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By: Leo Beracah OngoingFantasy

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My name is Genesis and am just a human who had gotten bored of humanity, also am a prime A+ student but I needed a challenge that was when I got admitted into FANTASIA (don't ask me the details). With that i realized that the fairy tales I had looked down on was really true. Later on I found out that I was a cursed child of prophecy destined to destroy all worlds but can I really clear my name or is there another sinister plan underneath..

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  • Favour Peter


    this book is to my taste and I recommend it

    2022-11-30 02:29:35
  • Miracle Johnson


    the book is ok, would love to tag on with the author on this adventure

    2022-11-24 16:59:08
  • leoberacah71


    a great book with lot of thrilling adventures, would love to see how this plot goes.

    2022-11-24 16:56:51
  • Leo Beracah


    great book and I love it, fantasy with a bit of wackiness

    2022-10-21 16:35:46
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14 chapters
My expulsion
"Genesis, get your lazy bum off that bed and prepare for school. Seriously you are an hour late", his mum chided him as she pulled him off the bed. "But mum... I don't want to go, I will be bored to death besides in the next few months I will be receiving an honorary degree... Oh shit I spoke to much", Genesis shut his mouth as he realised that he had spoken more than he wanted as he wasn't planning on telling his mum this very piece of news. "Which honorary degree? Are you not just a high school student... What are you blabbing about an honorary degree, wait don't know tell me that you...", Genesis didn't wait for his mum to finish as he tried to slip away when his mum caught and gave him the beating of his life, though the neighbors could hear his howling and screaming they didn't even budge an inch to come to his rescue as they all knew to well that they will suffer the same fate so why bother. "I will definitely get back at you", Genesis shouted as her brawled with his mom or s
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I like it here
Genesis stood in front of the grand here of Fantasia high school, looking at it he took in a feed breath as he walk ebin sluggishly as he felt as if he was duped by his mom, she had previously threatened to beat the daylight out of him if he refuses to attended this school. "Today will be a really bad day for me", he grumbled as he walked into the grand school. When he entered the scene he saw wasn't what he was expecting everything looked, well you know... Nice. Genesis was lost in his thoughts as he was appraising the school when someone ran to him but to the person suprise Genesis just turned his body without even glancing at the person, when his hand came at an odd angle striking the person at the face.Pow A vicious slap landed square on the person right cheeks leaving a hot red palm print in it's wake sending the person crashing into the wall using the momentum of his run. The slap came fast as lightening with the elegance and beauty of a flower but with the pain and viciousn
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An alpha's pride!
Genesis felt helpless and useless as he couldn't do anything but suddenly his brain began working like a clock work suddenly a muffled bang came out if his body as his left eye turned scarlet while his other was blue. He was no more his perfect self."you won't defeat it like that, if you continue fighting like that you will end up injuring that girl's soul", Genesis shouted as his eyes were flowing in runic power."if you have any better idea then speak up", Clark shouted as a thorny vine from the tree tore into his shoulder"that is the undying soul eating willow, the only way to defeat is by destroying it's core", Genesis explained calmly as nothing could hide from his eyes"maybe this brat got some skills, as for you trying to harm my students I will use your wood as your coffin"Mr, Shawn voice echo as he blasted the roots of the tree revealing an azure coloured core wrapped with vines, without wasting time he tore it out and as he did that, the possessed girl fell limp in Claris
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An alpha's pride (II)
"Jie Jie Jie, not bad but that flimsy power of yours won't be enough", Doug voice right now was like iron scraping on another iron. Clark didn't waste anyor time as he sent a claw towards Doug who dodged that nimbly as his speed was astonishing but his speed had really caught Clark off guard before Clark could react Doug claws had already pierced through his chest reaching his heart and as he will it he could just killed Clark but Doug knew that he can't kill Clark so he let the poison from his claws seep into Clark's blood, also encasing his heart with the poison.The whole woods became still and quiet as they tried to absorb the shock that Clark was defeated in one move, the werewolves in the pack clenched their fist but felt helpless as they couldn't do anything suddenly they all fell on their knees one by one acknowledging Doug as the new alpha on the pack not because they want but because they was the true alpha to be alive.A rune appeared On Clark's head as a bright light envel
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An alpha pride (III)
Mr Shawn watched how Genesis defeated the formless entity and he was speechless at the shameless method Genesis had used but he couldn't say anything as it was effective in the end."I should go and receive him, and at least I should smack him for making me worry for no reason. This kid might really be the end of me", Mr Shawn said with a bitter smile."Maybe if you don't hurry right now he might surely be the end of you, also make sure he doesn't expose the bloodline he had acquired because I feel like things might get messy", the girl simply said as she continued enjoying the free flow of the swing.Mr Shawn thought about what she said about Genesis being the end of him, as he was immersed in his thoughts he heard a familiar voice that made him almost jump from his skin."This bastard will never learn"The white haired girl while cutely with her cherry lips bringing out the charm of her beauty."Genesis, oh Genesis, what display would you show me this time" she laughed heartily as s
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The sorrow garden
Clark body had finished under going it's mutation as he directly transformed to his werewolf form but there was a slight changes as he now had a scarlet turf of hair at the center of his head forming what looked like a crown."The legendary silver scarlet werewolf, how is this possible", Doug stuttered but suddenly found something amiss looking at his chest he saw Genesis ripping out his heart from his body along with a blood red crystal.Unknown to Doug, Genesis had recovered some of his energy, while Doug was distracted by Clark transformation. Genesis under the instruction of the formless entity in his mind he gathered all the energy in his body into his left hand and struck like lightening, in one blow his hand pass through Doug body."Someone who relies on external power isn't fit to be an alpha", Genesis snorted.Doug looked at him with his eyes filled with disbelief, he didn't know how he had died.O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O
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A lonely heart
"I remember the first time I fell in love, I gave you all of my heart. But when things started heading south, you broke me and left to die. So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care but I hope you dare. So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care cause am a heartless monster in love. I have danced with death so pretty, how beautiful the darkness have become. My heart aches yet I don't dare make a sound, maybe love wasn't meant for me. So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care but I hope you dare. Cause am dancing in the rain, hoping you are in my arms. My heart aches so bad for you but am afraid to say it loud and it's driving me crazy... So think twice before you love me, think thrice before leave me, think again before you say that you care cause am a heartless monster in love" As the son
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A lonely heart (II)
"Maybe this is were I draw the curtain", Genesis muttered as another dark elf attacked him with a sword piercing through his heart, he clenched his sword tightly but didn't have the strength to raise his sword or even defend himself, so his focus was to see the battle that was going on in the sky.As he watched he knew that the battle was drawing to it's close and the commander will certainly lose not because that she is weak but because that everything she is fighting for would be gone. Another dark elf saw that Genesis was the last person standing, so he rushed at him piercing his sword in his the same place the other dark elf had stabbed. Genesis falt the heavy pain racking his body, his mind wanted to tear them limb by limb but his body was extremely weak to follow his command so the only thing he could do was to keep on looking at the sky while waiting for his life force to diminish the longer he looked more weapons stabbed into his body, he longed to lay on the battlefield and b
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New path
(WARNING: CONTAINS SOME GORY SCENE)"Does she have a name ?", She asked as she caressed the bone sword."Shit. A name! How can I be so drunk to forget to name my daughter", the blacksmith exclaimed as he slapped his head in embarrassment which Claudia found very amusing.'can you make me mummy an sure daddy will agree', the bone sword cute voice echoed in the blacksmith and Claudia minds."Don't worry I will name her and looking at the sword internal structure your are planning on her donning a human body? What a wild dream but it is possible and I will do that by nourishing her with my spirit and her name will be ...."O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Genesis body floated in a dark space as he watched everything that was happening, it was as if he had lived the life of the blacksmith but he didn't know what time that event had taken place but the name the ancient gave the bone sword echoed in his head as he muttered it out in re
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New path (II)
"You will pay blood for blood", Genesis spoke for the first time. Stamping his right on the ground he gathered energy on his feet before bursting into a speed untraceable to the eye as he attack the dark elf commander. Genesis was just slashing his sword randomly and at undiscernable speed but what he never knew that a every slash of his sword against the same person the sword attacks become sharper and sharper.The dark elf commander tried to block most of his attack but some of his attacks broke through his defenses which made him roar in anger.The bone sword moved as quick as lightening and pierced through his ribs, making the dark elf commander groan in agony and pain. Seeing his hearing his grimace Genesis twisted the bone sword into the dark elf commander body before slashing it out."Can't you fight like a normal person", the dark elf commander eyes was already bloody red in anger as the blood energy spun rapidly on his sword and with a slash of his sword he sent the blood ene
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