Lord Darkness who was roaming around suddenly felt something was wrong. As the amount of divinity he absorbed had been reduced.

He felt puzzled. As for the amount of undead, this time was enough to destroy the human and beast civilization.

Therefore he had a gloomy look which made his aura even more dangerous.

He suddenly felt that maybe Narciuss might have broken free from his control. But on the other hand, it was impossible to do so as Narciuss's mind had always been under his control.

He felt that he must go and see who was the person responsible for destroying his work.

So he disappeared and headed towards the Light City.

A few minutes when he reached the place he found an astonishing scene where a human was wantonly slaughtering the undead.

What made him even more stunned was that from that human he felt a trace of death. This made him startled and felt that his institution might have warned him wrongly. After all, he hadn't fought for the last thousand years.

But then again lo
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