Flaming Assassin

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Flaming Assassin

By: Harusaki CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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One fiery night everything turned into ashes. Ren is a traveler searching for the killer of his beloved friend Hikari. But after meeting Konoha, his heart slowly changes into a new leaf. Together with Konoha, they take a journey that uncovers the past they never expected.

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  • Zerozero channel


    Fun story. Happy that Hanayuki and Ren found each other and live a happy life in the end.

    2023-05-09 01:29:24
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126 chapters
Chapter 1: Encounter
One fiery night the night everything turned into ashes.A scream of chaos was heard. People In great pain, burning house and sound of the battlefield.Why did such a thing must happen? I asked myself.Those memories.These memories."See you, Ren."Said the girl I don't know.…I woke up to find myself in a dream. Currently riding on a carriage and the driver notices me waking up and my uneasy expression."Mister are you okay?”He asked.Turing my head in front of us. I saw a giant boulder of rocks. It's about 50 meters high. It caught my interest and asked the driver."Yes, I'm fine... what is that big block of rock ahead of us?""That is not a block of rock, it's the guardian of Stella. It's said that the rocks encircle around the city of Stella is constructed by the goddess. Many disasters already happened but they remain standing.”"I don't have an idea…&nb
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Chapter 2: I want to save
"Don't pull the blanket."I said, but Konoha who is beside me keep on pulling the blanket."But it's too cold... Why the heck you rented this kind of inn in the first place."She's just sleeping here overnight and she's starting to complain.I'm suspecting that this girl will be a pain in the ass in the future.I pull some blanket, making Konoha roll."You’re selfish Ren, did you know the saying 'Spoiled the woman.'""What kind of saying is that? I never heard about it... If that saying is true then became a woman first."I said as I stare at her petite little body.Konoha started to have an embarrassed blushed expression with her both hands hugging her. Thinking that I’m thinking something immoral about her. She turned her head opposite to me and lay down.Looks like Konoha learn her lesson. That’s what I thought…Konoha goes inside the blanket and hugs me tightly from my back
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Chapter 3: Flaming assassin
The night started."Ren, are you sure about this?""I'm sure about this let's just keeping hiding and gather some and go to a place where we can pull people's attention."Using my hide skill Konoha and I investigate the mansion of the evil lord.The evil lord that we are talking about is named Gold Wan. He is the lord and the current mayor of Stella city. He is corrupt and has much sketchy business going. He made people pay high taxes without a decent reason. His greed put the people of Stella into poverty.An example of this is the Children living in the slumps."Hey! The two of you… Why you’re hiding here."A knight in patrol saw us.Konoha hides behind me."We are... Ummm..."I look for an excuse. Before it happened the knight look at me in disgust and said:"I see, you’re a couple showing love to each other in a dark alley... I’m seeing many people like you. If yo
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Chapter 4: Her goal
Under the moon. Slave traders are all on their way to the capital city black market to sell new slaves. the Slave traders boos named Klaus are looking forward to the business his going to do with his new products."Young and slender... Strong and muscular... These slaves will surely make tons and tons of money.""Master Klaus how about these scrawny girls? Their chest is underdeveloped and they look very weak.""Well, many old men want girls like that as their toy. If those girls are the dress with something frilly and made to look cute. They will surely fill my pockets.""Please give me back to my parents!""Me too, I missed my parents so much.""I want to go home."the little girls said as they look toward Klaus with begging eyes."Don't bother to talk to master... You're all abandoned by your parents. They sold their children for some wealth. If you have to blame someone. Blame your parents who give birth to you."Kla
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Chapter 5: The past I won't forget
5 years ago, In the far eastern side of the continent of Arsland, there is a town with no name. The town was surrounded by mountains. People in this town are normally slaves. The main occupation in this town is mining, we who is in the right age was ordered to work. As children, we are only tasked to dig a little and push the carts toward the exit point. In exchange, the chief gives us food, shelter, and allowance. Compare to other boss, our chief is a bit composed and has dignity. He even promised that anyone can just buy their freedom. He kept his words and there are plenty of people already worked so hard and earn ed their deserve freedom. And that is the main goal of my friend Hikari. Hikari is a girl with blonde hair and she is super optimistic in very thing, She works hard every day to earn money and buy her freedom someday. She is the cheerful girl I only could ask for. She is my one and only light in this darkness. “Let’s work work work, Ren, the world will be looking dow
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Chapter 6: Dream of the lost girl
Waking up on the cold lazy morning. The snow-covered the surrounding of the house in white.Kids playing snowball fights can be seen outside. Their laugh and smiling faces make me feel jealous.I, who don't want to or don't have a will to stand up and wake up. Continue to curl me in my soft mellow blanket and hug the giant teddy bear beside me.As I hugged my teddy bear."Lenny! Lenny! This kid really is not moving in this season."Said the brown-haired woman wearing an apron.She snatched my teddy bear and force me to get up."Mama! Mama! I wanted to sleep more..."I said."No more sleeping. We have lots of things to do you know. There's a fruit in the forest that can only harvest every winter morning. It's a shame if we didn't get it.""Then you should go by yourself."I protested and go back in curling myself."This little kid is growing up irresponsible."My mother said as she scratch her
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Chapter 7: Cruelty of my reality
What is this dream?This river and path seem so familiar to me. It's so familiar for me, letting my body move on its own.It feels like I know my destination.That's right when I cross on these river stones. I will arrive there.To that house.I'm so happy and excited about running.I wanted to see you again."Mother."Surrounding started to make a creaking sound. The land and the mountain started to crumble in my own eyes.I keep on running and reaching my hand to the house....Opening my eye's I found myself in the bed."Lenny? Do you have a bad dream?"Grandma asked."I have a dream... But I don't remember it..."I replied and get up."Then, Lenny why you're crying?"When grandma said that I found myself crying.I use my hand to whip my tears."It's nothing grandma... By the way, where is Mama?""She goes out to buy medicine."I turn
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Chapter 8: Mother
In a small village near the edge of the map. a small family is living. Lia and her daughter Alice. Their life is simple and happy. Lia is working in the restaurant as a waitress and always waking early leaving the house. While Lia is working her grandmother takes care of Alice. Alice used to play with outer kids in the near town. ... One day, Lia go home early and saw Alice crying because of bullying. Lia walked toward Alice and comfort her by whipping her tears. "Alice? Why are you crying?" Asked Lia. "The kids from the near village make fun of me." "I see, and then just ignore them." Lia reply. "But they said, you’re not my real mother. Are you really, my mother?" Asked the crying Alice. Lia is shocked after hearing Alice and tries to calm herself by serving Alice soup from the restaurant where she is working. "That's not true I'm your mother. Don't listen to those kids." <
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Chapter 9: Lia's smell
The news that Lia became a demon spread because of some neighbor who spotted Lia with wings and red eyes.The people who feared demons started to raid the house of Lia."Lia we know that you’re there... Go out or else we're going to put fire in your house.""Kill the demon! Kill the demon!"Inside the house. Lia and her grandmother are started to pack some important things."Grandmother I guess I can carry the two of you with my wings, let's escape in this town and live somewhere else.""Mama, the people are getting angry, why they're angry? You didn't do anything bad when you became a demon.""Well people just tend to fear demons, I can't blame them."Told Lia to Alice."Lia let's escape using this window."Said the grandmother as she open the window.Lia carries Alice and her grandmother and flies from the window toward the sky.But some residence notice the escape of their family and cast ma
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Chapter 10: Unpleasant morning
"Running toward the deepest part of the forest. I continue to search for Konoha’s location. The foul scent in the air is getting worsen. The reason for that was the number of corpses hanging around the forest. I was worried and angered. These mixed emotion keeps on whirling around my heart. Just like Hikari, I don’t want a good innocent person to die. While searching I stumble upon some monster living in the forest. Most of them are bug-type monsters like giant mantis, Ghost moths, and more. One slash of my sword leads them to ablaze burning them all into ashes. Without noticing the sun started to shine. Sun rays were filtered down from the trees to my path. Running forward I still think of Konoha’s safety. Reaching the middle part. I saw the girl I was looking for. She is walking steadily on the trail slowly. It put a brief smile on my face seeing her fine. To the forest full of monsters. Konoha manages to live. I was so worried about
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