Chapter 38: Battle the demon king (Part 2)

"Destruction and power! That what I wanted!"

Ziggy shouted then battle everyone. Ziggy first battles Hikari and Yusael.

Making the girls unconscious.

Seeing it Ren got angry and put his sword ablaze. Glenn was on the same page and charged toward Ziggy.


"Magic doesn't affect me..."

Ziggy used his hand to block Ren's sword and suck its magic. The flames from Ren's sword started to burn the hand. Ziggy was confused because he can't suck his magic.

"Those flame it produces is not magic at all. I can't believe such a magic weapon exists. A discovery."

"You're going to pay for hurting Hikari!"

The flames from his hand started to burn him up.

"What is with these flames?'

Ziggy immediately cut his limb and regrow it again to avoid being completely burned by Ren's flame.

"My flame can burn anything."

Ren is out of himself and has bloodlust eyes.

"Anti-magic sword slash!"


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