wipe of the person's generation... So nobody dared to snitch.

A tear rolled off my eyes as I stared at my son standing before me and I enchanted spiritual words in latin which all involved the ritual of making him the alpha of the blue moon pack and could see the confusion my cute little son had in his eyes as he knelt

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