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"Does she have a name ?", She asked as she caressed the bone sword.

"Shit. A name! How can I be so drunk to forget to name my daughter", the blacksmith exclaimed as he slapped his head in embarrassment which Claudia found very amusing.

'can you make me mummy an sure daddy will agree', the bone sword cute voice echoed in the blacksmith and Claudia minds.

"Don't worry I will name her and looking at the sword internal structure your are planning on her donning a human body? What a wild dream but it is possible and I will do that by nourishing her with my spirit and her name will be ...."

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 

Genesis body floated in a dark space as he watched everything that was happening, it was as if he had lived the life of the blacksmith but he didn't know what time that event had taken place but the name the ancient gave the bone sword echoed in his head as he muttered it out in reality.


As he said that the commander that was in the hands of the dark elf commander turned into light particles and revolved around Genesis body before entering his body and a bone sword formed in his hand.

As the bone sword appeared in Genesis hand his heart started pulsating.




All this took place tens seconds after the dark elves had pierced their weapons through his body killing him.

The surrounding dark elves were stunned as how a dead man's heart would still be beating, they later realised that they can't pull out their weapons out from his body but it was already too late for them to leave their weapons and run as Genesis let out a heaven shaking roar turning the surrounding dark elves and their weapons within the 10 metres radius to dust making the dark elf commander pupils shrink in his eyes as he was stunned by Genesis display also as he realised that the female commander wasn't a human but the long lost weapon that the ancients tried to destroy Alcmene!

"Retreat,... No run..." The dark elf commander yelled in terror, the only thought in his head was how to contact the higher-ups and tell them that the cursed bone sword 'Alcmene' had reappeared and is currently have a human form, though he was excited about the rewards he will certainly receive if he transmit this news. The only problem is if he will leave with his life intact but his voice came too late as limbs and heads were soaring into the sky and blood dying the lush woods red, the stench of death filled the air as Genesis started a one sided massacre but Genesis in question has no idea on what was going on because his body was just acting on instinct.


Alcmene POV

My body felt limp in the hands of the dark elf commander and for as his name I don't care to know about it anyway, though I had the power to rip him to shreds I couldn't move an inch but it was quite annoying seeing the sneer on his face and his filthy mouth spouting nonsense and crap but what is the need when there is no one to bask in your glory with you. I hate such lonely victory cause it makes no sense but one soldier caught my eyes, his tenacity and will power was beyond what an average human, no, his tenacity and willpower will put even some powerful humans and even mythical beings to shame.

I could feel the will of every human soldiers that had died on the battlefield converging on his body urging his dieing heart to fight on for them and avenge their resentful souls, as that happened I heard my name in his mouth then I knew he was the fated formless bloodline hunter and I won't hesitate to fight alongside him.

Looking at him I remembered my papa and mama whom had been tagged the traitors of the whole human race, in other to make me develop faster and have my own will they converged their whole essence and life force, their last words still rings on my ears.

"My daughter please am sorry that the human race which you had begin to love had broken your trust and betrayed its own kind by colluding with the other races and also the ancient that is meant to be the protector of its own race is blinded by its greed for power, is the one in lead of the false conquest of putting all races under them. When we are gone, find the one one that is the formless hunter he is the only hope all races have against this scourge"

"But papa and mama, thought the hunters are the lackeys of those scums called the ancient"

"Look at me my loving daughter, I am an ancient but am I a scum", Claudia chuckled as she caressed Alcheme face.

"No mum you are different"

"Daughter know this that there is only one true and that is the hunter with the formless bloodline as for the rest they are just fake or those who just want to bear the name, find the formless hunter because you are the only weapon fit for him"

"But how will I find him and I don't want to leave you, I will fight with you against them with the three of us can hold them", Alcheme said in between sobs

"We have to sacrifice for the greater good, I know that you don't understand anything now but latter on I know that you will see things clearly. The formless bloodline hunter will find and he will know your name but be careful that know one else know your name. Now go"The drunk blacksmith smiled, he could hear the faint sounds of the attackers reaching his once lovely forge which will now be tainted with blood.

Claudia kissed her head an tore a rift in the forge before Alcheme could resist Claudia had pushed her into the rift, she could see the ancient that she call mother mouthing some words from her mouth which she knew meant 'I love you' as the rift slowly closed.


Genesis didn't chase after his fleeing enemies but walked at a normal pace notwithstanding he still got to them cleaving off their heads and ripping out their limbs in the most gruesome way possible.

"Ahhh, fuck it", one of the dark elf soldier gnash his teeth as he quickly turned around slashing at Genesis using all of his energy as his sword shone with a reddish hue, he could not bear to watch anymore as Genesis just casually hacked down his comrades pulling off their limbs like no man's business.

Genesis turned his face towards his direction with what seem to be a sneer on his face as the dark elf sword was about to sever his neck, Genesis just tilted his head to the side and did a quick round about swing which cut a deep wound at the groin of the dark elf in front of him and also cutting off the hands of the dark elf behind him. With quick movements Genesis put his hand into the deep wound of the first dark elf bringing out his guts then he spun around and tied the dark elf guts on the neck of the other one strangling him to death.

The dark elf commander was red eyed as he saw his army slaughtered like chickens before him every plan he had made had gone down the drain.

"Hahahaha, who knew I would encounter a little monster today", the dark elf commander laughed dryly like a mad man while savagely pulling his hair in the process.

"Death blow", the dark elf commander roared as he used one of his powerful sword move right of the bat against Genesis, blood red energies swirled round his sword one could see the souls of those he had killed flowing through the blood energy giving out blood curling screams, the shockwave from the sword energy blasted apart the trees in the area making it look like a desolate land.

Genesis swung the bone sword a few times destroying the shockwave as the dark elf commander sword finally clashed with his which made him grunt. As the dark elf commander was about to go for a second strike the bone sword in Genesis hands transformed into a shield negating the dark elf commander strike but the force behind his attack pushed Genesis away.

Genesis face contorted into that of anger when he saw the souls trapped in that blood energy, those were the souls of his fellow soldiers that had fallen during the battle.

"You will pay blood for blood", Genesis spoke for the first time. Stamping his right on the ground he gathered energy on his feet before bursting into a speed untraceable to the eye as he attack the dark elf commander. Genesis was just slashing his sword randomly and at undiscernable speed but what he never knew that a every slash of his sword against the same person the sword attacks become sharper and sharper.

The dark elf commander tried to block most of his attack but some of his attacks broke through his defenses which made him roar in anger.

"Can't you fight like a normal person", the dark elf commander eyes was already bloody red in anger.

"You will pay blood for blood", Genesis replied like a mindless person not giving the dark elf commander any chance to get a breather.

"Fuck it", the dark elf commander roared as switch from the defensive position to an attack as his anger had pushed him to the brink of insanity as he blocked every of Genesis attacks with an attack of his own but due to how Genesis attacks got sharper and sharper his sword shattered to pieces.

When the dark elf commander sword shattered Genesis retreated from him and left the bone sword to levitate before him then he formed some hand seals (he currently doesn't know what he is doing as Alcmene is in control of his body), the quick movements of Genesis took less than 5 seconds before the dark elf commander could react the bone sword changed into a tiny thin needle which is thinner than a hair.

"Pain destruction", Genesis said softly, the thin needle flew towards the dark elf commander piercing his body and coming out of the other end of his body with its quick movements it attack all the nerve endings of the dark elf commander making his scream to the unbearable pain.

Once the attack ended the needle flew back to Genesis as he caught it, it changed back to the bone sword. The dark elf commander mind had already blurred due to the pain as his body twitched uncontrollably, Genesis quickly attack his chest as he formed his hands in a claw like manner ripping out his heart then he swung the bone sword in a lovely arc as he cut off the top of the dark elf commander head. The bone sword disappeared from his hand as he used his free hand to ripp of his brain, then he put his heart where his brain was and put his brain were his heart was. The bone sword reappeared in his hands before splitting him in two.

"Requiescet in pace", Genesis muttered softly as he stabbed the bone sword into the ground as he knelt on one knee, as the split halves of the dark elf commander fell to the ground Genesis heart stopped beating as his life force faded away.

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