Chapter 56: Hopeless to Madness

“I still remember the day I met her. She is dazzling and her beauty captured me. It was love at first sight. It’s a miracle that Yuki and I met in the death game and became friends. We go on adventurer and met wonderful people. Also, we found out that we loved each other. That is our reality. It’s the reality I wanted to go back to, the reason I came to this world.”

Glenn muttered as he look at the wide blue sea.

Yuki teaches me how to swim. Yuki teaches me how to treat people with respect. She teaches me to cook food for myself. She teaches me dance, she teaches me many wonderful things. She teaches me how to become a good person.

She shows me how wonderful this world can be.

For the last time on the beach, they made their last meeting.

Glenn looks at Yusael's face and he gladly makes a smile.

Yusael looking at Glenn started to feel a little different because now. She has the memories of her original copy or Yuki&rsq

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