Medieval welfare: AGE OF WAR!

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Medieval welfare: AGE OF WAR!

By: D.twister OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The whole kingdoms of O-E have lived together in harmony, but everything changed— why? Centuries ago the whole kingdom all formed an alliance to battle the gods (Aliens)from the sky. Even with the gods powerful weapons they won the battle, defeating the gods and driving them out of their world. Many lives were lost and sacrificed, after the demise of the gods they left behind 6 crystals: Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, green, and the last Black crystal. Which is known to be the most powerful weapon to be possessed by any creature, it is known to be able to corrupt the mind of things around. So it was buried deep into the earth and the remaining crystals were shared and given to the biggest kingdoms ever. After countless of year's, an assassin is appointed to steal all the crystals. But he faces challenges from strong fighter and warriors, Prince Altair and princess Alita and a young apprentice Mage tries to stop him. After spilled upon the ground the black crystal is buried, the crystal storms a wave across the kingdom manipulating everyone's mind. Unleashing hunger for power, domination and war!. This led to to the war between Kingdoms, and Legendary creatures all emerged from a dimensional portal created by the surge from the black crystal. Every kingdom battle for power, but not all will remain. All kingdom will fall, only one will remain..... Grab your swords, armour...its the Age of WAR!

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A large number of soldiers stood up the earth all dressed in different amour forged by each of the kingdoms. The kingdom of Nevia was represented by soldiers outfitted in black red armor and a red dragon engraved on their armor, they held their spears and Shields. Beside them are huge werewolves snarling as they stood by the soldiers of Nevia ready to battle alongside these warriors, the wolves all in different fur colors from brown, black and white. Beside the werewolves is the Kingdom of Megah which consisted of elves in all holding onto their magical weapons, outfitted in gold armor all over. The kingdom of Sith consisted of Vikings, furious and dangerous. They all held onto their huge smoothed axes, Swords, and wooden shields along with their huge beards. Along with other kingdoms, all concentrating on one direction. Ahead of them the heavens break opened, and Starships begin to infiltrate into the earth's atmosphere with the storm spreading unto the earth as it reache
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It is the beginning of a new day while snowflakes descend from the sky, with everything proceeding with its daily routine in the kingdom of Nivea while the gentle chill breeze encourages them with a smile on everyone's face. The kingdom is the most prosperous in the entire land of AE, known to have a brave king Daman and his lovely queen Felicia, together they give birth to a set of lovely twins Prince Altair and princess Anita. The kingdom of Nivea is also known for its population and known for dwelling of the greatest Sorcerers in all of the land. Inside a wide space with 6 golden chairs placed on a double row facing each other with each of the seats occupied by a person which mostly shows most of the occupiers to be elderly people. They were the chiefs representing each of the villages under the kingdom Nevia all focusing their attention on an old man sitting on a chair which is way more massive and ornate than theirs, the king's throne occupied by the king himself. Beside hi
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Garlin finishes.Prince Altair stands up holding his stomach in pain as he attempts to catch his breath. He turns around to meet with Princess Anita and a few other students who have gathered around to witness the battle. “Princess Anita, did you see what happened?” A boy with blonde hair asked her.“Yeah I saw, he kicked the instructor right in the balls, I couldn't even believe that,” Anita said smiling. “He's really strong”“I thought he had to be stronger” Another student commented.“I can handle myself, it wasn't that difficult” Prince Altair replied walking towards them. “Do you guys want to learn anything from me?” he asks earning nods from the group. “Come, let's begin”———————————————————-Two hours later, everyone in the courtyard was tired. “Good work today guys” Garlin spoke in a proud tone of voice. Everyone cheered for themselves including the princess who was still panting from exhaustion. “Let's go” she mumbles dragging herself away from the field of battle.Princes
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The Moon emits soft light in the sky, bathing the land in a pale orange glow that reflects off of the snow. The snow glitters, reflecting the moonlight in beautiful patterns. On this cold winter’s night, the entire world seems to be shrouded in silver light as it gently falls from the heavens and brushes against the earth, covering every surface in a pristine blanket of white. Then an 8 feet tall wolf with white fur enters the scene with a howl, its paws sinking into the snow like he was standing on water. He is barefoot and his ears are pointed. His eyes are amber and his nose is long. He has been traveling for many years now. He has grown stronger than before he left the lands, but his eyes still burn fiercely when the wind blows his way. He has not hunted for centuries. He focused his mind on the moon as he howled. Then suddenly he hears a scream from close by allowing him to sprint in the direction it came from.His ears prick as he listens carefully for signs of where he may ha
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FfffgffffIn the neighborhood Kingdom of Sith, this mighty kingdom battles with their rivalry which is Kingdom Nivea. These two kingdoms are separated by the large ocean known to be dangerous and cursed, the ocean of Atlan. The kingdom of Sith is known for its strong warriors and Vikings, as well as the great ships are known on the seas. Their strength has grown so much that even if they were only a tiny kingdom, their fleet would have rivaled the most powerful kingdoms. This rivalry has driven many kings, queens, and princes into madness, wanting to rule together. It was decided long ago that the people from each nation should unite under one banner, to show their might against the other country. However, some of the nations refused to cooperate and fight each other, thus creating a war that began. The kingdom of Sith is ruled by King Irek, a ruthless leader and considered a beast. But he's an angel to his little daughter, Princess Adira who adores him, and he loves her dearly bac
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Far above the sky is the Kingdom of Megah, the residing place of the Mystical elves. They are said to be a kind and generous race who care for their people as they would a son or daughter. They have always been known for their magic and ability in combat. As one might expect they live under a strict and strict regime, which has been enforced by the government and the military forces.In recent times these laws were extended to include mages and witches among those who do not comply with the standards of society. It was thought that the Kingdom was lifted into the sky by the golden crystal which they call the presence. Everything in the kingdom shines in gold. It is said that this is because of its magic power. The kingdom, despite being very far away from the realm of man, remains in touch with them. King Unas rule the beautifully made kingdom with great care. He loves his subjects but also knows when it is time to put an end to their suffering."There will come a time where our ch
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“Then tell us what you know,” the princess says gesturing to a chair. Atisa sits on it and takes a moment before she speaks again.“The night before I arrived in Nevia, I saw a falling star falling towards this location,” she says. “And what are you trying to as" Gifec growls, “It is a normal thing, we shouldn't be worried ” “You should be, because it wasn't just a star it was someone, with strong power and evil forces capable of destroying everything around them” Ati informs. “And the only thing I know about that person is that they are very powerful”“What do you suggest we do then?” the princess asks.“I suggest you bring me with you,” Atisa replies. “Let me help protect you against whatever evil threat may arise”“We cannot trust you” Gifec states.“Why ever not?” Ati asks, genuinely confused.“Because you're a criminal” Gifec growls. “Your kind is responsible for our defeat. And once the war is done, we shall hunt you and your kind down”“You won't even consider the poss
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Outside the kingdom, prince Altair decides to pay the greatest Wizard in the entire kingdom a visit as he rides on his horse towards a cottage above the flowering hill. The road is long but he has been riding this way many times and knows exactly where he will find the Wizard’s home. He can just make out the small shape of the wizard’s house through the trees and as he comes closer he slows, listening for any sign that someone might be inside or about to go somewhere. No sounds come to him from inside the house so he takes the chance and dismounts his horse, walking quietly up to the front door and knocking gently. There is no answer so he tries again, louder. Still, there is no answer so he pushes open the door slowly, slipping inside and shutting it behind him. As soon as he does the door swings shut behind him with a bang. He is now trapped inside. “Wizard?” he calls into the dark room. “Is anyone there?” Silence greets him. He looks around the dark room in which he is trapped befo
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Legend of the Black crystal II
Inside a cave, a few assassins could be seen all chanting a spell upon the body of a skeleton. There was a skeleton laid to rest on a rock table, while they read out the words loudly. Suddenly dark filled the room then suddenly the Skeleton growled in pain. The bones that were growing slowly began to move and shift their weight to the other side. In moments it had moved away from the table but it still lay there as its arms reached up for something in front of it. Soon it pulled itself out from underneath the table, its skin turning back to flesh. It stood up and looked around it seemed confused, and looking behind it then it noticed its clothes laying neatly on a chair. It then turned and looked at the person who had summoned it from death and saw the one who commanded it. He was dressed in armor and wore a helmet with an eye patch covering his face. A small smile spread across his lips as he walked towards it."Hello my lord. I see you're finally awake." He spoke softly as he hel
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