On one of the days of the Month of Seva, Apu Uma sent for Istvan. He hurried to the leader and found him in great agitation. Forgetting to offer mate to the guest, the Indian said:

“Our scouts have spotted a white party, Amauta. They go through the jungle towards Antavara.

The priest's heart jumped with joy, but at the same moment he thought - if the Europeans capture the village, they will also learn about the mines. No, this cannot be allowed.

- How is it - "go"? After all, the selva is impassable.

- How do we go? Cut through the road with knives and axes.

— How many of them?

The chief frowned and drew seven parallel lines on the dirt floor. Thirty-five people, Isstvan realized.

"And when will they get to us?"

- In two or three days. We need to organize protection.

“No,” the priest said thoughtfully. “We have to set up an ambush. Then, firstly, they will not find the village, and secondly, thanks to a surprise attack, we will have an advantage.

After thinking for a moment, Apu Uma n
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