The Judgment Of World

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The Judgment Of World

By: Azure Luster CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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This is story still preepare, information will update until chapter has release Hope you will enjoy this when read it.

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The Duel That Decide Everything
Everyone was shaken by the attack that had occurred, they couldn't have imagined it would come.Things!!!The battlefield still feels so hot, the two sides have different strengths. The troops currently fighting were armies of great strength.In the southern part of the Minai Kingdom has been known for their great power that is able to shake the world, while the western part is an army with a great power that is quite feared called Gladium.The two kingdoms each had such great power that they were considered the most powerful kingdoms in history.Right now a man was standing looking at the battlefield.In the eastern part of Minai has received a massive attack that occurred due to the Gladium.Immediately the leader of the kingdom of Gladium intervened to defeat that kingdom.“This can't be allowed!” Inside the castle a man in white armor had been muttering annoyance. "Why did the kingdom have to attack when it's not in a good condition!"Indeed, during these two months Minai Kingdom
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The Fighthing Force
Things!!!Azazel was successfully snapped by Barnard, it can't be denied that the man's strength is so great."Why kid? Are you starting to think what you said was wrong?”"Wrong? Don't be kidding! I still haven't felt the power of your dubbed a strong leader yet!” Azazel raised his head while giving serious eyes."Idiot, I'll tear your body apart until you regret being born in this world!"Azazel put on a standby position. “At the first time I really never hope to be born into this world!”Whoosh!!!Azazel shot at high speed to deliver a deadly slash to Barnard, Azazel's arrival certainly could not be predicted by Barnard.“Shadow Slash!”Crash!!!Barnard fell down, all the soldiers were suddenly shocked by that, this was all they could not imagine. The fight has just begun.But…"Tch!" Barnard struggled to back stand up, leaning on his sword. "I should have been more careful, I didn't think he would be able to do this!" The sword that Barnard was holding then began to heal his body
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The Great Power
Crash!!!One head had flown, the slash had separated Barnard's body and head.Azazel gave that man a disdainful look, unfortunately no one saw the incident due to the previous explosion that flattened all the creatures around.“Huh… really you are quite a troublesome opponent!”Azazel was suddenly surprised by the appearance of a mysterious figure who was already holding Barnard's sword.The figure was wearing a white mask, from his completely white appearance the person was not an ordinary person."Who are you?" Azazel asked in an angry tone.“Sorry for interrupting the victory you should have been able to get, but it looks like this has to end!”“End? What do you mean? What's your real purpose?"Azazel's entire body has regenerated, the strength in his body has recovered. Whenever he was ready to attack.“I am here to end the heyday of this world, you must be prepared for a big wave!”The sword was pulled out by the man, it was a shock. Azazel knew very well that the sword was so he
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You Won't Be Avoid Your Task
Azazel tried to ignore the task that had been given to him, he didn't want to be influenced by that white creature's words. He wanted to live a peaceful life without any bad things like happened in the past.Together with Layza, Azazel works on the plantation. It's been 2 weeks since he arrived there, everyone gave him a warm welcome.Azazel doesn't really care what other people say.Now it was break time, they sat near the small hut to enjoy the beautiful view of the plantation."How long have you been working here?" Azazel asked Layza."I've worked here for more than 5 years, the village where I live is used to harvesting and tending this plantation so most of them will work here!" Layza replied.“Hmm… that's how it is! Don't you want to try to find another job, or can you go to some other area you might want to visit!”"Why do you ask like that?"“No, I just wanted to ask!” Azazel looked up at the clouds.“I once thought about doing it, but I realize this world is too harsh for a c
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Maybe That Can't Be Avoid
Slowly Azazel's footsteps approached him, a gaze filled with anger radiating.The soldier continued to sweat, his eyes catching splendor of horror within Azazel's body."You know I'm very grateful to you!""Eh?"“Thanks to you, so I now remember what my real goal was, I almost forgot to do what I should have done!”The soldier tried to control his breath. "Are you going to let me live?"Azazel was silent for a moment, his eyes continued to emit very high anger."Give me a reason why let yourself live?" asked Azazel.“I have a wife and children, if I die they will be sad! I will also promise to pay through all the sins I have committed today!”Azazel's eyes saw a smile filled with a hopeful gaze. “Fine, but I'm not a creature here who would be able to see you being able to keep that promise! You know, death is the most beautiful thing I can give someone!”The sword from Azazel's hand instantly slid into that man's face.Crash!!!From the mouth to the throat that sword stabbed in, blood
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The Sacrifice That Will Be Accept
Azazel tried to find out what he should do, it was easy for him to act. However, remembering this was all creature's wish made him feel sick.Azazel wanted to go straight to that person and tear his body apart.“Huh… why do I have to be faced with something like this again? Will there be nothing else I can do? Hmm… whatever, maybe this has become a challenge for someone like me!”He understood complaining would only complicate matters, in this case, he wanted to be calmer and wiser.From a distance, Azazel saw many people who were gathered with their eyes focused on the board in front of them."Uh? What are they arguing about?” Azazel's eyes widened slightly, there was an indication an invasion by the eastern kingdom was currently taking place.It is very difficult to imagine just this."Come on, hurry up and bring that thing here!"Licarilo was inspecting the items that had just been brought by the blacksmiths, large quantities of supplies had to be shipped soon.Right now the condit
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Crash....The deadly slash came from the hand that had been coated in special energy given by Azazel, no one was able to withstand that attack.The little girl dared to open her eyes, and there was already a very sturdy man standing with his eyes looking straight ahead."Can you move?" asked Azazel in a cold tone.The girl gave a nod.“Good, now you go to a safe place!”“B-But…” The girl gave a pleading look."Don't worry, I'll take care of you! You just need to go in the direction of evacuation!”“O-Okay....”That girl started running according to what Azazel said.“Shit, what am I doing here? I am not a being who should be someone with sentimental feelings!”A large monster had appeared, on its shoulder was a large mace. His one big eyes instantly looked at the little girl who was stunned by him.A wide smile with a ghastly facial expression was given, his feet slowly approached that girl.His fingers were already moving to reach it.Crash...Fast like lightning the attack used by A
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These Fact Must Be Understood
With Aster's appearance, all monsters that had become a disaster had been defeated, he was like a bright light that came to shine on everyone.With this time, Icarus and his troops only needed to kill the monsters in the city's surroundings.Their number has reached more than 200, and the dead corpse also more than 50 people. Even though this is small, failure is still a failure.News of this may be very advantageous for other areas, Eunzalaria is currently facing a period of war. Many other kingdoms will certainly take advantage of the events that occur.Aster was very well received by everyone in the city, he had been regarded as a great person. His name has been known as a person who always gives light of life.“Your Majesty Alstein!” Aster bowed his body to pay respects to that old man.“Oh… Aster, I'm so grateful! Thanks to you, this kingdom was spared death and destruction! I don't know how to repay your kindness!”“You only need to give me 1000 gold coins!”Everyone's eyes were
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Logical Rule That Will Bore You
Azazel entered the city area which was quite crowded, and this was not like the previous city which had too many criminals. Here everyone lives peacefully, it can be seen from their faces filled with happiness.He was standing in front of a building that was identified as the building of the adventurer's guild.Entering it, there were already many people gathered, the bustling atmosphere was quite natural."Welcome!" The guild maid had paid her respects. "Is there anything I can help with?"“Yes, I want to register as an adventurer!”“Oh, adventurer! Alright, I'll give you some forms you have to fill out!”Two forms later arrived, Azazel was silent for a moment in front of those forms. Remembering a time when he was still a clueless amateur, he was even confused about how to write his own name.“You just need to fill in all the information on this paper!”"I understand!" Azazel looked for a seat to fill out the form. “apparently here the language is also different, and how do I fill i
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Hints Of Creature
The sunlight shines on those who seem to be supporting what they are feeling."Look at that!" Joey pointed at one of the bodies that suddenly lay weak, they rushed to that body.After be laid down, blood can be seen gushing from the wounds carved into that man's body."What happened to this man?" asked Tania.Of course that question is also the same in the minds of others.“There is only one possibility, this man is the victim from Kegure we are looking for!” Joey gave a word that he deliberately made horror to scare his comrades.Here only Lilia is afraid of that opinion, for Azazel and Tania don't think that story is a horror thing at all.Azazel never knew the creatures they were going to fight, but he could assume the creatures they were about to face had quite troublesome abilities, no need to ask, it was clear the monster named Kegure had a dangerous ability.“What are we going to do with this body? Shall we just leave him?”“Surely we have to make a proper funeral for this pers
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