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Humanity is at war with a vicious blood-tasty alien organization called 'the creed' Who is going to save humanity? --------------------- Ryan, a sixteen years old boy gets transmigrated into another world after his death, his soul enters into the body of another sixteen years old called Ryan in that world. Coincidentally, both Ryan suffered at the hands of the people around them, and both their families. To make things worst, the new Ryan could not awaken any ability like other kids and became the object of mockery in his school. When he thought that his life was coming to an end, he suddenly awakens a system inside of him. With the help of this system, he gains an ability, not just one but multiple abilities that will help him. The system tasks him with a mission to save humanity and help fight the war with the creed but he refuses to meddle in the affairs of the humans because of how he has been treated in the past. What will happen to our Ryan? Will he continue to run away from his mission? Or will he have a change of heart?" Let's find out in this journey. ----------- Chapters will come daily as long as you vote for more.... The cover isn't mine, credit to their rightful owners. TAGS: A little bit of villain Mc, Bloodshed, multiple females around the Mc, playful Mc, demons, elves, vampires, goblins, monsters etc.

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    please give me more chapters!!

    2023-01-01 03:54:21
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    Next chapter please

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*Badum* *Badum* *Badum*My heart raced at an immense speed as I ran for my dear life.It was in the middle of the night and it was still raining, my clothes were all drained and cold was sipping through my veins. My legs were getting weak, my head was becoming heavy and my eyes were, of course, becoming blurry but none of all of these mattered to me more than my life."There he is, don't let him escape!" A male antagonistic voice yelled behind my back.Of course, he won't let me escape this time.I've been doing this shitty business for years and I've always been successful, well, not this time around because I have been enmeshed in my evil deeds.These policemen aren't giving me any time to regain my strength and my legs are already failing me. If I don't continue to run, they'll catch up to me and arrest me.Hell no!I wouldn't want to end up in a goddamn freaking cell.I just have to keep running because my life solely depends on it.*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*"Shiit!" I half-screamed as
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New Life
"Argh..."The boy groaned and held his head that was in pain, he grudgingly opened his eyes that seemed difficult to and looked around. He saw himself lying on an old bed in a small old room with few things inside."Where the hell am I this time around?" he frustratingly asked the air, "So, despite the misfortunes I had in my previous reincarnations I still ended up in a shabby place like this? this is heavens playing soccer with my destiny....."The boy got up still mumbling some incoherent words to himself and walked around the room in search of anything and when unfortunately he didn't find anything useful, he sighed and left the house.Standing outside the door of his shabby one-room he looked around his environment and he could see were trees and birds."Seriously? Seriously! this is where my final reincarnation took me to? how did I end up living in a bush like this?" the boy cursed out venting his anger on the innocent trees and birds. "Wher
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Bad Day For The Inn
The following day, the man and Gavin woke up and after eating breakfast made by the man they left the house. They got to the Inn in no time and opened it, Gavin following the man's instruction cleaned the place and arranged the chairs. After doing that, the man went into his office while Gavin stayed back in the inn, he took a chair outside and sat by the door staring at the people on the road. He had nothing to do and there was no customer so he decided to get himself busy by watching other people doing their things. While he was staring at the people his eyes caught some kids the same age as him doing things he had never seen. One of the kids stomped his feet on the ground and it rumbled followed by pieces of rocks that began to rise in the air, this continued until the rocks formed the shape of a house. The other kids clapped their hands in excitement while the boy kept smiling proudly."What in the hell is that?" Gavin asked with his eyes w
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Saving The Inn (1)
It has been an hour since the man entered his office after what happened and Gavin bad become slightly worried. Occasionally he would go to the office and put his ears on the door in expectation to hear any sound but there was nothing as such, it was quiet. Not minding the pains on his back, Gavin still tried to clean the mess created by those men earlier and arranged everything to their normal look. After he was done with that he went into the kitchen and stared at all the food the man had prepared, they all had a pleasant look but it was lacking in taste, he didn't want the man to feel bad so he never complained about the food and so he came up with a plan.In his first life, he had learned to cook from his sister who was a great cook, she had learned to cook when she was only four years and as she was growing up, her skills in cooking were advanced. She had persuaded her brother into learning how to cook and after many persuasions, he gave in."I need t
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Saving The Inn (2)
"If you can stand three blows from my intermediate ice element, I'll buy all the food here," the boy said with a grin, he perked his ears to hear Gavin refuse but it was not forthcoming."Okay!" Gavin said and parked his cart somewhere safe then came back and stood before the boy. "I'm ready....what should I call you?"The boy didn't know whether to laugh at the boy's stupidity or cheer him for his braveness.  "Owen, call me Owen," the boy replied."Okay Owen, I'm set," Gavin said as he prepared himself for what was about to come."Are you sure?" Owen asked."Never ready than this," Gavin said and Owen only nodded without asking again. He called his friends who were inside the shade, both boys and girls to come and watch the game and when they had gathered he began to cast his spell.His eyes turned Icy as blue frosts began to float on his palm until they formed a ball. He threw the ball of ice towards Gavin who prepared himself mentall
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A Progressive Situation
Just like Gavin had expected, the lackeys of the village chief returned at the early hours of the next day. Gavin and the man who were fast asleep were suddenly awakened by the loud bang at their gate, he had rushed outside to see who was roughly banging on their gate and when he saw them, an immense amount of anger surged into his veins but even at that, there was nothing he could.After the anger had subsided he came out of the house and stood before the leader who began to order his men to go in and bring the man out. But before the men could do anything, Gavin told them to stop which they oddly obeyed and stood at a spot.He asked the leader how much the man was owing to them and after calculating, it came out to be a total of 10 gold coins. Without saying a word, Gavin marched inside the house and after a while, he returned with a small pouch.Throwing the pouch on the leader, he told them to not bother the man again and went back inside the house leaving t
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A Father's Love
~Cliiiinnnggg~The sound of metals hitting each other resounded in the atmosphere."Kid, you are growing tough in your sword practice. Go easy on me because I'm already getting old," a man said as he held his sword tightly in his hand and watched as a young boy rushes to him swinging his sword."Uncle, how can I go easy on my enemy? you told me to not mercy on anyone who I see as my enemy," the boy claimed as he swung his sword to the man who evaded it and moved back."Gavin, it's what I said, I've been saying it but look well I'm not the enemy," the man replied hopelessly.It has been up to five months since Gavin walked up to the man and told him that he wants to be a mage. The man had sadly told him that it was impossible because he was not born with magic and could not awaken any elemental ability like the others.But to ease his sadness, the man then promised that he would teach him the skill of using a sword so that he will be able to
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Joining A Guild
Gavin after spending some time with his uncle left for the town, he boarded a train and sat at the last seat. The ride was smooth and safe, Gavin had tried to stay awake throughout the entire ride but nature did its thing and he couldn't escape falling asleep."We've reached." Through his sleep, he heard someone say out loud and he opened his eyes immediately. He scanned the train and found out that he was the only one remaining with the driver glaring at him and without waiting to be yelled at he rushed out of the train."This place is so beautiful," Gavin praised as he kept looking around. He had left the train station and was heading towards a large gate just like the others were doing. Entering inside the gate he could not help but marvel at the sight of the place.Here, the people were more smartly dressed and the buildings were beautifully structured, Gavin looked around for a while until he saw a line of young men and women and then walked ov
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The Dungeon
"But sir, the kid is too young, what if he....." the woman said trying to make the young man change his mind."There are no what-ifs, I have made my decision and it stands. Get the necessary requirements ready we are leaving soon," the young man said and began to walk away, when he got to where Gavin was he stopped. "Follow me!' he ordered and walked past him.Gavin did as he was told to and followed the young man. They got to the spherical room and went in."This should be your first time right?" the young man asked while taking a seat."Yeah, it is," Gavin replied."Then....""Sir Lucas, the requirements are ready," a girl came into the room carrying some bags."Good! where are the others?" Lucas asked the girl."On...Oh, here they are."The remaining five members came in as well and they all gathered around their leader, Lucas."Kid, what is your name?" Lucas asked while staring at Gavin."Gavin is my na
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The System
"What is shadow Knight?" Gavin asked curiously. At first, no one wanted to answer him but seeing the look on his face, Zerah had no choice but to tell him."He is a warrior trained by the last demon lord, after the mysterious death of the last demon lord, he was exiled from the demon realm but to think this is where he was exiled to.....""What are you peasants doing here in my vicinity."They turned to the source of the voice and there on the wall was the shadow of a tall bulky figure with a sabre in his hand."All of you come behind me," Lucas said and they began to rush to him but before Gavin could make a movement he was suddenly glued to the wall."I wouldn't waste my energy on mere peasants like you. Choose between your lives and the life of a useless kid," The shadow Knight said in a firm voice."Let the boy go!" Lucas coldly said as his hands began to emit purple flickers."Your magic is useless against me, I can wipe you all
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