Undead Seige

At Crabs Bay.

The people who were doing their work suddenly saw a portal that appeared out of thin air.

This made them feel terrified and they hurriedly rushed back towards the town.

The guards who were guarding the gate were taken aback when they saw the people rushing with a terrified expression.

A guard stopped one person and asked," Hey why are you all running away?".

The person who was stopped immediately said in a terrified tone," There is a Portal that appeared out of thin air".

As soon as the guard heard the person's words he immediately climbed onto the wall and began to ring the emergency bell.

The emergency bell alarmed the people and just at this time the Pulse tower that had been installed by the city Lord activated.

Soon the beam of light began to flash and sounds of continuous explosions could be heard.

It lasted for two minutes and then the pulse tower returned to normal.

At this time Richard immediately came and gave orders," Guard hurry and look at the place where th
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